Oct. 6th, 2010 09:21 am
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Hubby and I are going to see Craig Ferguson in November. The tickets came yesterday.

This makes me ridiculously happy.

In other news, it's already cold as crap here--which doesn't bode well for winter. I need a new leather jacket, SOON.

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It's snowing! Started at about 7:30 and two hours later is still coming down.

I asked hubby if we could take a snow day and he just laughed.

Racka fracka unspontanious man.
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Happy Birthday, Jeff!

Jeffrey Scott. My baby brother. So sweet and so cute.

You take after Daddy in that you never met a baby you didn't enjoy holding.

And you never met a camera lens you didn't make a silly face at...

Or worse...

Well, you do take after our Mother too...

As well as your silly sisters...

Although I'm not sure anyone in the family is quite as silly as you...

Happy Birthday! I hope it's as wonderful as you are!


For anyone who is wondering, we survived the severe storms yesterday with little damage. Some limbs down, some hail, lots of wind and rain in our area. Some of the surrounding communities were not so lucky. Our thoughts are with those who lost their homes or loved ones.
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First of all, heard from my sister. She and her family are fine. Their house is mostly fine. They lost the fence around their pool and "their whole backyard", according to her. Except for their screened in porch, which her husband found a way to stake down. They have to replace most of the screens, but the structure is okay. They also lost their gutters and "a lot" of shingles from their roof. They are staying in central Florida with my Dad for the rest of the week and are getting a generator and some supplies to take back.

But, it's so hard, being here while they're THERE. I just want to do SOMETHING, anything, to help and all I can do is donate money to the Red Cross or some other charity since there's no mail or anything in that area yet.

Not only that, work is still a bitch and the only person who made it really bearable is mad at me (for good reason--she asked me to do something and I was a bitch about it. In my defense, I had just gotten off the phone with my sister...). Yesterday was awful and on top of that, when I got home hubby was in a foul mood too (I don't know why, he's off for the rest of the week!) so I was walking on eggshells all of last night.

I hope today is better.


Oct. 26th, 2005 07:48 am
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Well, I've heard from both of my children who live in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. They and their families survived Hurricane Wilma with a minimum of damage. Neither has electricity. My son's apartment (last I heard) did not have running water, although my daughter's had gotten a trickle back by yesterday. They both said it is the worst storm to hit since Andrew. There are trees and poles down everywhere. Because there's no electricity, there's no gas stations working. My daughter said the closest working gas station is at the Pompano Service Plaza/Rest area on the Florida Turnpike. She also said the line was miles long.
I still haven't heard from my sister or my brother. I heard from my son that my sister lost her fence and did not have electricity or water. She was thinking of going north to hang out with my Dad for a few days, but I'm not sure if she did or not. Apparently, the building she works in may have sustained structural damage...which would be kind of awful since it's the American Express Southern Region Operations Center. Where I used to work before I moved here. *frets*
I tried to call my sister's house a few minutes ago and got no answer...don't know if that's because the phone service isn't working or she's not there. I am going to call my Dad in a little bit to see if she is indeed going to go up there.
I'm a bit worried, and I did tell the kids if they needed anything I would try to ship it to them...I also offered to have them come up and stay, but I don't think they're going to do that. I don't know why--it's only 900+ miles away. ;)
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He just got his electricity and phone back today. They have been living the life of pioneers, no electricity, no phones, no running water...their well's pump is electric. When their generator went on them (two days after the hurricane) they only had rainwater to wash with. They used the bottled water to drink. Luckily, their neighbor got his working and let them shower over there I guess a day or two ago. They had no damage to the house, just a couple of tree limbs down. Dad said his pond is almost all the way filled now...it has been dry for two years. They are trying to store up and re-batten down their hatches in preparation for Ivan. I don't wish any bad weather on anyone, but damn--I hope this storm passes Florida by.

My son called me yesterday. His fiance is pregnant and the baby is due Sunday. Apparantly, he is a big baby and hasn't dropped yet. Their doctor told them if she doesn't go into labor by Sunday, he will admit her to the hospital and induce her (he doesn't want the baby to get bigger) and if she doesn't give birth by Monday, he is going to schedule a C-section. I'm gonna be a grandma again this week sometime.

Guess that's all for now.


Sep. 8th, 2004 12:27 pm
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I heard from my sister. She still doesn't have power or phone service, so she, her husband and her son are staying with her brother in law until their service comes back. (She called me from work). She also told me she heard from my Dad, who also has no power, no phones, but also no major damage--whew. He has to drive over six miles to get a cell phone signal...so that's why I haven't heard from him yet. (I think it's kind of silly that he called my sister in Ft. Lauderdale--where they have spotty-at-best phones, rather than me in Tennessee who has perfect service...but whatever.) I'm just very glad and very, very relieved that he and my stepmother and their family are all okay.
I didn't realize I was so worried about him, until I wasn't anymore.
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Because I got rear-ended (not THAT way you pervs) last night on my way home from work. On Interstate 24, a couple of miles before my exit, they are doing roadwork, widening the road from two lanes to four. During rush hour, the traffic backs up as all the cars try to squeeze into two lanes. I was in the far right lane, completely stopped when WHAM! A lady in a red beemer smacked into me. Luckily I was stopped and she was only going about 10-15 mph, but it was a hell of a bump. I was wearing my seat belt, but I still got a huge jolt. We pulled over and got out, there was no damage to the car, so she apologized and we both went on our way. By the time I got home, my shoulder/neck area was sore and it got progressively worse during the night. By this morning I was so stiff, I could hardly move, so I called into work.
What a (literal) pain in the neck.

