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Just had the worst experience ever at the dentist...I was there for him to replace the crown he knocked off while pulling a tooth and for an impression to put a tooth into my bottom partial for the one he pulled. He cemented the crown with no numbing AT ALL. It hurt. Then he shoved my partial in EVEN THOUGH I INDICATED HE WAS HURTING ME. The pain was intense and I started to cry.

I am a sloppy cryer. My nose got stopped up. Did I mention my head was lower than my feet? He decided this would be a good time to take the impression. So, he shoved the thing into my mouth with all the goop on it. I could not breathe through my nose and a huge glop of the goop came off and started to go down my throat, BLOCKING MY AIRWAY.

I tried to let the dentist and his assistant know I COULD NOT BREATHE, but they kept saying "Breathe through your nose!" and trying to hold me down. I started to struggle. They fought with me, trying to hold me down but I threw them off and spit the stuff out of my mouth--finally breathing in air in huge gasps. There was goop everywhere. I reminded him that because I had been crying, my nose was plugged so I COULDN'T BREATHE THROUGH MY NOSE.

Because of something that was NOT MY FAULT, my dentist "fired" me. He no longer wants me as a patient and referred me to another dentist. I went over there and told them what happened. They were horrified. They are getting me in on Monday to try to finish what the other guy started. I hope this will be a better relationship...I never felt like Dr. McCauley liked me...not that he has to "like" me, like me--but I would think in a relationship like that--he would at least pretend? Never warmed up to him nor him to me. Maybe the new guy will be better.

So, now I'm torn. I really feel like I should go to work for part of the day...but I am also very traumatized from my experience. But, I'll need time off next week due to this setback. I think I'll call my boss and see what he thinks...

Boss said I get a pass on phones since I'm out of the schedule anyway, so I'm going to go in at lunchtime. What a day.


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