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Happy Thanksgiving to all...

I'm so thankful this year to have my son and his family here. Even though he drives me crazy sometimes--it's a nice kind of crazy--and I am thrilled to be cooking Thanksgiving dinner today for us all.

I'm also thankful for the rest of my family who are mostly in Florida...I miss them so much and I hope that one day we can all be together once again for Thanksgiving or Christmas...

I'm most thankful for my darling husband, the love of my life. It was a small miracle that we even met--and now I feel so lucky, so thankful, so very, very blessed to have found something that most people only dream of having. A deep, abiding love which only grows day by day.

He's a fabulous grand-dad, too!
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Our Thanksgiving was very busy. I have to start on Wednesday. Our sink backed up and I called the manager who got the maintenence guy over here. He sucked all the yukky water out of the sink and poured some chemicals down it. Didn't work. So they called a plumber to come snake the drain. At around four o'clock, the plumber got here and started the snaking. Well, the snake never came out of the other end of the drain. The maintenence guy came in and said the pipes had rotted through and the only way to get to them was to jackhammer the floor in the hallway between the bedroom and the bathroom. Because the job is a long, involved mess, we have to move into another apartment. Oh, and can we be out by Monday?

Well, luckily the apartment is right across the breeze way from this one. That's the good thing. We told him no way can we be out by Monday, but maybe by next weekend. So yesterday morning, we took the cats and a few things over to the new place (because the maintenence guy had to come in here and run a pipe from the bedroom to the bathtub so the upstairs apartment can use their kitchen sink. It's draining in the bathtub.) so they could get settled. The kittens freaked out. They were really frightened (Kira-cat was all 'Shoot, across the hall? You all should try five states.') and were trying to hide everywhere. We brought our toiletries over and took our showers there. Then we took off for his folks' house. We had a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner and spent the day with his folks and his Granddad and Granddad's girlfriend. It was lovely. I received many compliments on my pies, but damn it, the friggin' pecan pie stuck to the pie dish!! WTF?? Is there some southern secret to making a pecan pie? C'mon, Southern f-listers-- Spill.

So, anyway, we came back and moved our bed and a tv and vcr into the "new" apartment. We had soup for supper and then popped in a Monty Python tape (no cable over there, which is why the computer is still here, heh) and after that we went to sleep. The kitties calmed down enough to come sleep in the bed with us--a first for the kittens. This morning they seem like they have gotten used to the place because they woke me up at six with their galloping around.

So, this weekend and next week will be spent moving. Luckily it's right across the hallway, because that means we can just walk a lot of it over without having to pack everything in boxes. Oh, and I forgot to say, we stopped by Wal-Mart last night on the way home (not venturing out today, my momma didn't raise no fools) and picked up a few things including a new desk. I'll take pictures as soon as we set it up. I told Hubby we have to run our coaxil cable out the window and into the other place and duct tape it to the sidewalk until the cable guy comes to transfer it. (Which I have to check their website to see if I can order that online.)--*called the cable company, they will be coming on Monday, yippee!)

So, that was our big holiday adventure. We're supposed to go meet his brother and family to ooh and ahh about their new house--which is in Lebanon and will be delivered to the property on Monday or Tuesday. Grr.
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Sorry I haven't updated recently...my hubby and I spent the weekend in the country, with his folks on the farm. We went over on Thanksgiving day and stayed until this morning. (The kitties were glad to see us when we got home.)

We arrived Thursday at about 1pm, with pecan and apple pies in tow. Hubby's grandfather, mom and dad and us were the only ones here...his brother spent the day at his girlfriend's house with her family.

We had a fried turkey, cornbread stuffing, dumplings, greenbean salad, cranberry jello salad, corn (from the garden), turnip greens, turnips, gravy and pie...I think that was everything..oh wait, there was sourdough bread and rolls, too. I didn't eat anything green...lol. OH and surprise of surprises...my MIL actually complimented me on my apple pie...saying it looked just like the ones you see on TV and that she loved how my pies taste!!! I almost fell over in a dead faint of shock. The pecan pie was a success this year---not like last year's disaster.

