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So, last week I spent my down time mostly reading (when I wasn't writing) the Twilight book series by Stephenie Meyer.

I read the first one in about a day and ran to the store to buy the other two...and burned through them equally quickly.

These are amazing books, even if they are shelved in the "young adult" section.

I can't wait for book 4 and I may just have to go read the excerpt which will be released soon at the end of the new printings of book 3.

Working "late shift" this week, meaning going in at 10:45 and leaving at 7. Not too terrible since we get to relax in the morning.

Babysat my granddaughter on Saturday...she is such a good baby. Enjoyed the heck out of having a baby in the house. She is full of smiles and only fusses when she's wet or hungry.

That almost made up for missing my third grandson's first birthday...since he's in Florida, there was no way I could go, but still. It pangs.

Guess that's it for now...back to the writing pad.
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Our first week has passed and we survived! In fact, we have really been enjoying spending more time with Tyler. This week, we are watching him Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday. I'm going out to dinner with my Wave 4 Supper Club on Wednesday night, so Hubby will have the baby by himself for a couple of hours. He's not worried. :)

We have bought Tyler some books for him to look at while he's here, and he really loves them. We are happy because we are looking forward to reading to him once he's a bit older and able to sit still for longer than two minutes at a time.

I think tomorrow we will take him to the McDonald's play place so he can play for a while before we bring him home. He is used to eating supper rather later than we are, so it would allow us to eat while he plays. (Of course we will buy something for him too--even though it is really a waste of money because he just doesn't eat until "his" suppertime which is about 8pm.)

Behind the cut is a picture of my husband and my grandson playing "catch" (which we are teaching the little boy to play). They have their helmets on for safety. )

In other news, we went to visit my mother-in-law yesterday at the nursing home. She is doing much better than the last time I saw her about six weeks ago. She can feed herself and her mind is much sharper than it has been. She is still having issues with "time" in that she has seemed to lose her awareness of it. She thought Hubby sent her flowers that arrived before her birthday (March 24) when they really arrived the week of Easter (April 8). Small things like that which are worrying.

Another thing is, she is still working toward a goal of going home. This will not happen as soon as she thinks because she will need too much help at home--more than her insurance will cover--so she really has to improve a lot more, or the family will have to hire someone to come in more often during the week to assist her. She said that her insurance is going to pay for her to have a motorized chair, which will be great if true, because she has enough control of her hands now to drive it. I feel that will give her a much-needed emotional boost to be able to get around "on her own". I really do hope she can come home one day.

In other other news, hubby is finally ready to move on the house building. He has looked at the state of TN website for first time home buyers and was actually talking yesterday about it in a much more positive way.

I'll believe it when we finally get the loan.

I finished "Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell" and the ending was meh--now I need a new book. I got an email coupon from Barnes and Noble, so I ordered three books online from their bargain bin and I intend to go later to Hasting's to buy one to read while I'm waiting for the delivery. I want "The Final Solution" by Michael Chabon.

Guess that's it for now.
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Hubby and I were good grandfolk this weekend. We watched Tyler both Saturday and today because Adam had some training classes to go to so that he can start working at his new job at Publix this week.

Yep, he's hired!

He's been working at Target ever since he moved here. Unfortunately, they cannot give him full time hours. He put in an application at Publix a couple of weeks ago, had an interview last week and they hired him.

Publix is a fabulous company with outstanding benefits for their employees. He is very fortunate to get in with them and he can, if he stays with them, parlay this into quite a nice career.

So, when he asked us to babysit this weekend so he could do the training, we said "of course".

Yesterday, we had Tyler here from ten in the morning until about four in the afternoon. Hubby was working overtime from 7-12, so I had him by myself for a bit. Hubby brought home McDonald's for lunch and we had a nice time playing with the blocks and trucks and reading a book with the little boy.

Today we were going to be with him from 11:30 until about six. So we had a plan. We decided we would take him down to the children's play area at the Stone River. There is a massive playground/swings/slide/castle/sandbox thing there and the plan was to take the boy there and tire his little butt out.

Well, it worked. We took him there for a couple of hours and turned him loose (with one of us always nearby, of course). He climbed, ran around, swung on the swings, played in the sandbox and we taught him how to go down a slide! This was a first for Tyler, who has not actually gone down a slide as long as I've known him. But there was a little guy a bit younger who did it, so Tyler did it too.

Of course, once he did it the first time, he had to do it about five more times! LOL!!

Well, we were pooped and so was he...plus it was getting hot (it was about 1:30 by then) so we got Tyler some lunch (we had a big breakfast before we went over) and headed back to my son's place. Tyler ate and played a little bit with us and then he was getting cranky so we put him down for a nap.

He was still sleeping when his father got home. :) So, I think our plan worked.

We will be watching him quite a bit until the kids can get a daycare situation sorted. Next week it'll be Wednesday & Friday evenings and probably Saturday & Sunday afternoon or evening.

It was fun, but we're exhausted. Now we're home, he's having a Guinness and I'm having a "Joe-sized" Captain Morgan's and coke while we wait for our pizza.

Grandparenting is tiring, but fun!
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My sister sent me some pics...here's one of the best:

All together now....AWWWWW.
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So, this morning, hubby looks out the window and chirps, "It's snowing!"

Then I look and say, "Oooo, pretty."

Then we exchange Valentines (details to follow) and finish getting ready for work. He heads off while I finish sending off the e-tines. I finish, gather all my stuff and head out to my car. I put the key in the door, turn it, pull on the handle...
and my morning adventure begins... )

So, the gifts. He received two cards: one of the new music cards--with the Barry White song "My first, My Last, My Everything" and a sweet message. The other is a mushy romantic one. He also got (is getting, it's not here yet) an autographed copy of one of his favorite DVDs "The Last Unicorn". Oh, and this:

I received three yellow roses, a huge mushy card, some very excellent chocolates and I get to buy some clothes for myself.

