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Went to PT yesterday for the first time. Asked the therapist if she had ever known of anyone with my injury to not require surgery and she just smiled sadly and shook her head. I then asked why should I even bother and she said that the point was to try to strengthen the muscles around the injury and possibly it would be something I could live with.

Well, if the pain I woke up in yesterday is any indication, there will be no living with it. My shoulder hurt so bad I could not go to work. It still hurts this morning, but not nearly as bad. The PT yesterday was very informative, I learned why other parts of my shoulder were aching (the other muscles making up for the weak one) and after the exercises I got ice and electro-therapy which felt good.

So, I'm steeling myself for the (seemingly) inevitable surgery.

In other news, my son and his fiance are pregnant again and it looks like the baby is a girl! They had the sonogram last week and the tech could not see any boy bits. My son says he'll believe it when he sees the baby after it's born and I can't say that I blame him. You see, the last girl baby born in our family was my daughter and that was 27 years ago. So, if my son's new baby IS a girl, it would be "breaking the jinx". heh. I hope so.

I guess that's all for now.
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The bad news...my hubby was feeling really badly at work, so we went to a walk in clinic nearby. They suggested we go to the ER.

He was having symptoms of a stroke.

Needless to say, I was freaking out (on the inside).

We got to the hospital and they took blood, did some tests and then took him for an MRI.

TWO HOURS LATER...he came back. The doctor came into the room and said that he was not having a stroke. (Thank the gods) The pain in his arm was diagnosed as tendonitis--and the doctor didn't know why hubby's face, arm and leg on the left side were feeling numb and tingly.

So, we came home with anti-inflammatory and pain meds. Oh, and a brace for his wrist.

Hopefully that's all and the numbness/tingling didn't mean anything...but I can tell you I was freaked the hell out.

The good news is...I'm an aunt again! My brother's wife had their baby yesterday. So, Happy Birthday, Hunter Joseph! Pictures to come as soon as I get some. According to my sister, he's a beautiful baby. Strong and healthy, which is great considering he was a high risk pregnancy.

I can't wait to see him.
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Got an email from my daughter yesterday. She had her sonogram and she's going to have another little boy! They have decided to name him Maximus...they haven't decided on a middle name yet. I suggested Gregori. Maximus Gregori, a good Roman name. ;)

The OTHER good news is that my sister is coming here for a visit in only two weeks!

OMG, have I got some cleaning to do...

I am so happy and excited I can't stand it. She's coming in Friday the 20th and leaving the following Monday. Yay!!

In other news, we heard from FSIL yesterday, and they have removed the restraints from my MIL although she is still being kept sedated. She is not thrashing around like she was, so that's an improvement. Hubby and I will be heading on over there later today and I will have another report later.

Only 13 more days until my sister is here!

*runs around in circles, squealing*
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He just got his electricity and phone back today. They have been living the life of pioneers, no electricity, no phones, no running water...their well's pump is electric. When their generator went on them (two days after the hurricane) they only had rainwater to wash with. They used the bottled water to drink. Luckily, their neighbor got his working and let them shower over there I guess a day or two ago. They had no damage to the house, just a couple of tree limbs down. Dad said his pond is almost all the way filled now...it has been dry for two years. They are trying to store up and re-batten down their hatches in preparation for Ivan. I don't wish any bad weather on anyone, but damn--I hope this storm passes Florida by.

My son called me yesterday. His fiance is pregnant and the baby is due Sunday. Apparantly, he is a big baby and hasn't dropped yet. Their doctor told them if she doesn't go into labor by Sunday, he will admit her to the hospital and induce her (he doesn't want the baby to get bigger) and if she doesn't give birth by Monday, he is going to schedule a C-section. I'm gonna be a grandma again this week sometime.

Guess that's all for now.


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