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I saw a tweet tonight that said:

Gun control. Bye.
Marriage equality. Bye.
Climate change reform. Bye.
Woman's right to choose. Bye.
Criminal justice reform. Bye.


He's right. And I'm so afraid right now I'm almost paralyzed. I literally cannot believe that white people were willing to vote for a misogynist, racist, sexual predator for president--but it happened. I mean, I knew the state I live in would vote for him because they are a bunch of racist assholes for the most part.

Apparently, most of the people in this country are also racist assholes. At least, most of the ones who voted.

I keep reading things like: "Let's figure out how to get through this together." "You're strong! Pick yourself up and fight!"

We've already lost. Once that asshat has control of the military, there will be no stopping him. He will literally have the firepower to back up whatever asinine thing he chooses to do. And he's already colluded with Putin, so.

I have no hope left.

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Date: 11/9/16 07:55 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lenaa1987.livejournal.com
Honestly still can't believe it. I truly thought it would be over and done with after his comments about grabbing women by the... and yet, he's going to run the joint. Just cannot get my head around it.

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Date: 11/9/16 09:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nocturnus33.livejournal.com
So sad. It is scary.

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Date: 11/9/16 03:30 pm (UTC)

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Date: 11/9/16 04:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] islandsmoke.livejournal.com
Someone sent me this:

Britain: Brexit was the stupidest, most self-destructive act a country could undertake.
USA: Hold my drink.

Ya know, I don't think that Trump himself is all THAT bad, but he has such an enormous, power-hungry ego that he's likely to do most anything now that he has the power. And he is so easily manipulated, thin-skinned, and vengeful that, yeah, we're fucked.

All those Republicans who were going on about how Obama would cancel elections and be dictator? They're all having orgasms over the idea that they can now do the same. And they are likely to, as they really do seem to hate the Constitution.

We will get through this, or not, but not without a LOT of people, the country, and the world, being harmed.

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Date: 11/10/16 01:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] gilda-m.livejournal.com

Marriage equality and abortion rights are constitutional issues.  Both are relatively safe unless SCOTUS loses a liberal justice during Trump's first term, and even then, SCOTUS doesn't like to revisit recent decisions.

Climate change and gun control are a long game.  Any one term can be compensated for over time.  It's a setback, not a loss.

My short term worries are the the potential damage to the economy from Trump's tax plan, mass deportation of brown people, and the possibility of a constitutional crisis if Trump tries to abuse his position as he said he would.  And the death of a liberal Justice would be a disaster.

Hmm.  That started as an "It might not be so bad" response, then deescalated fast.  Sorry; I was trying to be cheerful.


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