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First...May the Fourth be with you. :)

The people on my team at work really got up my nose. This has been coming for at least two weeks, and today I'd finally had enough.

Where I work (and I'm sure this happens where most people work) we have food days. Every team has a "cruise director" who organizes the food days. This involves mainly emailing to see if anyone has ideas for a theme, putting up a sign up sheet and reminding people a few days before. The team food days are usually scheduled for once per month and double to celebrate the birthdays on the team too.

Well, three weeks ago, I sent out an email to see if people wanted to do a Mexican themed food day for Cinco de Mayo, which is tomorrow, to coincide with our team leader's birthday. There was lukewarm to no response. I brought it up a few times during our daily team huddles, still nothing. I was getting irritated.

Last week, I sent out an email asking the team if they even wanted to have food days, with voting buttons on the email to make it easy for them to reply.

I got two replies out of the 10 people who didn't already tell me they weren't participating.

Hey, if people don't want to have a food day, don't want to participate, no problem. A couple of folks, when I first took the job, told me they wouldn't be participating. Fine. They told me up front and I'm good with it.

What bugs me is the rest of them being all passive-aggressive about replying either face to face or via email.

So, today, since the majority didn't bother to reply, I figured that means they don't want to do it. So, I sent out an email stating that I wouldn't be bothering them about food days any longer. I'm still going to do birthday cakes, because I like to bake, but I'm not going to be sending out emails. My time can be better spent by participating in my husband's team's food days. :)

In better news, after work I did have Mexican food with a good friend. Lots of conversation was had. She hasn't seen any of the Marvel movies (I KNOW!) so we decided that she will come over next time we get together and watch on our big TV.

I just have to eradicate the dust bunnies between now and then.


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