After dinner (around 1:30ish) we gathered around and watched football and chatted. It was real nice, even though I missed the chaos that is "my" family's Thanksgiving dinner. And I completely forgot to call my mother's house--luckily I had spoken to my son, sister and mother already. My daughter did not call me (no surprise there) and I didn't hear from my dad or my brother, either.

Friday morning hubby and I got up early and went to the nearby outlet mall. He dropped me off then he braved Wal-Mart. Then we met up again and wandered the mall. We had some success, and are actually about 3/4 done with our Christmas shopping.

Hubby's brother brought his g/f and her daughter over that afternoon, so it was busy there talking, and just having fun. Friday night we played the LOTR version of Monopoly with hubby's brother and his girlfriend--and shock! I actually won. We had a blast.

Saturday was my FIL's birthday. We got him a "Tennessee" (the Volunteers) mug and $20 worth of gift certificates to Cracker Barrel. He also got a cordless drill from his other son, a new wedding ring from his wife and assorted small gifts from his sisters. Another surprise was that his sisters actually came over (there is bad feeling between them and his wife) and stayed for cake and ice cream. My FIL was so touched! He is a very soft-spoken, humble man who does not put himself forward much--and I think he loved being the center of attention.
Later that night, some friends of my hubby's came over and we played "Cranium" which is a hilariously fun game...hubby and I won! We stayed overnight again. It was quite chilly and we really enjoyed our stay.

Once we got home, I went to the grocery store and bought a turkey breast and I roasted it today. I also made stuffing and all the fixin's so we have our turkey leftovers, too.

I hope all of my LJ friends (and everyone else) had a good weekend. Back to work tomorrow...

Oh, and I posted the latest installment of "The Binding..." and you can read it here:
Snape's Revenge
Don't forget to feed the author those yummy reviews!


Nov. 20th, 2004 09:48 pm
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Chapter 10 of "The Binding..." was emailed to the betas tonight. Snape's revenge! W00T!! I love how it turned out. So Slytherin.

The next chapter will have much lemony goodness and Lucius Malfoy. But I think I'm going to detour a bit and work on the KA Christmas Challenge first...

Hubby and I spent a quiet day at home...we are going to spend Thanksgiving at his folk's house in the country and stay over Thursday and Friday nights...it'll be nice...

I miss my family in Ft. Lauderdale most at this time. The holidays with that gang of people are just like what you see on tv...and I miss that. Maybe next year I can go down for one or the other...

That's it for now, gonna go play a mindless video game and try to coerse my dear one into bed... with ulterior motives! Buwahahahahahaha!
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Our little boy is going to the vet today and he will have to stay overnight. He is getting his shots and also being neutered. The vet doesn't like to do shots and neuter on the same day--I guess in case there's a reaction to the shots? So, Pippin gets to stay overnight. He and his sister have never been seperated, so I wonder how they'll take it? But, it's past time, really. I caught him trying to mount her the other night (gah!) so we've had to keep them seperated at night and when we're not home. We don't want any (more) kittens.

Merry's too young to be a mother, anyway. :P

In other news, I'm working lots of OT again this week, because there will be none next week. OT doesn't kick in unless you've "worked" 40 hours and there's two holidays next week--so this chica will be going home on time every day. And it's only a three day work week...ahhhhhh. Hubby and I are hoping to spend a couple of days in the country with his folks...we'll see how that works out.

Trying to find an outfit to wear to the Christmas party at work...not having much luck since I don't want to spend much...ebay has a couple of promising things...I may try on my wedding dress (an ivory chiffon and beaded cocktail dress that's gorgeous) to see whether or not I've gained too much weight to fit into it anymore...I'm afraid I have...

I've gotta get going, need to finish my coffee and get my shoes on. Going in to work early and staying late again today...

The most boring Survivor ever is on tonight...wonder who the women will vote off this time?

Say a little prayer to whichever diety you prefer for my little Pippin please...I'm going to miss him.


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