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Somehow, I thought I had made an entry for yesterday...

Anyway, Hubby and I saw "The Avengers: Age of Ultron" on Thursday night. We went to the first available showing in our area. We got off work @ 5:15 and I suggested that we had enough time to go eat dinner before the movie, but hubby said we should go straight to the theatre and he was right.

We had purchased our tickets in advance through Fandango, so we were guaranteed a seat. We redeemed our receipt for the actual tickets, bought popcorn and a drink and by that time (no more than about 10 minutes) the line was all the way to the door of the theatre. Zoinks.

We joined the line and had a nice time chatting with our "line buddies". Hubby was wearing his shawarma tee shirt and I had on my Agents of Shield with hidden Hydra shirt. There were loads of people with Marvel, DC or Avengers tee shirts, but there was also a group of people who came dressed in full on cosplay of four of the main male Avengers: Cap, Iron Man, Thor, & Hulk. They were across the lobby from us in the second line, and with my vision it was hard to see if they had a Hawkeye and Black Widow. The only thing I could think of, watching them, was "they must be sweltering in those costumes".

The film was supposed to start at 7, but we didn't even get into our theatre until after that. There were three theatres in the complex showing the film (one in 3D) and every one was sold out. Usually, I don't like to see a film with a full theatre, because there's always one or two assholes who will pay $10.50 to sit and play with their cell phones, or who bring a too young child or talk or some other irritant with a full theatre. But when we went to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier for the first time, we went on opening night to the first show and the experience was great. The same with Guardians of the Galaxy. It seems that when you go to the first show, all the people who go along with you (so far...) are there because they WANT to see the movie. It has been so much fun these last three times, so we may continue to go the first night.

As for the movie itself...

We liked it in general. It's a huge spectacle, loads of action, some touching moments and a whole lot of setting up future films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But...neither of us were overwhelmed like we were with the first Avengers movie, CA: TWS and Guardians. I read somewhere that after the first edit, the movie was close to four hours long. Now it's two hours and 21 minutes, which IMO, is too short. While I was watching the movie, I kept thinking that some scenes should have been longer, or it looked choppy.

Lots of spoilers behind the cut. I am not kidding. You have been warned. )

I thought I had more to say--but I have forgotten what it was so I'll just stop now.


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