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I started it 8/5/2004 which surprises me, since when I began I wasn't sure how long I would keep writing here.

I actually started it after I moved to TN, which was another surprise when I looked back to the first entries.

Some changes from then...I don't watch The Amazing Race anymore, or much of any TV really. Currently my favorite shows include Mythbusters, Deadliest Catch and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Mostly, if the TV is on at all, it's on a sports channel as background noise.

If I'm home by myself (like now) it's not on at all. I have background noise all the time now due to my tinnitus.

Since I started this journal:

My brother died. My brother died a few months before I started this journal.
My daughter has married and divorced twice. She has four children, including the newest, her twin boys with her current SO. She's a stay at home mom. And a HUGE geek girl.
My son got married and has two children. Due to a disability, he is a stay at home dad. And a very good one. He also got his GED and has discovered the joy of reading.
We stopped eating at Cracker Barrel.
We stopped shopping at Wal-Mart The Evil Empire.
We bought a house.
Hubby's brother got married and now has a 4 year old daughter.
Hubby and I both work at the same soul-sucking good neighbor company. I can't wait to get out.
My other brother & his wife had a surprise baby.
My brother's wife got cancer and died.
Hubby's grandfather died.
I had a fucking endoscopy.
I have written countless words and stories in the HP world.
The MARVEL Cinematic Universe came into existence. (OMG, the eye candy!)

The best part of my ten-year journey with this journal?
All the friends I have made through it. I have only met one of you IRL, but I consider every one of you a friend. LJ is the second place I check when I turn on my computer each day (the first is email-I don't have a cell phone OMG, I'm such a dinosaur!), and I really enjoy reading all the updates from you guys.

I know I don't update as much as I should. There's only so many times one can write about one's struggle with depression and anxiety until it becomes utterly boring. I've bored myself, TBH.

Thank you all for being there. You are so very appreciated and loved.
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I'm voting for [livejournal.com profile] kylecassidy. I've been following him for ages and I think he'd be a good advocate on the LJ Board.

His post outlining why he's running.

Not to mention he's an awesome photographer.
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Well, I finally bit the bullet and signed up for a paid LJ account. Mostly so I could use more icons like the one above which was made by [livejournal.com profile] caitirin2 . Isn't it gorgeous? *icon love* I also intend to go and find those Star Trek icons I saw [livejournal.com profile] butter_cup_ using. I suppose I'll be looking at the different LJ templates again...gah! It took hours to get this one just so...

Yesterday, work was having a "customer service" appreciation celebration which included a contest which was to sing an 80s song karaoke-style over the intercom. I joined up and sang "Girls Just Want to Have Fun". I didn't win the ititial contest (email ballot box stuffing) but the CFO said that anyone who was brave enough to do it (there were only three contestants) deserved a prize, so I won three tickets to a Nashville Predators hockey game later this month. Hubby was thrilled.

Got some good news today, the EPA folks finally got the land to perk, a bit further away from the house than we anticipated, but whew. They are supposed to come out and stake out the area this week. Once that is done we can get the damned survey done and then file the quick claim deed. Then, it's off to the bank to find out how much they will loan us and we can pick out a house. I hope the EPA folks don't disappoint us this week.

Got to get back to my Lily/Kingsley fic I'm doing for [livejournal.com profile] snegurochka_lee in a little bit. I'm going to go read the meme ficlet she wrote because I stumped her on her fic meme. I'm just getting the smutty part started on mine, so I'm wondering if I should base it on how much I like the one she wrote for me? *evil laugh*


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