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...our central air conditioner compressor gave up the ghost. We had the a/c guy here today and he said they have to order the part and then arrange to come back again.


Luckily it was breezy today, so it wasn't overly hot in the house (at least not on the first floor--I dread going upstairs to bed).

I have a small fan, but it's battery powered, so I have to use it cautiously.

Already warned Hubby there will be no turning on of the oven until the a/c is fixed. That means crock pot meals and/or microwave or sandwiches. Or going out to eat.

Hopefully, it will only be for a week or so. I already asked hubby if we could maybe go to the movies tomorrow to see Age of Ultron again. We'll see.

Sunday, we're going to visit his mom in the country--I think I'm going to ask about meeting my son and his family somewhere for food after. After all, it is my mother's day, too.

Guess that's it for today's entry.
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The good news is I have a perfectly healthy gall bladder.

The bad news is I have a nasty infection of my stomach/small intestine called an H. pylori infection. The biopsy the doctor did a week ago Wednesday confirmed this. So, I have to take two antibiotics for a week and one of them for a further week. Oh, joy. I ALWAYS get both (TMI here) a yeast infection and constipated from antibiotics. So, lucky me. The doc did say if I get a yeast infection, to call and he'll prescribe the one day cure. Oh, and he was so very happy to tell me that I may feel nauseous with one of them. Blergh.

The meh news is that we got the home inspection report back. Hubby is freaking out a little because there are more things than he was prepared for that do need/will need fixing/replacing sooner than expected. The roof will probably have to be replaced within two years. The electrical will have to be upgraded sooner because someone converted all the two-prong plugs into three prong plugs without grounding them. And the house is still on the old fuse-box system, so if we do move in before we upgrade, we will have to plug everything with three prongs into a surge protector. The HVAC unit is past its life expectancy as is the water heater, which is located in the ATTIC. (Now tell me, who puts their water heater in the attic? It seems to me the risk of water damage is so much greater if it's CASCADING DOWN THE WALLS.)

So, hubby had a bit of a freak out tonight at dinner...and is now sleeping it off.

Personally, I don't know what I want to do. I really like that house...but there is so much else besides fixing up a house I was hoping to do with that 8 grand. Our tenth wedding anniversary is next year and we were talking about using some of that money to maybe take a trip to England to see my friend [livejournal.com profile] shiv5468, see all the tourist-y places and take in a museum or two. And hubby wants to see a real football match, too.

So, there is that to consider. I will let him sleep it off tonight...I'm sure he'll have a better idea of how he feels in the morning. That's usually the way it goes. (He's also very nervous about telling his parents that we won't be building a house on the property anytime soon. Aside from the fact that we cannot get a construction loan...there are other reasons for staying in town for now.)


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