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My son will be 26 tomorrow. It's so hard to believe that the little baby boy who had such a rough beginning in life has grown into a fine young man with a family of his own.

Happy Birthday, Adam. I'm so very proud of you...I love you so very much!

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Hubby and I stopped by Publix after work today to pick up a few things. (Shampoo, tooth paste, beer, three different kinds of cookies, some malted milk balls, Nutty Bars to name a few. PMS? Oh yes.)

Anyway, so we swing by the deli to see if Adam is there, and he is--in all his hair-netted glory.

And you know what? He was loving it. Schmoozing with the customers. Offering tastes of the meats and cheeses. Smiling and joking and just being the lovable soul that he is--and it just made me smile so much to watch him.

He said he is loving it so far and it is such a pleasure to work at a place where his co-workers actually LIKE their job.

I'm so happy for him. I know, it's early days yet and there will be days when it's not such a great day.

But it was so nice to see him enjoying himself at work. I haven't seen that for so long and my sweet son deserves it.
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I'm so very excited...my son, his fiance and their son (and their cat!) will be arriving tomorrow night to begin the new chapter of their life right here in Tennessee.

It's going to be so great to have them here...even though my son can be a lot to take in large doses.

I don't care, I don't care...I'm so happy they're coming here to live!

I've got a big pot of spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove right now, which will be our supper on Thursday night. I figure it will be just the thing to feed some tired, hungry people who have been unloading a truck all day...what do you think?

I'm also making up a small basket with a jar of sauce, some spaghetti, a small loaf of Italian bread and some yummy cookies for my lovely landlady as a thank you to her for everything she has done to smooth the way for my kids. I hope she's not a vegetarian, because this sauce is packed with meat...two pounds of ground sirloin and two pounds of ground Italian sausage.

I may have gone too far.

But it tastes awesome.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll be on pins and needles tomorrow at work, waiting for their updates during the day. We're taking them out to dinner tomorrow night...if the baby isn't too tired after the trip.

If he is, we'll just get a bucket of chicken or something. :)

Guess that's all for now. My thoughts on the latest episode of the Amazing Race will be posted at a later time...

Catch ya later.
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Happy Birthday, Adam!

My sweet, big ol' bear of a son was born 23 years ago today! I can hardly believe that he is now a father (and a darned good one, too) himself. I wish my scanner was working so I could show you all some pictures of him as a baby and a little boy, alas--it isn't, so I cannot.

But, here's some recent pictures of him in celebration of this happy day.

It's difficult to get a picture of this young man where he isn't being goofy--but I looked hard and tried to choose several.

Here he is, calling folks to let them know his fiancee was in labor.

A pic of the new dad with his little son.

See more! )

Last, but never least, here he is with his fiancee--looking so happy. Just as I love to see him.

Happy Birthday, my dear son. I love you so much and I am so proud of the man you've become.


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