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We watched two of our grandkids today, and it was a lovely time.

Their parents both had to work, so asked us if we would watch them and of course, we agreed.

What my son neglected to tell me was that the children would be arriving at 6:30 AM, because he would already be at work and his wife had to be in at 7.


I don't usually roll out of bed on a Saturday before 10. Hells bells, I don't get up during the week before 7!

But, being the fantastic grandparents that we are, we managed to get up by six (I had to have at least one cup of coffee before the children arrived).

Tyler (10) and Brianna (7) were dropped off on time, and the first 'event' was breakfast. I made scrambled eggs, bacon and English muffins which were all devoured very quickly. The kids proudly told us they both got very good grades for their end of year report cards and will both be promoted to the next grade. Tyler with be in 5th and Brianna will be in 3rd. (They grow so fast.)

Next, the kids watched some Saturday morning cartoons and played with their Nintendo DS game systems for about an hour.

Hubby had planned to go to the gardening center in town to buy some more plants for the front yard, so he took Tyler with him and Brianna stayed with me and I gave her a mani-pedi of sorts. She told me that math is her favorite subject in school. I encouraged her by telling her that she can do almost anything if she is good at math. I don't remember much else that we talked about...just stuff.

The guys got back and then it was time to paint. This is a tradition whenever we watch the kids, we get out the paints and all four of us sit at the table and make art. It's loads of fun to see what they come up with. Tyler got a lesson in 'happy accidents' when he put aside a paper he'd made a 'mistake' on, and I took it and showed him how he can just use his imagination to make something out of even a so-called mistake. :) I don't think he believed that I could 'fix' what he did--and I didn't. I made something completely different. He was impressed.

After painting, it was time for lunch. Hubby and I had planned ahead--Digiorno's has a Design-a-pizza that we thought the kids would enjoy and we were right. We all fixed our own quarter of the pie and popped it into the oven to bake.

My son got off work earlier than he'd expected, and arrived as we were eating. He hung out for a while and told us all about his new job. It was a nice visit.

After they left, Hubby went outside to plant the new stuff, then we watched some baseball and just decompressed. Even though the kids are very good, it's still stressful for me when they are here. We had sandwiches for dinner and then hubby went to bed at 8:30. I had a nap at about 6, so I wasn't tired at that point--but I'll be going up to join him soon.

Yesterday at work there was a bit of excitement--when Hubby and I arrived, the internet went down in our building. That means no phones, no computers, no way to do any work. I secretly hoped it would stay down for more than an hour, because at that point, they would probably have sent us home. No such luck and it came back up about 45 minutes later.


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