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2014-12-24 10:31 pm
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As ready as I'm gonna be...

Finished wrapping all the things. Cleared the table of all the wrapping paper, ribbon, tape, bows, tissue paper...etc.

Our kids & grandkids are going to have a very merry day, indeed.

And hubby agreed to buying a ready-made meal from Mimi's Cafe, so I only have to heat things up instead of slaving away. Since we have to work Friday (bastards), I wanted to be able to enjoy the celebration,too. So I count that as a gift...even though we will both be paying for it.

Now I'm watching 'Desk Set', a movie with Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy and one of my favorites. It has a slow start, but...there's an epic Christmas party ... the kind that offices used to throw for their employees, where everyone knocked off early and there was booze and music and fun. The good old days. Long gone I'm afraid. Our company used to have a party that we had to pay 50.00 apiece for the privilege of attending. But they quit doing that a few years ago. Bastards. (But they appreciate us sooo much...as they keep telling us. And telling us. Talk is cheap, says I.)

Anyway, merry, happy, joyous, etc., etc., etc. Love you all more than you imagine.

Pictures to come.