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But I finished it. My [livejournal.com profile] sshg_giftfest fic is finished and with the betas. I was determined to get it done today so the betas would have time to read it.

It's over 12k words. One of my longest ever. I wrote 5k of them today. Whew.

Now I'm going to bed for six hours then getting up again so I can try to get my sleep cycle back to some form of normalcy. Monday will be hard.

I've been dealing with a horrible skin infection the last three weeks. It sometimes seems like it's getting better then not. It hurts, it itches and I've been taking antibiotics and have an anti-fungal cream (the doctor thinks it's a yeast infection) but those things don't seem to be working. If it's not better by Wednesday (a week after my SECOND trip to the doctor) I'm going back again.

I'm ready to scratch my skin off. And have in places, quite unintentionally. Ugh. It's red, hot, angry and ugly. I've tried cold compresses, which help temporarily, then different anti-itch creams which again, help only temporarily. I'm going slowing mad from this. It's underneath my breasts, so not the driest or most accessable place on my body, either. Oh, and it managed to spread to my navel, of all places. Yes, I have an innie. AND IT ITCHES NOW.

I find myself scratching absentmindedly and before I know it, I've drawn blood. Sigh. I don't know what else to try to stop the itch.

But I'm finished with one story! Working on the second!


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