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I started it 8/5/2004 which surprises me, since when I began I wasn't sure how long I would keep writing here.

I actually started it after I moved to TN, which was another surprise when I looked back to the first entries.

Some changes from then...I don't watch The Amazing Race anymore, or much of any TV really. Currently my favorite shows include Mythbusters, Deadliest Catch and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Mostly, if the TV is on at all, it's on a sports channel as background noise.

If I'm home by myself (like now) it's not on at all. I have background noise all the time now due to my tinnitus.

Since I started this journal:

My brother died. My brother died a few months before I started this journal.
My daughter has married and divorced twice. She has four children, including the newest, her twin boys with her current SO. She's a stay at home mom. And a HUGE geek girl.
My son got married and has two children. Due to a disability, he is a stay at home dad. And a very good one. He also got his GED and has discovered the joy of reading.
We stopped eating at Cracker Barrel.
We stopped shopping at Wal-Mart The Evil Empire.
We bought a house.
Hubby's brother got married and now has a 4 year old daughter.
Hubby and I both work at the same soul-sucking good neighbor company. I can't wait to get out.
My other brother & his wife had a surprise baby.
My brother's wife got cancer and died.
Hubby's grandfather died.
I had a fucking endoscopy.
I have written countless words and stories in the HP world.
The MARVEL Cinematic Universe came into existence. (OMG, the eye candy!)

The best part of my ten-year journey with this journal?
All the friends I have made through it. I have only met one of you IRL, but I consider every one of you a friend. LJ is the second place I check when I turn on my computer each day (the first is email-I don't have a cell phone OMG, I'm such a dinosaur!), and I really enjoy reading all the updates from you guys.

I know I don't update as much as I should. There's only so many times one can write about one's struggle with depression and anxiety until it becomes utterly boring. I've bored myself, TBH.

Thank you all for being there. You are so very appreciated and loved.
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Holy shit, that's a lot of snow. I'm worried about you. As soon as you can, please let me know how you are doing.
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One of my very first friends in fandom, I blame credit her for my HP fic obsession. I still remember LupinBabe. *cough*

Love and hugs and all good wishes for the coming year! (And cake. Can't forget the cake.)

If you leave a prompt, I'll gift you with a drabble, my friend.

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One of the nicest people I know. Also a brilliant writer and a lovely but firm mod over at the [livejournal.com profile] sshg_exchange.

I hope you have a fantastic day doing everything you want and topping it off with loads of cake and ice cream! (Hopefully not TOO many candles...) Prompt me for a drabble gift! {{HUGS}}

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Whew, what a week.

Had a fabulous dinner on Tuesday night with Dad & Drollene. I took a picture of my table, which was set with the gorgeous cobalt blue dishes I got on sale last Sunday.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Wednesday, they returned along with Adam and his family and we polished off the rest of the lasagna. Several people mentioned it was the best they'd ever eaten...which I was happy to hear! I always think I use too much rigotta cheese...and I have to admit this batch was yummy.

We were so tired...but work beconed the next day. I wound up having a mini-meltdown at work so I left early (around 3). Spent Thursday evening making some truffles for a dear friend who was having her commitment ceremony with her partner today. I made almost seventy...stayed up waay too late...

...woke up Friday with a headache that threatened to become a full-blown migraine, so I just stayed home. It was really the right thing to do as I needed some decompression time. Between the car, the kids and work, I've been over-stressed for ages...

Had a bit of good news in regards to the kids...Adam interviewed (with the blessing of his current store) with a Publix in Smyrna (which is not far from here) for a full-time position and he got it! He started today. Also, his fiance put in to change her hours at Wal-Mart, so Hubby and I won't be babysitting except for about once a week after next week. That is a huge relief to us. We love our grandson, but we both work full time, so it has been getting harder...now it will seem more like a treat than a chore.

My bestest friend in Tennessee and I are gearing up for the new HP movie. We both took next Wednesday off so we can go see it at noon (we decided we're both a bit too old to see the Tuesday midnight showing) and then have a meal after. I bought us matching "Hogwarts Alumni" tee shirts to wear--which I can't wait to give to her tomorrow when we have our monthly lunch meeting! She is going to be so surprised and delighted, I can't wait to see her face. It's sort of my fault for getting her into HP and now I think she's a bigger fan than me! Which is totally cool because we have the best conversations about theories, stories, characters, etc...she keeps me on my toes.

Speaking of...I really need to start my re-read in anticipation of the new book on the 21st...which aforementioned friend and I also took off the 23rd so we can discuss! Woohoo...July is HP month!!
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Wow, two days in a row of updates!

Well, that's because I actually got off my lazy ass and DID something yesterday!

My good friend Sheri called to say she was coming down to my town to buy some shoe inserts at a store located here. So, I got showered, etc and went to meet her as I needed to pick up some new sheets. My hubby was a sweetie and gave me a video game to trade at EB games so I could get some dollars off of Heroes of Might and Magic V
which I have been lusting for since it was released in May.

