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Oh my god, I'm so sick. And because I'm sick, hubby's sick too. The gross, coughing up green junk sick.

But, while it's early and I have a bit of energy, I thought I'd post the promised pics of our trip to Universal WWHP. Let me give you a bit of advice: NEVER GO THERE THE WEEK AFTER CHRISTMAS.


It was soooo crowded. I have a pic of the crowd. A half an hour after we got into the park at 9:30 am, they closed off the HP section due to crowding. If you left, you would not be allowed back until it was reopened--which wasn't until something like 8 pm. We waited three hours for the castle tour and ride. Not that it wasn't worth it, but still. Three hours. And the castle was brilliantly done, but because it's on the way to the ride, you didn't really get to stay in one place long enough to really experience everything.

Into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! )
The biggest disappointment was NO Snape at all in the attractions. No tour of the dungeons. The only Snape stuff was souvenirs, of which hubby got me a key chain. That was disappointing, especially since he's the tragic hero of the entire story. I am not sure if this was deliberate, since the theme park was started before the books were finished. But they intend to "significantly" expand this part of the park, so we'll see if they will add something featuring
our sexy potions master.
Overall, it was fun, but tiring. Next time, I won't go during a holiday week. Even though it's crowded all the time, I was told there were 50k people in the Islands of Adventure park that day, which is really too many for full enjoyment.


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