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Sounds like fun once my [livejournal.com profile] sshg_exchange fic is finished!
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My thoughts on DH2... ) All in all, I liked it. I think it is the best of them all. I want to see it again!

Tell me what you thought, f-list!
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Watched Letterman tonight just to see Dan Radcliffe. He is so very cute, so very pale, his eyes are so very blue and his jaw is so very square.

He's also short.

And, he talks reallyreallyfast. Like, crazy-fast. I thought my son talked fast; Dan could give him a run for his money there.

I just wanted to shout "slow down!" because I found it hard to understand some of what he said.

Loved the clip from HBP, it was the bathroom scene with Malfoy.

My friend Sheri and I took next Friday off so we can go see the movie. We were going to go on Wednesday when it opens, but she couldn't get the day off. We have to figure out which theatre so we can pre-book our tickets.

I am looking forward to this one, from the trailers, they seem to have been faithful to the best parts of the book.
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Whew, what a week.

Had a fabulous dinner on Tuesday night with Dad & Drollene. I took a picture of my table, which was set with the gorgeous cobalt blue dishes I got on sale last Sunday.

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Wednesday, they returned along with Adam and his family and we polished off the rest of the lasagna. Several people mentioned it was the best they'd ever eaten...which I was happy to hear! I always think I use too much rigotta cheese...and I have to admit this batch was yummy.

We were so tired...but work beconed the next day. I wound up having a mini-meltdown at work so I left early (around 3). Spent Thursday evening making some truffles for a dear friend who was having her commitment ceremony with her partner today. I made almost seventy...stayed up waay too late...

...woke up Friday with a headache that threatened to become a full-blown migraine, so I just stayed home. It was really the right thing to do as I needed some decompression time. Between the car, the kids and work, I've been over-stressed for ages...

Had a bit of good news in regards to the kids...Adam interviewed (with the blessing of his current store) with a Publix in Smyrna (which is not far from here) for a full-time position and he got it! He started today. Also, his fiance put in to change her hours at Wal-Mart, so Hubby and I won't be babysitting except for about once a week after next week. That is a huge relief to us. We love our grandson, but we both work full time, so it has been getting harder...now it will seem more like a treat than a chore.

My bestest friend in Tennessee and I are gearing up for the new HP movie. We both took next Wednesday off so we can go see it at noon (we decided we're both a bit too old to see the Tuesday midnight showing) and then have a meal after. I bought us matching "Hogwarts Alumni" tee shirts to wear--which I can't wait to give to her tomorrow when we have our monthly lunch meeting! She is going to be so surprised and delighted, I can't wait to see her face. It's sort of my fault for getting her into HP and now I think she's a bigger fan than me! Which is totally cool because we have the best conversations about theories, stories, characters, etc...she keeps me on my toes.

Speaking of...I really need to start my re-read in anticipation of the new book on the 21st...which aforementioned friend and I also took off the 23rd so we can discuss! Woohoo...July is HP month!!


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