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Jul. 28th, 2012 03:49 pm
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...I'm going to have to avoid the interwebs if I don't want to be spoiled about the results of the events I want to see that NBC is time-shifting to prime time instead of showing live.

Already been spoiled by one result because I clicked on the wrong website. GRR. These are the things I forget when I'm getting all excited about the Olympics. Le sigh.

In other news, hubby brought home shawarma for lunch today--ala The Avengers. *glee* It was delicious.
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It was wonderful...except for the part where Matt, Meredith and Bob couldn't seem to SHUT THEIR FUCKING GOBS FOR TWO SECONDS.

I spent a good part of the broadcast amusing my husband by yelling at them to SHUT THE FUCK UP.

I think I'll watch the online streaming version today--hopefully with less yapping and more shutting up.

I don't understand why TV announcers--especially the US announcers--seem to love the sound of their own voices so much that they have to talktalktalktalk during even the most poignant parts of the ceremony.

And my prediction about NBC's coverage (time-delayed to add commercials) was accurate, I'm sorry to say. They picked some of the worst times to cut to commercial--and apparently edited out some of the ceremony too. That is so fucked up I want to cry.

I have a feeling I'll be watching a bunch of the coverage online. I tried out the Equestrian Dressage this morning and it was fantastic. No announcers except the one at the venue and lovely video of pretty horses and handsome riders.

The parts I loved about the opening ceremonies:

I loved, loved, loved the Queen and 007--although I did wonder why he arrived at the palace in a black cab? And why he didn't bow to Her Majesty? Adorable Corgis were adorable. The Queen is a great sport and this just shows her sense of humor which everyone knew she must have...wonderful.

The rest was fantastic--NHS, literary heroes and villains, inventor of the WWW, history and that cauldron is epic! I'm glad they had the young athletes light the "petal".

Dragging Muhammad Ali out to touch the Olympic flag was gut-wrenching and not in a good way.

I would have liked to have seen more of the parade of nations...but of course, NBC lingered on the US and UK athletes to the exclusion of some fantastic costumes. Oh well.

I'm most looking forward to the Equestrian, Diving, Gymnastics and Swimming.
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London is only about 6 hours ahead of us time-wise. I was hoping the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympic Games would be televised live here in the USA by some channel or other--hello? BBC America?

But apparently not. NBC has paid through the ass for the television rights, and damn it, they are going to show the Opening Ceremonies on tape delay so they can broadcast during prime time.

I don't have a problem with them doing this--but--they should also show it LIVE for the people who are willing to move their schedules in order to watch it.

I know what's going to happen. First, I'm going to see something on some social media site or on the internet and be spoiled.

Second, because they have the time to do so, NBC will be editing to insert their obnoxious commercials. Le Sigh.

*shakes fist* I remember when you had to get up at insane o'clock to watch the Olympic games... now it's time-shifted and edited and...*you kids get off my lawn!*

I have to stay away from the internet from about mid-afternoon tomorrow to preserve the surprise and magic.


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