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The image outside our house this morning.

And outside the back:

Icicles on the deck rail and the fence:

And-it's snowing again. We haven't dared to venture out...see the pic out the front door above. There is snow/ice all over our street. And...the mailman just came! His is the only vehicle I've seen driving on our street all day. We weren't brave enough to go out.

My sister and her husband are on the ground crew for the Super Bowl pre, post and halftime show this year. They did it the last time the big game was in Miami and were asked to be on the crew again. My daughter is going to help out, too! Awesome. Oh, and Beth and Jose are going to be crewing the Pro Bowl, also.

Nothing else much is happening. I did participate in a live chat last night with one of my very favorite romance authors, Laura Kinsale! I took a break of about 15 years from reading romance...but the last year I have been back to reading, not just romance, but fantasy too. Ms. Kinsale was recommended to me as a wonderful writer of thoughtful, exciting romances--and none of her books have disappointed me so far. I started with For My Lady's Heart which is a medieval romance in which the characters speak in Middle English grammar. Unfortunately, it is not available except used...

Then I devoured Midsummer Moon, The Prince of Midnight, The Hidden Heart and The Shadow and the Star (which should be read after "The Hidden Heart" luck was with me there, heh.) Right now, I'm reading Seize the Fire and after that, I'm going to read her latest book, Lessons in French. After that, it's on to the rest of her backlist. I cannot tell you how many hours of enjoyment I have gotten from her books so far. And after chatting with her last night, I have to say, she is just as delightful "in person" as her writing would lead you to believe. The Romance Writers National Convention is going to be in Nashville this year...and since we are getting a rather large tax refund due to our home purchase...I'm thinking of going. But it's very expensive so, I doubt if hubby would approve the expenditure. (Especially since we are talking about perhaps taking a trip for our 10th anniversary this year...) I might be able to convince him if my sadly neglected novel was anywhere near being ready to pitch...

However, if Ms. Kinsale does attend, maybe I can arrange to meet her in N'Ville for dinner or something one day...

One can dream, right?
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So, hubby and I have been house-hunting. We think we have found one we like...click the picture for more pics.

My dad, who used to be a contractor and all around handy guy, is going to drive up and have a look at it with us (hopefully on Wednesday) and let us know if he thinks there are any obvious problems. We were so dazzled we just weren't paying much attention to looking for defects.

Very exciting.

We love the colors, love the layout, love the backyard.

Hope it passes the "Dad" inspection...

The other thing I wanted to mention is that I've been reading Georgette Heyer's romance novels lately. Recommended by the folks at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, these are Regency romances that simply captivate. There is a gentleness, a smartness and so much subtle humor to the writing that I stayed up late last night to finish "False Colours" which is a hoot. Can't wait to read the next one I have waiting.


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