So, I met up with Sheri, we went to the store and got her inserts then went to JC Penney (having a % off sale) and I picked up some new sheets (and WTF with queen-sized sheets costing 70.00 before the discount? Day-um.) and some OMG soft towels (Egyptian cotton--also on sale) to replace our rapidly wearing out ones. Peacock blue for hubby and royal purple for me. And I don't care if they match each other or the bathroom, so there.

Then I went to EB Games and bought my game. :)

Then Sheri and I went to Applebee's for a late lunch and took up the table for two hours just gabbing. She is a stockholder in the Green Bay Packers (one share, hee) and this year the team is giving the stockholders a tour of "the frozen tundra of Lambeau field" along with the locker room and assorted other things there. She is such a cheesehead and she cannot wait. I asked her to take lots of pictures and if she is amenable, I'll post some here one day.

We also discussed Harry Potter (I got her hooked, hee) the various theories that are flying around and who we think will die, who will be redeemed and why I have become disillusioned about the series ever since book six.

(No, not because of the death at the end, because of the whole "no one believes Harry" which to me, required waaay too much suspension of my disbelief after he was proved right again and again in books one through five...WTF?? Not to mention the fact that Hermione went from brilliant, confident student extraordinaire to whiny, self-righteous bitch which to me was too far out of character...oh shit, I don't want to even think about that book anymore...)

So, a wonderful time was had. Sometimes getting out of the apartment is a good thing!

After I got home, hubby was napping on the sofa. I decided to try to finish the other game I have been playing (an old, but to my mind still very engaging game) called Lord of the Realm. I was nearly finished when I noticed the time and it was after 7 and hubby was still sleeping! So I woke him up and got us some supper...after which he expressed his surprise that I hadn't yet loaded the new game. So I did and we spent the next five hours playing HMMV together! That was so nice...except I had forgotten that it was a bit buggy, and neglected to download the available patch and it froze after playing for that long. We downloaded the patch this morning and it seems to be playing okay now, but still slow. I'm not sure if it's because of our computer or not...which we have a decent one with plenty of space, so we'll see. Hubby started his own scenario this morning and he says it started out slow but got better as he went along.

Oh, and since hubby seems to actually LIKE this game, I'm a bit worried...we've never had to try to share a game before that we both like...

So, I'm going to play after I post this and he's going to play while I watch NASCAR this afternoon. Let's hope we can keep things civil! ;)

Yes, I still intend to read book seven. I have to see how it all ends.
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Had a lovely evening with a friend from work. Went to a Mexican restaurant in downtown M'Boro called Cafe Burrito. What a little gem hidden in a row of shops! The food was sooo good, there was generous portions (but not too generous) and very inexpensive! I had a plateful of burrito...what might be called a "wet" burrito which was filled with steak and sauce then topped with more sauce and cheese, lettuce and a generous dollop of sour cream. This came with rice and beans (I only had the rice) and it was awesome good. My friend Denise had a spinich enchilata which she said was good but could have used a bit more cheese inside. It came with rice and beans, too. Plus I brought home a chimichanga for my hubby and the grand total was 22.00. I think I've found a new love there. :)

Denise and I spent something like three hours just chatting. It was such a nice evening, I'm glad she decided to come out and play.

Got home and gave hubby his food (he agreed that it was great) and then spent about an hour just talking about work...which was so nice because we were able to converse and I knew what we were talking about! Before, hubby would bitch about things and I only had the vaguest idea of what he meant, but now-- we can really communicate about things. It was so nice.

Tomorrow, we're going to the Watertown Jazz Festival --at least that's the plan. We'll see how it all pans out or if we get all sluggish and decide to be lazy in the afternoon. I have frozen water and I'll go get some stuff for the cooler in the morning. I'll take the camera, so if we do go, I'll have some pics by Sunday.

Guess that's it for this installment of rayvyn2k's boring ass life! Hee!
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Oh. My. God.

I got a package in the mail today and when I opened it, it was [livejournal.com profile] scott_lynch 's new book "The Lies of Locke Lamora" already signed by the author himself!

This is such a fabulous gift, and I can't wait to start reading. I have not cancelled my order for the same book from Amazon.com because the only thing better than having one first edition is having two.

Thank you, Scott. You're one in a million. :)
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Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] snegurochka_lee!!

A couple of other folks wanted to extend their birthday wishes to you as well:

Hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are.

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Hubby's best friend gave us a call and asked if we'd like to go out to dinner with him--and he casually mentioned he was bringing "a chick" with him. Our ears perked up because this guy has had the worst year ever this year. His wife of 16 years had an affair and then left him. This was a shock because they had been together since high school. They have two children together who are now living with their mother. (He does get to see them quite often though--he told us they alternate three and four days each taking turns). He also had two knee surgeries (on the same knee) and his beloved father died this year.
So, yeah--not such a great year.

