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And there is an abundance of cuteness behind the cut. Dying of the cute. )
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...from my stepdad (who is my age, but like mother like daughter as she married someone 18 years younger--at least mine is only 10) and I recently found out that she has been going onstage at the bluegrass weekends down in Ft. Lauderdale! So I asked my mom to get me photos and she did one better, she took a video of them singing a song in the living room.

You can hear the guitars better than the voices and it's obvious my daughter is self-conscious, but her guitar playing has gotten much better! *So proud*

Jack posted the video on YouTube:

I just love seeing her play music again--she played flute and sax in high school. :) *Beams*
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My firstborn, my darling girl, my Amanda is 29 years old today! She is my miracle baby, and much loved. A miracle because when I was only 3 months pregnant, I was in a horrific auto accident which shattered my leg. I came to long enough to let the paramedics know I was pregnant, so the pain meds were monitored closely...but still, I was so nervous and worried the entire rest of my pregnancy.

Then came November 13, 1980. After 19 hours of labor, a c-section was performed. Although they put me under for the surgery, I remember the doctor saying "it's a girl, a healthy girl" and was so relieved. I held her in my arms later and just marveled about how absolutely perfect she was, in spite of everything.

Amanda grew up to be a lovely, smart, funny and very beautiful woman who loves everything Disney. She is now a mother herself, having two darling little boys. She is a better mother than I ever was and her boys are just as delightful as she.

Happy Birthday, my darling girl. I love and miss you so much. Can't wait to see you next week!

My Amanda with her favorite pirate.
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My first-born, my beautiful daughter. I am so very proud of you and I miss you so much. I hope you have a great day today. (Oh, and your present should be at your Aunt Beth's house on Saturday.)

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...on Monday afternoon. I slept for most of the day and woke up at about 2:30 and felt immeasurably better.

Tuesday I got up and went to work. By Tuesday night I had a massive, red, hot, itchy rash on my left leg from the knee down. And it HURT. So, we treated it with Benadryl cream and I took a pain pill then went to bed. I wanted to go see the doctor on Wednesday, but Hubby was being a butthead and wouldn't go with me and I wouldn't go by myself, so we went to work angry.

By last night it was getting a bit better, it seemed. We have been washing it twice a day and smearing the Benedryl cream over it and that seems to be helping. Hubby promised that we would go on Saturday if it isn't better by then.

I don't think it's shingles, which is what we speculated at first.(I had all the symptoms) I told my physical therapist what had happened and asked her if a sudden fever can cause a rash to break out and she said "yes, it can".

So, today, it looks better. Hopefully by Saturday it will have healed enough so that we don't have to go to the doctor AGAIN.

I can't wait for 2007 to be over...it has been a bitch of a year, health-wise, for us!

On another completely unrelated note: I got to talk to my daughter today. Her birthday was Tuesday and I tried to call her at least six different times during the day. I left a singing "Happy Birthday" on her voice mail on her cell phone along with a second message. Didn't hear from her until our phone rang at 6:45 this morning.

Now, my hubby and I were a bit freaked out by a phone call that early--especially since my darling dad has been having some health issues lately--but it was just my Amanda...who forgot about the time difference. I didn't mind a bit and we had a lovely chat. It turns out she does the same thing as I do...she forgets to charge her cell phone, so it was dead and she didn't get the message until today. :) She has passed her student teaching class with flying colors and is just hoping to get interviewed for a true teaching job before the end of the month...which will be the official end of the assignment. I'm sure she will have something by then! I let her know I was coming to FL to attend her graduation...thanks to my mom! It was a lovely way to start the day and, Amanda? Feel free to call me again any time.

Lastly, not about me, but hubby. He baked his very first pumpkin pie tonight. I wasn't here when he had to take it out of the oven and he might have pulled it a bit too soon, but it's definitely edible! Go, hubby!! (Well, I did roll out the dough and flute the edges and put the aluminum foil around so the crust didn't burn...but other than that, he did it all!)
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My darling girl, my firstborn...26 years ago today you came into the world. And the world is a much better place with you in it.

I love you, I miss you and I wish you so much joy and happiness for the rest of your life.

I'm so proud of you, the woman you've become-a mother now yourself and soon to be a teacher. I know you will be a wonderful teacher--you'll inspire your students and they won't be able to resist falling in love with you.

Happy Birthday, Amanda.

Love from,

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My beautiful daughter and my gorgeous sister-in-law...who are showing off my new grandson and my new neice or nephew.

Aren't they lovely? I think pregnant women are so beautiful.

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Well, the weekend was wonderfully hectic, but fabulous. My daughter found a wedding dress--and my soon-to-be daughter-in-law may have also! I am not going to post pictures of their final choices...there's too much chance of the grooms' peeking here! You guys will have to wait until after the wedding to see "the" dress.
But, I will show you some of the dresses they tried on that didn't make the cut. Warning to dial-up users...there are more than ten photos behind the cut.
There be Brides here! )

I will update soon with the story of my plane trip down on Southwest Airlines, and the most amusing flight attendants ever.
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Just wanted to post a quick one this morning. Got an email from my daughter and she has finished her website. There's lots of cute pictures of Nathan. Go take a look!


Hubby and I had fun and giggles looking at all the pics last night.
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Because [livejournal.com profile] shagsthedustmop gets such great stuff, I just have to pinch it for my own little part of the LJ world:

21 Getting to know you questions. )

Happy Birthday to my first-born, my beautiful girl--who has grown to be such a fabulous young woman--and is now a mother herself...

My darling Amanda who is 24. I love and miss you, sweet girl and I can't wait to talk to you later!


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