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You asked for: Snape pov on being older and looking back at his life. Slightly more than a drabble. Un-betaed obviously, since duh. Here's what I came up with:

Severus Snape opened his eyes at precisely six o'clock in the morning, just as he had every morning for the past 80 years. He'd spent 75 of those years working at Hogwarts in one capacity or another and, even though he'd been retired these past five years, his body would insist on waking at the same time every day.

Even on his 100th birthday.

Useless to fight it, he thought with an inward sigh. He extracted himself from the bed without disturbing his husband of sixty years, who was tangled in the bedclothes and continued to snore gently. A wave of affection warmed Severus. He cautioned himself about becoming maudlin and then silently Accioed his dressing gown and cane. He slid his feet into his slippers, donned the dressing gown and made his way into the kitchen as quickly and quietly as his arthritic body would move.

Which wasn't very quick, but was quiet.

Getting old wasn't for sissies. Minerva used to say that all the time and he, in his arrogant youth, had scoffed at her. They'd both lived long enough to hear him admit that she was right. He still missed her every day.

Severus put the kettle on and spooned tea into the pot. When the water was hot, he poured it into the teapot and sent it and a cup sailing out into the sitting room. By the time he'd made his way there, started a fire and then settled himself with a sigh into his favorite chair, the tea was ready. He poured a steaming cup and sipped it slowly.

He looked around the room as he did most mornings, gazing at the photos of his family and friends. In pride of place in the center of the mantle was his and Remus' wedding photo. What a wonderful day that had been. Scattered haphazardly across the mantle and walls were the many pictures of Teddy through the years. Severus had never dreamed of becoming a father, but he had to admit, Teddy had been, overall, a joy to raise. Luckily, he hadn't inherited the werewolf gene, which had been Remus' biggest fear. Ted was a metamorphmegus like his mother and he still had the power to make Severus laugh with his shape-shifting antics.

Then there was Teddy getting married and the arrival of the grandchildren: Romulus, Toby and Dora. They seemed to grow up before his eyes until they all married and made he and Remus great-grandfathers of Quill, Hermione, Severus and Minny. Snape was unashamedly pleased to have a child named for him.

If he lived long enough, there would be still another generation. Hermione and Quill both had sweethearts, but neither had brought them over for the "Granddads test" yet, so perhaps they weren't serious. Well, there was time.

Severus poured another cup of tea. He decided that he was pleased that Ted and Remus had overridden his objections and were throwing a birthday bash for him today. The invitations has gone out before Christmas and the party would be at The Three Broomsticks. Longbottom's family still owned the place, and it was his son and grandson who were doing most of the day to day management now. Severus smirked. It probably saved them a fortune in glassware.

Even Potter and his friends were grandparents now. His old nemeses and their families had been invited too. No amount of persuasion would convince Remus otherwise. Severus had to admit, it wasn't Potter he objected to so much as the fact that he was related to the Weasley tribe who were invited by default. Four generations of them.

All that ginger in the room made his eyes hurt.

Severus had had to promise Remus that he wouldn't "accidentally" hex any of them. The man had no sense of humor. The green hair had suited them and it had been his retirement party. It was only the once, after all.

Oh well, Severus thought. You can't have everything.

That thought struck him and Severus looked around the picture-filled room a second time.

Then again, maybe, if you were really lucky, you could.
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Here's the drabble I promised.


Snape trudged through the snow in the hour before dawn, oblivious to the storybook beauty of the castle grounds, carrying a basket over his arm. Even wrapped in a warm wool cloak, boots, gloves, and a fur-lined hat; the cold managed to seep through. I’m getting too damned old for this. He considered returning to the toasty confines of his bed.

That impulse fled when he saw a pale figure emerge from the Forbidden Forest. Snape met Lupin, pulled a cloak from the basket. He wrapped it and his arms around the shivering man.

“I’m sorry the Wolfsbane wasn’t ready.”
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The prompt was: And since I have been out misbehaving, I request Severus, Hermione, and a book that gives Hermione IDEAS.

And this is what my naughty mind came up with...

~~~The Magic of Sex Magic~~~

Hermione gazed at the book in her hands.

The Magic of Sex Magic: Charms, Spells & Potions for the Adventurous Couple

What on earth had made her buy it? The book itself had seemed to call to her from the shelf of the antique book store.

Which was entirely possible since it was a magical book store.

It wasn’t as though her sex life with Severus was dull, she mused, far from it. Then the book had whispered about the heights of carnal pleasure that it could help them attain if she would only bring it home…well, who didn’t want that? She opened it and began to read.


Severus entered the library with silent steps and paused. Hermione sat with her feet tucked beneath her on a chair in front of the fireplace, completely absorbed in the book she was reading. Even after all their years of marriage, he still marveled at his luck in winning her. He loved watching her, especially when she was unaware of his presence. He smiled and padded across the room. When he peered over the back of the chair, his eyes widened when he saw exactly what was commanding all of her attention.

“That position will require a Levitation charm, a Stabilization charm and Incarcerous but I’m willing to try it if you are.” He leaned across the back of the chair and nuzzled her ear.

Hermione turned toward him and the expression in her brown eyes sent a jolt straight to his loins. She brushed his lips with hers.

“Oh yes, definitely.” Her eyes sparkled. “As long as you promise we can also brew this,” she flipped through the book until she found what she was looking for and pointed to the page.

Snape drew in a sharp breath. “Licens Lybydynous? You do understand that the brewing of that particular potion is restricted because it releases all inhibitions?”

“Oh, yes!” Her voice was low and sensual. “That sounds like fun, don’t you think?”


She flipped back to the page she was looking at before, and her expression became lecherous. “Shall we try this tonight?”

His breath hitched. “Your wish is my command.”


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