So when Roger called, we were happy to drop everything and meet him at a Mexican restaurant for dinner.

We had a wonderful time. We met them at 7, had a couple of drinks and some good food and took up the table for three hours. It was so much fun. She is a nice woman, older than him (hey-older women rock! My hubby told Roger the same thing! hee!) So, she rocks and there was talk about getting together again soon.

We came home and fell into bed (to sleep you pervs!) and then I had a dream so realistic that I thought it was actually happening. I should say a nightmare. What happened was that my hubby and my dad both died on the same day. I was at work and they came and told me. I remember being stunned, in shock and just terrified. I was walking through the office, I was seeing the people but not able to really talk to them. I had to make decisions and I didn't want to believe it was happening. I was so scared, numb and just freaked out that this was happening to me.

Then, I woke up. I was shaking and I reached over and my hubby was there, warm and alive and I just curled up against him, pulled him close and burst into tears. Naturally, this woke him up, and he held me while asking what was wrong. I couldn't speak for a couple of minutes as all I could do was sob against his chest in relief. He patted my back, held me tight and kissed my face and lips. I laid my head against his chest and listened to the sound of his heart beating strongly and steadily in his chest. After the initial storm, I was able to stammer out an explanation to him and he just held me tighter and murmured soothing words of comfort to me.

A few minutes later, my alarm went off. I clung to him for a few more minutes before I got up to start my day.

That was the worst nightmare I've had in recent memory. I wonder what would cause me to dream something like THAT?? The only thing I can come up with is because the anniversary of my brother's death is next week.

I'm SO glad it was only a nightmare.
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Got more birthday cards in the mail today. Got one from one of my Delphi Forum friends which was a perfect card for me...has the doctor holding a naked baby by the ankle (the implication is he's spanking it for the first breath)and inside it says "From the day you were born, you were into the kinky stuff." And she wrote that this card just screamed "ray" to her. Hee. You see, she's read some of my fanfic...

The second card was from my dear friend in Texas who I love and miss so much. My first ever Star Trek buddy and my best friend for ever so long. I've known her longer than almost anyone else, and we shared so much...I hope that someday I get to visit her or she gets to visit me again.

The last card I got was from my best friend in Ft. Lauderdale, my sweetest little punk girl (heh or she used to be until she decided to get a 'real' job). We've been through Subway, growing kids, college, term papers...so much. I am so sad that she will be in NY when I go for my quick visit in September...but she sent me a gift certificate to RED LOBSTER!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! My hubby can't get out of it now!
Don't click if you're not interested in my latest smutty fic idea )

Hubby went back to the doctor again today as he has not been able to shake the cough which has been bothering him for weeks now. He was also going to go stake out the house and septic area on the property so the surveyor knows where things are supposed to be...don't ask me why the guy just can't go survey five acres from the fence-row downward, but whatever. Hubby isn't home yet, but I expect him any time. I was hoping to get some writing done, but there was a bit of bother on my favorite forum which needed attending to, and my friends are much more important to me than anything else.

Dang, this is a long update for me, guess I'd better stop now.
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I found my desk all decorated for my birthday. It was decorated by a wonderful friend of mine who I have brainwashed introduced to the HP love. I heard from several sources at work that she has been planning this for over a week and I just love her for it. This really made my day to walk in and see my desk like this )

Also, my brother called me at work (a miracle, that boy never calls!!), my son called and I got e-cards from my sister and my daughter.

I'll let you know what hubby gets me...as usual, he's waited until the last minute...

We are going out to eat tonight, possibly Red Lobster...

More updates as they become available.
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Gregory's best friend's father, "Booty" Bailey passed away. It is so sad, while not unexpected (he had liver cancer that had spread to his entire body), it was still a shock. Hubby and I have told his friend Roger that we are here for him, and I hope he knows we mean that sincerely.

I didn't know Booty very well, having only met him a couple of times, but he was like a brother to my father-in-law. He was 71.

We have to go out to the country tomorrow right after work. Not only for the family, but because my husband, his brother and father have an emergency appointment with their lawyer on Saturday (yes, Saturday) to deal with the land deed thing.

