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Spent all day packing. The more I sort, pack, and stack--the more I find that still needs to be packed. *flails*

The kitchen stuff is almost entirely packed. Only the pots and pans and plastic stuff left. The DVDs and videos are packed. The breakables are mostly packed.

I have found more yarn than I ever knew I owned...many half-finished projects that were stuffed into a bag and forgotten. I ruthlessly unraveled them and wound the yarn into balls...and filled a HUGE under the bed container and STILL had enough to fill a plastic bag. And that doesn't even take into consideration the cross stitch projects.

NEEDLE WORK FAIL on an epic scale.

And, apparently, every time I bought yarn for a new project, I bought a new crochet hook, too. I have at least ten. Many in the same size. *sigh*

I look around and see that the CDs need to be packed, the desk needs to be sorted, organized and packed, there are drawers to be gone through and ... *flails again*

It's too much.

I have a feeling that moving day (hopefully a week from today for the big stuff) is going to be a lot of throwing crap into boxes just to get it out of the apartment.

Isn't that what most moving days are like...ISN'T IT???

Going to breakfast with hubby tomorrow morning and going to buy a new sewing box...the one I have that used to be my grandmother's (which is a huge plastic thing) is broken beyond repair and yes, I have more thread, buttons, needles and pins than anyone needs--so I need a place for them. I told hubby I do not want a fishing tackle box--I want a proper sewing box. So, after breakfast, we're going to the local craft/hobby store to see if they have something suitable. Then we're picking up the anniversary gift we gave each other--the Monty Python 16 Ton Megaset --and then coming home to even more packing. I'm sure we'll be watching the Pythons as we go.

Off to bed.


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