On a brighter note, I have heard from everyone in my family except my dad. He lives in north-central Florida in the country, so it's possible his phone/electricity is out. But, I still wish he or someone would drive into town and find some way to contact someone--because I am a bit worried. Everyone else came through the storm with minimal to no damage. I am very thankful.

The Amazing Race lived up to its name last night as they went to New Zealand! (Not a hobbit or elf in sight, unfortunately) They did a cool water sport called "sledging" which is like taking a boogie board with handles down white water rapids http://www.frogz.co.nz/ . And they did another thing called "zorbing" in which you blow up a big plastic ball and get inside and roll down a hill http://www.zorb.com/ . I want to go to New Zealand even more, now. The twins, Kami and Karli were eliminated (YAY!) but I'm worried because my favorite team, Chip and Kim are in fourth place. There is a curse on the people who are fourth when there are only four teams left...they have been eliminated every race so far. I hope Chip and Kim are the ones to break this curse.

I am going to take advantage of my day today to work on Chapter 9 of "The Binding", which I outlined the other night. I'm thinking of adding a smoking hot scene with Draco and the girls, which came to me last night as I was drifting off to sleep.
I wish more people would review it, tho. *sigh*
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The storm is moving so s-l-o-w-l-y I cannot even believe it. I have never seen anything like it before--and I lived in FL for over 30 years.

I spoke to my mom last night, she has lost power but was in relatively good spirits. She said it wasn't as bad as she'd expected it to be--but it hadn't really come ashore yet. It was good to hear that she wasn't all freaked out and upset. What a trooper.

I also spoke to my son. He and his fiance are at the hospital and he said there are about 10 people in the room (it's apparantly a large "pain center" room, not a patient's type room) with them and they are talking and playing games, etc. He sounded good and said he was very glad they chose to go there instead of trying to sit it out at home, because now some others were calling the hospital and being told there was no way they could be brought there--don't bother to call 911 because at the peak of the storm, even the emergency workers are hunkered down and cannot respond.

I didn't reach my sister, or her phone service was out. I talked to my brother yesterday morning and he was ready, too.

I am relieved, but I cannot stay away from the Weather Channel for very long because I get antsy. I wish it would hurry up and finish already, sheesh.

I spent a lot of time yesterday playing a computer game my husband bought for me ages ago called "Heroes of Might and Magic IV". I had forgotten how much I enjoy that game. It really helped me pass the time yesterday while my hubby was out with his friend doing their Geocaching. He's supposed to go camping tonight, so I foresee another round of HMM4 in my future, heh.

Guess that's all for now.
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That fucking hurricane is going to drive me straight to the loony bin. It slowed down AGAIN. So, now they aren't even trying to guess as to when it might hit.

My son and his fiance are in the hospital (her baby is due next week, they make all the preggos who are less than a month away go to the hospital since the storm can cause labor to come on). Everyone else has battened down their collective hatches and gotten the supplies in.

Now it's just a waiting game.

On a completely different note, I read on Neil Gaiman's blog (http://www.neilgaiman.com/journal/journal.asp) that Dave Sim, the twisted genius behind the Cerebus comic epic (http://www.night-flight.com/sim/cerebus.html) would send a free, signed issue of his Sandman/Cerebus issue to anyone who wrote him a letter and mailed it to him asking for one.

Well, my husband is a fan of both Neil Gaiman and Cerebus, so I wrote a letter and sent it off to the address listed in Neil's blog. (Which can be found here: http://www.neilgaiman.com/journal/2004/08/lewis-and-clarke-not-to-mention-snuff.asp
read the last question on the page)

So, I wrote a letter asking Mr. Sim to please send a signed comic to my husband. It came in the mail today, and my husband got the mail and stood looking at this envelope with a puzzled expression on his face for several moments before it dawned on him what I had done (he reads Neil's journal too). He couldn't believe it. Inside the envelope was the book and a very cool letter, both hand-signed. A nice little surprise for my sweetie.

Back to hurricane watching...which at this point is like watching grass grow. *sigh*
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...which makes things worse because it's just dragging out the inevitable conclusion of massive awful weather for everyone I love and hold dear.

They are all hunkered down, boarded up, supplies in and just waiting for Frances to nail them.

I'm over 900 miles away, chewing my fingernails to stubs, trying to work and watch the weather channel at the same time. I'm so twitchy, I just want to go home--although I know I'd regret it because I'd lose the o/t I worked this week. And there's nothing I can do from home, but I could have the Weather Channel on for updates, and I could watch the streaming video from the local stations back in FL.


On a brighter note, my hubby was so sweet to me last night! After I got home and checked the weather, I started to cry. He held me and after I'd finished, he told me he would take me out to dinner. We went to Red Lobster and had a nice, leisurly meal. It seemed like a date! We talked and laughed and generally enjoyed everything. We were so full we ordered dessert to go and so we have that for tonight.

Only 3 1/2 hours until I can go home. I can't wait.
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So far, I have spoken to my son, my daughter and my mother. I still need to speak to my sister and brother.

My son and his fiance will be spending the hurricane in the hospital. Their baby is due next week, and all pregnant women with less than a month are advised to go to the hospital because the extreme low pressure from the storms can bring on labor.

My daughter, her fiance and their new baby will be riding it out in their apartment with shutters/plywood on the windows. They are all stocked up and ready.

My mother and her husband are all battened down, plywooded up, and stocked up and ready also.

Still waiting to hear from the other two.

Decided not the go to Weird Al tonight as I will be too worried to enjoy myself, instead I will be sitting checking the weather channel. It's so hard being over 900 miles away.



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