I'll post more as soon as I know more.
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So, on Saturday morning, hubby and I got up early. We got some breakfast, finished packing and then picked up the rental car. (One free upgrade later and we were stylin' in a
Buick Century
awesome...yowza) We made sure we had our Mapquest maps (only we forgot to print out a map TO our hotel--DOH!!) and off we went.
The trip up was relaxing and uneventful. Just hubby and me chatting, singing and laughing as we always do when on a road trip. We found
Kingsport, TN without any trouble at all. The trouble came when we realized we had neglected to find out exactly WHERE in Kingsport our hotel was located.
Well, we had directions to the Kingsport Renaissance Center" (thanks to Beth and Jack's excellent invitation!) so we went there and then backtracked to our hotel. We arrived at the hotel with just enough time to shower, change and head out to the wedding.
When we arrived at the Ren Center, we followed the other folks who were obviously wedding guests (at one point, we held the door open for a woman with a fractured ankle and her friend--who turned out to be the Maid of Honor) and soon we were in a beautiful, brick atrium which was filled with plants.
Lovely place for a wedding. )

There was no "assigned" seating, so we found a couple of chairs which were almost dead center and settled down. The music was lovely and the atmosphere was relaxing. Before long, the groomsmen escorted Jack and Beth's parents to the places of honor. Then the celebrant, Jack and his groomsmen all walked in and took their places in the center of the atrium and the guests all became quiet and anticipatory.
I looked over to my left and spotted some activity through an arched doorway. It was the bridal party!
Jack's beautiful daughter was a bridesmaid. )

Suddenly, there was a hush and then the processional music began to play. Jack's daughter and then Beth's sister walked in--both were wearing dresses of different shades of green. We peeked and saw the beautiful bride with her dad standing in the doorway.
Beth saw me and gave me a huge smile. )

She walked in, escorted by her father and when she turned the corner and Jack got his first look at her--his smile lit up the entire room. The ceremony was beautiful and I'm not ashamed to say--I had tears of joy in my eyes.
The Ceremony )

Then came to moment everyone was waiting for...The KISS!! The celebrant said,
*Jack, you may kiss your bride.* )

Then, in a suprise move--he said:
*Beth, you may kiss your groom!* )

That was awesome. Then they were pronounced husband and wife! Everyone applauded and then went upstairs to the reception area.
The room was lovely. There were several round tables set up and we were at lucky table 7 with some of Beth's friends from high school. Carol is a HP fan, (and a Neil Gaiman fan too, OMGWTFBBQ!11!!!) so we had lots to talk about. The room was decorated with more greenery. There was an open bar (W00T!) which everyone took advantage of. The DJ was really good and the music he played varied from Frank Sinatra to Rap to Disco to rock and roll.
The cake was beautiful. )
And why am I not surprised that the Groom's cake was a cookie? )

The DJ introduced the bridal party, and before the bride and groom came in they played a video that Beth's sister had put together of old pictures, home movies, etc of Beth and Jack. There was a lot of sniffling and giggling throughout. Then in came Beth and Jack for their first dance. The lyrics of the song they danced to were printed on the back of the program they handed out and just reading them made me cry. It was Rascal Flatts' Bless the Broken Road
First Dance as husband and wife. )

After that, everyone got up to dance.
It's boogie time! )

After some dancing and visiting, it was time to eat. OMG, the food was wonderful. There was grilled chicken and wild rice, stuffed salmon, prime rib and chicken strips for the kids. There was mashed potatoes along with the rice and broccoli, califlower and carrot mix, awesome rolls, salad-caesar and regular...oh, and there were also potato chips for the kids. (And I just have to say here that all of the children in attendence were well behaved. Jack and Beth had a room set up for them to play in, and a seperate table area they could use if they wanted to. And most of them did want to, which left the grown ups at the "big" tables. Fabulous.) There was also an ice cream bar with lots of toppings that everyone enjoyed.

After dinner, there was more dancing and visiting. Jack and Beth both made a point to come over and visit with hubby and I. So Cute. )
Check out the rock!
Beth's ring. )

They were so sweet, and they made us feel like old friends rather than someone they had only met an hour before.Jack, Beth, Hubby and Me )

The party went on for several hours. Everyone had a wonderful time. Hubby and I danced several times which was fabulous! This has to be one of the best weddings I've ever been to...it was such a great time! Thanks, Beth and Jack, for the invitation and your friendship. We are really looking forward to getting together again sometime soon!

The happy couple )

To the happy couple, a Vulcan blessing: Live long and prosper!


May. 1st, 2005 07:52 am
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I finished my headpiece for the RenFest and it is really nice. I'm just a bit worried because I used soldering wire and it is very flexible. Ah, well. I will have to make another out of something more substansial next year, I suppose.

Hubby and I are going to see "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" today with a friend from work and then out to dinner. It should be fun. I am looking forward to it.

Hubby and I discussed moving from this shithole yesterday. I hate it here so much and I told him I cannot spend another summer listening to my inconsiderate neighbors' drunken revelry outside. We are going to see the sales guy at the manufactured home place to see where we stand and how far we have to go before we can get the house started.

Merry-kitty continues to recover from her surgery. Yay!
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Watching the Academy Awards and thinking of you, Lisa. I miss you and still remember all the times we snarked about the show the day after and the few times we actually watched it together.

I wish you were here or I was there.


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