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Brianna was born at 12:42pm CST. She weighed 7lbs, 2oz and was 19 inches long.

Mother and daughter
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The labor and birth were both very easy for Nicole--the miracle of the epidural! Once she had fully dialated, they got her into position, she pushed three times and out popped the baby! It was literally that fast.

Her doctor was great and very funny. Since he noticed that the baby moved down when Nicole laughed, he told a joke to make her laugh again...but he didn't get the punchline out until the baby was in his hands! It was a gynocologist joke and it went:

You know that gynocologists often have to perform procedures through the vagina. So there was a gynocologist who got tired of the job and decided to do something else. He was going to be an auto mechanic. So he had to take a test and had to score at least 100 points. So he takes the test and his score is 150! His examiner explained that he got 50 points for the first part and 50 points for the second part and they gave him an extra 50 for doing the test through the tail pipe. LOL!

There are more pictures behind the cut. Enjoy! )

I'll be going to visit again tomorrow. I'm hoping to get a couple of closer pics of the baby not crying!
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Today is the day! I'm just waiting to hear from my son and then I'm headed over to the hospital to witness the birth of my granddaughter. The kids invited me to be in the delivery room and I'm thrilled.

The doctor decided to induce labor today and Nicole has been in the hospital since last night.

More later, with pictures.


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