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Finished stories for two of the fests I signed up for and turned them in. Only one to go.

I took some pressure off myself by realizing that my stories don't have to be long to be interesting. :) That helped.

Hubby had his first improv class on Tuesday. He came home smiling and that's wonderful to see. Also, he's been on a stay-cation this week, (I've been working so he has the house to himself) and I told him he can't go so long without time off again. He is back to his usual sweet self. I didn't realize what a prick he had been until he wasn't anymore.

Work still sucks balls, but it's only until 9/1/2020. I can make it that long.

Here's pics of the house, my kids and grandkids decked out for Halloween. Loads of pics under the cut )

Going to see "Doctor Strange" tomorrow night and more Improv on Saturday. Also, my DIL's birthday dinner before the Improv. So, busy weekend. :)
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It's very wet and windy here, so trick or treating has been cancelled, except for our grandkids! I'll get pics of them tomorrow when they come back, since I totally spazzed and forgot to take any tonight. DuH.

But, I do have pics of the pumpkins my hubby carved.

We are going to be settling in for our annual re-watch of "Young Frankenstein".

Be safe! Eat chocolate, but not too much!

2013 jackolanterns
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The Grands, Batgirl and Captain America:
2012_1031halloween20120005 (480x640)

Read more... )

After the last goblin, we sat down on the sofa and watched "Young Frankenstein" which is our own little Halloween tradition. Then we went upstairs and hubby gave me a treat. *cough* :)

Oh, and I didn't win the trophy, I'll post again to rant about THAT little debacle.


Oct. 28th, 2012 10:11 pm
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Finally finished the [livejournal.com profile] sshg_exchange fic!! Huzzah! It's with my darling beta right now and I hope there's not too many things that need correcting.

I also did laundry, made 2 cakes and pudding (for this dessert I'm making for our team at work for Halloween), baked chicken for later in the week and made shepherd's pie. I also put some chocolate graham cracker crumbs thru the food processor as I am also making this triple chocolate cheesecake for the Halloween dessert contest at work.

And baby is NOT going to work that day, so who knows how the hell I'm going to get them both inside. ETA: Baby is keeping the car so dropping me off. That means he can help carry stuff in. Huzzah!

I am making the cheesecake tomorrow since it has to cool completely before the ganache goes on top. Then I'm adding a piped on spider web and white spider for decoration.

The kitty litter cake will be presented in a (new) litter pan as in the picture. Heh. That one will be assembled on Tuesday.

My costume is an orange tee shirt that says "This is my costume" on the front. Hee.

I'm happy to be finished with the exchange fic since my romance o-fic has been haunting me recently. I figure if hubby can go for his comic artist dream, I should go for the novel thing.

I'm exhausted, but in a good way. I'm going to be going over to the sofa in a minute and collapsing. :)
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Happy Halloween, f-list! Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] islandsmoke for the cute spider!

Hubby and I are more than ready. He went all out decorating outside this year--maybe to make up for not doing any decorating last year, IDK. We have WAAY too much candy. And tonight is the annual "Young Frankenstein" re-watch. :)

Do you have any traditions for Halloween, f-listies?

The grandkids should be cute as always. Will take pics. Have a great day, all!
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Hubby carved an awesome pumpkin:

We were visited by our adorable grandkids:

And we had about a dozen trick or treaters...Jason, a ninja, a rodeo clown, several princesses and assorted camouflaged zombies. I think there may have been a pirate or two, as well.

After the doorbell stopped ringing, hubby and I settled down to watch "Young Frankenstein", which is our own Halloween tradition.

All in all, a lovely first Halloween in our house. :)

Today we tackled this pile:

And it looks like we'll be living in a library--

And we are FINE with that!

More pics coming soon.
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It's a bird, it's a plane...no--it's Superman!

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Swimming in her Tigger costume, Brianna sleeps through her first Halloween.

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A gassy smile.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So friggin' cute.

My daughter updated her journal with pics of my other two grandsons in their Halloween costumes...so I had to steal the pic to brag here too.

Max and Nathanial
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