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I went back to the Ortho on Tuesday. He reminded me of Dr. Steve Peterson, you know, the surgeon from Emergency Vets? And he really impressed me with his knowledge, he willingness to explain things and by not pushing surgery.

I have a "full thickness tear" of one of my rotator cuff muscles and a bone spur on my shoulder which apparently caused the injury. Dr. Petty said this was not something that happened just because I was putting my hair up and asked me if I'd been having any shoulder pain. At first I said no...then I remembered that I HAD been having pain, usually when I tried to sleep on my right side.

I mentioned that and said, "I thought I was getting arthritis."

Dr. Petty said, "You do not have any arthritis in that shoulder." He went on to explain that the pain I had been feeling was probably caused by the bone spur sawing away at my shoulder.

So, he gave me the "strength" tests (which HURT) and then he said that I have two options. First, to have a "steroid cocktail" type of shot in the shoulder and then physical therapy to see if I get an "acceptable" range of motion back. He said the tear will not heal by itself, but depending on what I'm willing to live with, I may be able to get away with not having surgery.

Secondly, of course, is surgery. Which would be arthroscopic and, he explained should heal within about twelve weeks--four to six weeks in a sling and then another six weeks of physical therapy.

Hubby was with me, and we basically didn't know quite what to do--so Dr. Petty said, "Okay, we'll try the shot and PT. You come back in three weeks and we can see how you are doing and discuss your options then."

So, that's what we did. I start PT on Monday. The shoulder still hurts, but I can move my arm better--I fastened my own bra and brushed my own hair yesterday and today--but it's sore. So, I guess I should put some heat on it tonight.

On a completely seperate note, I'm nearly half-way through DH on my re-read. I was afraid I had missed some things the first time around, but I really haven't noticed too much.


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