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My daughter called last night. The Twins' (tentatively named Anakin and Isaiah) birthday will be 8/21 unless they decide to come earlier. She told me that 37 weeks is considered full term for twins, so that date will be 3 weeks early, but because they share a placenta, her OBGYN doesn't want to take any chances.

She asked if we could come down starting the week after (8/26) to help with the two other boys. Which we are happy to do. So, I've booked a hotel for a week (and the ads for Booking.com do not lie--got a fantastic deal on a better room than we might be able to afford usually) and will be booking a car as soon as I find out if they will be open on Labor day to return it.

And the dream I had...It had Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson, and there was something going on but we wanted to be alone (I think I actually propositioned him), but he had something he had to do first...when he found me later, there were people all around who wouldn't leave us alone, so he suggested going to the place he was staying. I do remember laying next to him and rubbing his chest (asking him not to shave his chest hair for some reason. It was perfect in the dream) but he was called away again...then the last thing I remember was us going off together--then I woke up.

Is my unconscious mind not letting me cheat on my husband? LOL! Or is it the usual "it's time for another round of sexy times" thing? I have no idea but I enjoyed it.
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My brother Joe visited me last night in a dream. It was an unusual dream in that hubby was a waiter in a posh restaurant and we lived in a duplex with new neighbors. First I was with hubby at the job and said I hadn't been to the restaurant in ages and would he mind if I came in for dinner that night. He said no and I checked with the maitre d' and since it was Good Friday they didn't expect to be busy. So then I walked home (!!! I think this is because yesterday I did a looot of walking) with a friend of mine who is in my training class. We lived on seperate streets, so we split up and went our own way. I found myself in a neighborhood that looked a lot like Wilton Manors, Florida which is where I used to live. Only the Wilton Manors I lived in didn't have this humongous "college of lighting and special effects" in the neighborhood. Yeah, that was strange.

So anyway, I get "home" and the neighbors have about a dozen or so folding chairs on the shared porch. I remember thinking that the landlord is going to have a fit. Just as I'm about to open my front door, the neighbors open theirs and they are talking about how the landlord has already spoken to them about the chairs. (I'm not sure but this bit might have something to do with where we live now. We have new neighbors who have small children and their bikes and toys are scattered all over the shared breezeway and under the stairs.) They mention that she'll just have to get over it until after their dinner party and then they turn to me and say something like "or we'll just have to smite them with our mighty sword of +10 power" or something like that. I laugh and join in the banter by offering my "Level 15 Royal Elf" to assist. They laugh and invite me in and when I go, there is brother Joe sitting at their table eating pie and ice cream. I sit down next to him and we chat. He says something about how good the pie is and says he's doing fine. I tell him I miss him and wish I could see him more often. He just grins his goofy grin and goes back to eating his pie.

Then I woke up.

I think he came to visit because he knows he's been on my mind lately since his birthday is coming soon. What do you all think?

I hope he knows how very much he is missed.
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...when you dream that Emerill is your step-dad (not that I would trade Jack for anyone ) and your brother is JFK Jr. Oh, and we were all living in the house I grew up in on Arizona Avenue in Fort Lauderdale. Very surreal.

TAR is on tonight, W00T! Can't wait.
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Hubby's best friend gave us a call and asked if we'd like to go out to dinner with him--and he casually mentioned he was bringing "a chick" with him. Our ears perked up because this guy has had the worst year ever this year. His wife of 16 years had an affair and then left him. This was a shock because they had been together since high school. They have two children together who are now living with their mother. (He does get to see them quite often though--he told us they alternate three and four days each taking turns). He also had two knee surgeries (on the same knee) and his beloved father died this year.
So, yeah--not such a great year.

So when Roger called, we were happy to drop everything and meet him at a Mexican restaurant for dinner.

We had a wonderful time. We met them at 7, had a couple of drinks and some good food and took up the table for three hours. It was so much fun. She is a nice woman, older than him (hey-older women rock! My hubby told Roger the same thing! hee!) So, she rocks and there was talk about getting together again soon.

We came home and fell into bed (to sleep you pervs!) and then I had a dream so realistic that I thought it was actually happening. I should say a nightmare. What happened was that my hubby and my dad both died on the same day. I was at work and they came and told me. I remember being stunned, in shock and just terrified. I was walking through the office, I was seeing the people but not able to really talk to them. I had to make decisions and I didn't want to believe it was happening. I was so scared, numb and just freaked out that this was happening to me.

Then, I woke up. I was shaking and I reached over and my hubby was there, warm and alive and I just curled up against him, pulled him close and burst into tears. Naturally, this woke him up, and he held me while asking what was wrong. I couldn't speak for a couple of minutes as all I could do was sob against his chest in relief. He patted my back, held me tight and kissed my face and lips. I laid my head against his chest and listened to the sound of his heart beating strongly and steadily in his chest. After the initial storm, I was able to stammer out an explanation to him and he just held me tighter and murmured soothing words of comfort to me.

A few minutes later, my alarm went off. I clung to him for a few more minutes before I got up to start my day.

That was the worst nightmare I've had in recent memory. I wonder what would cause me to dream something like THAT?? The only thing I can come up with is because the anniversary of my brother's death is next week.

I'm SO glad it was only a nightmare.


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