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I can't help it. I love Dancing With the Stars. I was one of those who got sucked in last season yes, I thought John O'Hurley and Charlotte Jorgensen were robbed the first go-round, but I thought the dance off that ABC staged was anti-climatic.
So, it was with a bit of trepidation that I tuned in to this year's version last night. I should not have been worried. The show is still live, is still both fabulously gorgeous, wonderfully surprising and hilariously funny. (Kenny Mayne dancing is a sight everyone should see at least once.) I really love the "behind the scenes" clips of the stars being brow-beaten by their dance instructor/partners. To see Jerry Rice completely gobsmacked by his tiny partner who said she was "tearing him down to build him back up--just like they do in sports" was priceless. And it seemed to pay off as Jerry was one of the best dancers out there.
The very best of last night in my opinion was Drew Lachey and and Cheryl Burke. I could not look away from the screen while they were dancing. Next I liked Jerry Rice and Anna Trebunskava (his Russian firecracker of a partner), then Giselle Fernandez and her partner Jonathan Roberts. I also thought that Tia Carrere was very brave to agree to do this only six weeks after having a baby! She did really well, too. George Hamilton is the "token" old guy this time around. He was hobbled during rehersals by the ribs he broke when he fell off a yacht. LOL. Master P was a last minute replacement for his son who was supposed to compete but dropped out due to a basketball injury. I'm sorry, the man may be a music industry mogul but his feet are made of lead. I guess since he only had a week to prepare, he did the best he could, but damn. Man looked stiff, yo.
The show spent too much time fawning over Tatum O'Neal, in my opinion. The actress herself looked like she was acting...during the dance and during the interviews. It seemed kind of "ew" to me.
Overall, I was hooked again. I voted for Kenny Mayne's team because I'd love to see him go on at least one more week and at least he tried. Unlike the Rap Mogul who didn't.


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