We also had dinner at our "Valentine place" which is a better-than-average Chinese buffet. Our own little tradition of three years. We invited Adam, Nicole and Tyler to join us and had a wonderful dinner.

And after we got home, we got a call from Amanda. She is having her baby tomorrow! She's been in labor for about a week--and is 2cm dialated, 100% effaced. Woohoo! My sister is going to call me and leave the phone line open so I can "be there" when baby Max is born. I checked again for airline tickets, but they are all too much. Shit. I hate being poor. I wish ... well, you know.

That's all for now...guess that's enough. I'll update you with baby details as they become available.
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Well, I had my first "official" full day on the phone at work yesterday.

It wasn't terrible. It could be better if I wasn't sitting next to a whiny-ass bitch who snorts when she laughs and doesn't know how to talk quietly.

I left work with a headache yesterday because of her foul mood. She got a couple of frustrating calls and just let her day spiral down into a morass of anger and bitterness which she had no problem venting to any and all around her.

I understand getting frustrating calls. I've gotten them myself at this and every other phone job I've ever had. But you do not bitch about it all fucking day long until you drive your co-workers insane.

I had to put in my earplug to try to mute her---and I could STILL HEAR HER even with a headset on (the headset only has one earphone-unfortunately-hence, the earplug for the other ear.

In other news, hubby and I got to do the grandparent thing last Saturday. We had Tyler from 10am to 6pm because both kids were working. That little boy wore us out. I worked some ot in the morning, so hubby had him from 10-12. I brought lunch home with me and we ate then we headed off to the Discovery Center here in town to let him run off some energy.

He seemed to have fun...yet, he doesn't have a very long attention span. He would dash from one thing to another, hardly lingering at any of them at all. And he didn't want to interact with the other children at all, either. I'm not sure if that's because he is still kind of young (after all, he's only 2) or because he hasn't really had a chance to be around other children yet. It's been so long since I was around a 2-year-old, I don't really know.

Anyway, after we saw and did nearly everything inside, we took the baby out to the playground and let him run around on the climbing apparatus for about a half an hour...until Nana and Pa Pa got too cold. Heh. Then we came home and he took a nap...I have to say that we dozed as well.

My son came at six and relieved us.

When hubby and I first got married, I used to say that I'd like to have a child with him. It's a good thing he had no interest in having kids, because I think I'm past caring for them on an every-day basis. In fact, I wonder if I'm going to be any good at all at this "grandma" thing. I am not a "natural" at it like my sister...and I find myself frustrated most of the time.


Anyway, time to finish getting ready for work.
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Okay, there is terminal cuteness here behind the cut. )

I cannot believe how much my grandsons have grown. They look like little boys rather than babies now. I wish I could see them more often.
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Well, the weekend was wonderfully hectic, but fabulous. My daughter found a wedding dress--and my soon-to-be daughter-in-law may have also! I am not going to post pictures of their final choices...there's too much chance of the grooms' peeking here! You guys will have to wait until after the wedding to see "the" dress.
But, I will show you some of the dresses they tried on that didn't make the cut. Warning to dial-up users...there are more than ten photos behind the cut.
There be Brides here! )

I will update soon with the story of my plane trip down on Southwest Airlines, and the most amusing flight attendants ever.
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Couldn't go to bed without posting a cute baby picture. Tyler on his first birthday!

Click for cute babies )

I can't wait to get to Ft. Laud. this weekend to see the babies and all of the assorted relatives.
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Sorry about the lack of updates, hubby and I have both been really sick. He got sick last Saturday and was out of work all week...turns out he had an upper respiratory infection and infection in both ears. Because I sleep with him I caught the URI, but my ears seem okay. I only missed one day of work...so far. I intend to go tomorrow and hopefully will be able to stick out the day.

My son and his family spent last weekend with my dad. Behind the cut are a few Cute baby pics )

I'll post more soon!

For the folks who read my HP fic, I just wanted to let you all know that I've decided to just disregard the last book. As far as my fic is concerned, HBP never happened. I thought long and hard about it and I don't think there is any way I could have changed it to bring it in line with canon and still maintain the SS/HG pairing. So, (remembering that all fanfic is ultimately AU) my tale is going to AU land...but I will be continuing to work on it.

*hears crickets chirruping*

Ah, well. Some folks will be glad. ;)
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I received a belated Christmas gift today from my children. Gorgeous pictures of their babies. And included was a disk of many, many other pics of the babies, family and friends. I won't bore you with all of them, but I insist on sharing a few. First Family Christmas Pics )

It was wonderful to receive the package this morning and watching the slideshow brought a tear to my eye. I miss my family so much.

On another note, I think I'll go to the fabric store today. I want to try out my new sewing machine and I thought I'd break it in by attempting to make a shirt for myself. I'll let you know how it went.
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My dad sent me a disk with some pics from a Christmas party my family in Ft. Lauderdale attended the weekend before Christmas. I have put the pics behind a cut to spare the dial up LJ friends, but I have to say...these pics? Totally worth the wait. You will see cute babies and sweet parents...aka: my grandkids and my kids.


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AWWWWW! Ain't he cute?

I can't wait to see him!
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My new grandson, Tyler Joseph, was born at approx. 4:11cst! My son called and left his cell phone open so I got to hear the birth (they are in FL, I'm in TN). Wow.

I am going down for a visit this coming weekend! W00T!
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My son's fiance is in labor! She went in last night and last I heard was dialated to 3. So, they still have a long way to go.

Wow, that means both my grandchildren will have been born on their due dates...how odd is that???

More updates as they become available.


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