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I absolutely adore my gifts from the [livejournal.com profile] sshg_giftfest, The Salute, which is just perfect. I was, and am, still blown away by the way you worked all the fandoms into one fic and then the illustration was just so well done that I feel like the luckiest recipient of the entire fest.

I am so very grateful for your extremely generous gift. Thank you so much.

And to my friends, if you like Harry Potter, Star Wars and/or Star Trek, click the link and enjoy a well-written, very imaginative story and a beautiful piece of art.

My offering this time, for [livejournal.com profile] madeleone was To Have and Have Not (The Severus and Hermione Version).

Content: Elements of Noir. Off page torture. Off page death of OC family. Gruesome death of someone who deserves it. No other warnings apply.

Summary: Severus has left the Wizarding world and is living quietly as a Muggle boat captain in Dover, UK. He uses his boat to take tourists to Calais until Unspeakable Hermione shows up to ask a favor.
Author's Note: Prompt #5: After the war Severus survived he dropped out of the wizarding world. Several years later Hermione unexpectedly meets him again. Where do they meet, and what are they doing now? I'd like to see Severus doing something other than Potions or teaching, could be a related field or something completely different.
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My husband is a very talented artist. Lately, he has be focusing on caricatures and has set up booths at street fairs, etc where he has made quite a bit of extra cash.

You may remember that we went to a wedding in July of some online friends I knew from the Knockturn Alley Harry Potter Forum Board.

At the time, hubby told the happy couple he would send them a caricature. Well, he has finally done it. You can see the picture he drew it from and the finished product behind the cut )
They received it in the mail and they wrote to say how much they like it. And they are sending us wine. Jack's wine, which is award-winning. Yum. We can't wait to sample it.

Oh, and I found out I will be getting my severance pay as promised. Just not in time to go to Florida. So, that company wound up royally screwing me in more ways than one. Without a kiss, even.

Trying to make the best of it. Have been baking like a crazy person. I finished the Italian Wedding Cookies today. I found some cute Nestle's Santa morsels and I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies using them which I will bake tomorrow. Hubby's last present came in the mail today, although I have an idea for one more which shouldn't cost too much.

And last, but never, ever least:

Happy Birthday to Dora the Nymph!

Besides being one of the very best betas in the business, she is an awesome person. I adore her, and I hope someday to travel to merry old England to meet her in person. Until then, [livejournal.com profile] dora_the_nymph, I hope all of your magic wishes come true.
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mysduende posted a link in her LJ to some brilliant HP themed artwork and I made with the clickie and found myself alternately drooling and giggling over the pics. Fabulous, almost Disney-like characterizations of the HP folk.
For those who missed it, here's the link.

This one cracked me up completely:

Narcissa's first love

And this one too: DEs + Technology = NO

HP fans, this art is flippin' gorgeous and a lot of it is amazingly funny.
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It's been the same old shit happening lately, so I thought I'd post some randome pictures.
Behind a cut to spare my friends on dial up...click here. )

Now, off to hell...I mean work. After work...Father's day presents!!
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Just a quick entry to share a couple of pictures with you. My kids and grandkids and the t-shirt my husband designed for the Murfreesboro State Farm March of Dimes Walk America Walk-a-thon folks.

Fair warning, the pics are HUGE )


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