Oct. 7th, 2009 09:54 am
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Day two of "Home with the Blargh". Hubby came down with something, then ever so graciously gave it to me. He was out two days, so it's only fair that I be out two days, too. (Honestly, I still have a swimmy head and sinus ache. Not to mention that the sore throat from yesterday has somehow morphed into diarrhea. Blargh.)

Anyway, I have been sadly neglectful of my LJ since I signed up for Twitter. It seems that 140 characters is more than enough for me to update folks. Heh. So sorry to my LJ friends. You can friend me on Twitter, I am "rayvyn2k" there, too. (Just let me know who you are if you use a different username as I ruthlessly block anyone I don't know.)

The house. *smiles* The inspection only found a couple of very minor things which we figure we can fix or have fixed ourselves. So, we told the seller we would accept it "as is". And then we got the call from the loan guy at the bank...we were officially approved for the loan! Yay--and EEP! So, the closing date is set for October 20...and my husband will have made another one of my dreams come true. Home ownership. Anyone who tries to tell me there is no such thing as true love will get one of my size 11s up their arse. (Last night, I whined that I was hot. My husband waggled his eyebrows and said back, "You ARE hot!" Now, since my body is what some may call "Rubenesque" (VERY Rubenesque, heh), and he was serious...sigh. You see? He makes me fall in love with him again like that EVERY DAY.)

Anyway, so we have begun packing in earnest. I can't believe we've accumulated so much stuff. Not to mention the stuff we have never unpacked since our move from Florida five years ago. It will be like Christmas opening the boxes.

I am on the countdown now until I have a dishwasher and a washer and dryer. "Only 13 more days until I can throw the dishes in the dishwasher" or "...do a load of wash without humping it to the laundromat". Hee. I'm sure that a year from now, I'll be moaning about doing the wash and cleaning the kitchen. (NOT. Thirty-one years of manual washing up and laundry will not leave my memory so soon. I vow to be grateful for these machines every day. Amen.)

It is getting cooler here. Autumn is definitely in the air. (Not to be boring, but I can't wait until we are living in the house and can have all the windows open. This place is so lacking in windows and natural light, I almost went mad last winter.)

I figured out that in order to keep up with "The Amazing Race" on tv, I have to record "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and watch the race live. Which I did on Sunday...in between hubby watching Sunday Night Football. I missed the first episode of the Race, so I didn't really "know" the teams, but I can tell already that I hate Lance. What a complete and utter dick. If Keri marries him after this race, she deserves everything she gets.

EM: HE was wonderful as always. A little girl got to meet her idol, a lovely family got a new home and rayvyn2k's cold heart was warmed. :)

If anyone has any spare change laying around, you may wish to consider donating to Donor's Choose via my favorite blog Tomato Nation. Donor's Choose is an organization that helps fund projects for teachers across the country. The teacher posts a project or wish list and then donors fund these projects for them. Wish lists include books, musical instruments, science projects, field trips, AV equiptment, paper, dry erase markers...just about anything you can think of. In these economically troubled times, school budgets are being slashed and so it is often up to the teachers and/or parents to fund some of these things. Donor's Choose is a wonderful charity.

The reason I suggest giving via Tomato Nation, is because Sarah Bunting is made of WIN. If her readers reach the goal she sets, she does some ridiculous stunt as a "reward". The first year, she shaved her head. The second year, she put on a tomato costume and did a dance in Rockefeller Center. Last year, she took the tomato costume to Washington.

This year, if the goal is met (a lofty one--210k) Sars has promised to wear the tomato costume to Atlantic City and place a bet (red, of course!) at a casino there. Hilarity will ensue.

So, if you have a few dollars (or pounds, euros, pesos, rubles, yen, etc) laying around, you couldn't find a better cause.


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