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And it is still coming down. And work delayed opening until 10 (as of now) -- very big of them. *eye roll*

They should just close and give us all a break. I know it doesn't seem like much to those of you in the more northern climes...but for middle Tennessee, this is epic. And no one here knows how to drive in it. UGH.

Some pics I took:

The front yard...where's the road?

The front again, including the birdbath and tree.

From the back door, our deck and the road behind the house. That is a four lane road--of which only one lane is able to be seen.

Another shot from the back door.

I do not want to go out in this mess. We have to call work again @10 to see if they are being sensible or stupid.
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The image outside our house this morning.

And outside the back:

Icicles on the deck rail and the fence:

And-it's snowing again. We haven't dared to venture out...see the pic out the front door above. There is snow/ice all over our street. And...the mailman just came! His is the only vehicle I've seen driving on our street all day. We weren't brave enough to go out.

My sister and her husband are on the ground crew for the Super Bowl pre, post and halftime show this year. They did it the last time the big game was in Miami and were asked to be on the crew again. My daughter is going to help out, too! Awesome. Oh, and Beth and Jose are going to be crewing the Pro Bowl, also.

Nothing else much is happening. I did participate in a live chat last night with one of my very favorite romance authors, Laura Kinsale! I took a break of about 15 years from reading romance...but the last year I have been back to reading, not just romance, but fantasy too. Ms. Kinsale was recommended to me as a wonderful writer of thoughtful, exciting romances--and none of her books have disappointed me so far. I started with For My Lady's Heart which is a medieval romance in which the characters speak in Middle English grammar. Unfortunately, it is not available except used...

Then I devoured Midsummer Moon, The Prince of Midnight, The Hidden Heart and The Shadow and the Star (which should be read after "The Hidden Heart" luck was with me there, heh.) Right now, I'm reading Seize the Fire and after that, I'm going to read her latest book, Lessons in French. After that, it's on to the rest of her backlist. I cannot tell you how many hours of enjoyment I have gotten from her books so far. And after chatting with her last night, I have to say, she is just as delightful "in person" as her writing would lead you to believe. The Romance Writers National Convention is going to be in Nashville this year...and since we are getting a rather large tax refund due to our home purchase...I'm thinking of going. But it's very expensive so, I doubt if hubby would approve the expenditure. (Especially since we are talking about perhaps taking a trip for our 10th anniversary this year...) I might be able to convince him if my sadly neglected novel was anywhere near being ready to pitch...

However, if Ms. Kinsale does attend, maybe I can arrange to meet her in N'Ville for dinner or something one day...

One can dream, right?
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It started to snow as we were leaving work...dunno if the ground is cold enough for any kind of accumulation. All I know is that it's cold.

And I'm feeling kinda "puny" as my hubby would say. Throat scratchy, head cottony, trying not to come down with something...ugh.

Sorry for the lack of updates. Not feeling well...RL issues...etc.
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So, this morning, hubby looks out the window and chirps, "It's snowing!"

Then I look and say, "Oooo, pretty."

Then we exchange Valentines (details to follow) and finish getting ready for work. He heads off while I finish sending off the e-tines. I finish, gather all my stuff and head out to my car. I put the key in the door, turn it, pull on the handle...
and my morning adventure begins... )

So, the gifts. He received two cards: one of the new music cards--with the Barry White song "My first, My Last, My Everything" and a sweet message. The other is a mushy romantic one. He also got (is getting, it's not here yet) an autographed copy of one of his favorite DVDs "The Last Unicorn". Oh, and this:

I received three yellow roses, a huge mushy card, some very excellent chocolates and I get to buy some clothes for myself.

We also had dinner at our "Valentine place" which is a better-than-average Chinese buffet. Our own little tradition of three years. We invited Adam, Nicole and Tyler to join us and had a wonderful dinner.

And after we got home, we got a call from Amanda. She is having her baby tomorrow! She's been in labor for about a week--and is 2cm dialated, 100% effaced. Woohoo! My sister is going to call me and leave the phone line open so I can "be there" when baby Max is born. I checked again for airline tickets, but they are all too much. Shit. I hate being poor. I wish ... well, you know.

That's all for now...guess that's enough. I'll update you with baby details as they become available.
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As usual, much ado about nothing from the weather-folk around here. At least there was actually SNOW this time.

A dusting in our area is all. The pictoral proof )

Wasn't that incredible? *sarcasm*

Oh, and hubby and I are pulling Grandparent duty Saturday...looks like a trip to Chuck E. Cheese is in our future...yike.
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...it happens. We have actual snow in Middle Tennessee. It began early this morning and is still coming down as I type. Ironically, the weather people didn't go all crazy on the news last night. I've posted some pictures behind the cut. SNOW! )

Hubby had a fabulous birthday. His team at work sang "Happy Birthday" and gave him a small cheesecake before I arrived. However, he was so surprised by the cake and I had also left him a love note on his desk which he said brought tears to his eyes. Aww. Unfortunately, his gift has not yet arrived, which I am pretty aggravated about--but perhaps it will come today. I hope so.

On a work-related note, I got 100% on all of my assessments (tests) yesterday. Go me!

edited to add pictures of Snowballman!
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I don't have much to say...but feel like I should update. The new job is going pretty well so far. I have only felt like running screaming from the room three times in three weeks, so okay. Today a few things fell into place, but I'm sure more will fall out before the rest falls in--if that makes any sense. I still hate going to work, though.

Let's see...the weathermen were all 'gasming all over themselves this past weekend because it was supposed to "OMG, SNOW...AT LEAST FOUR INCHES WHICH WILL STICK!! GET OUT THE SALT TRUCKS, BUY GROCERIES, DON'T DRIVE, SCHOOLS MAY BE CLOSED!!" Which turned out to be nothing here on Friday night (some weird pocket of warm air right over Nashville and surrounding which meant we just got rain) and only about an inch on Saturday night which didn't really stick around. Sunday night we got another inch plus, which stuck around until this morning which meant that driving was crazy and they closed some of the schools. I can hear the Minnesotans and others from the REAL northern climes laughing their collective asses off. Even I, a transplant from the REAL south (Florida), knew that they were exaggerating. Le sigh.

And, on a completely seperate note, is it wrong that when I heard that Cheaney had been involved in a hunting accident that I hoped he had been mortally wounded? And was it even wronger that I was disappointed that he wasn't?

I can't wait for my hubby to get his Valentine gift, which he will as soon as he gets to work in the morning. Hee. I left it on his desk before I left this afternoon.

Guess that's it for now. I'm going to go watch the Olympics to see the pairs skating.


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