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I'm home---well, I was home yesterday but in no condition to post--this one is all typed one-handed, so forgive any spelling errors. Gregory posted the last entry right after we got home. He's taking really good care of me. It hurts, but it's not unbearable.

I had to take the sling/harness/torture device off...it is a new product (Greg and I surmised this because the sales rep was there when the nurse was putting it on) and it is, in my opinion, poorly designed. It's got a 'pillow' attached to the arm section with velcro and all of the supporting straps are attached to the pillow! The arm wrap thing is attached to the pillow with velcro, so my arm doesn't feel supported at all, it is being pulled down by gravity. If the straps were attached to the arm wrap thing and the pillow was attached via velcro, that would be so much better. Even the nurse said that both nurses and patients all hated it. So, I am resting my arm on one of my bedroom pillows, making sure I keep it angled away from my body like that sling is supposed to.

It was recommended that a recliner is the best sort of seat/bed for the first little while after surgery (can't lay down and keep the arm in the right position) but since we don't have (and can't afford to buy) a recliner, I am set up on the sofa. The trouble is...that sofa is also a fold-away bed...it is sooo uncomfortable after a couple of hours in the same position...remember I can hardly move...that the steel bar from the bed frame bruised my bottom. I kept waking up last night every hour...I finally had to use one of my supporting pillows for my behind and was able to sleep from 4:30-8. I'm sure I'll be napping today...and never again will we buy a sofa bed for the living room. If we had an extra 400.00 we could buy a leather recliner sofa from Furniture Warehouse.

Gregory is going to go out in a bit and pick up some of that foam stuff to try to make it more comfortable for me.

ACCCKKK!! Sorry to whinge on...I am thankful that the pain, while intense when I move the wrong way, hasn't been as bad as I feared...and my darling husband is really taking wonderful care of me...and he's cute, too...which helps.

Thanks for all the good wishes.


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