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Feeling blue today. I don't know why I still expect anything like support from my hubby. I realize it has only been three weeks, but I am sticking to the diet plan so far and have lost weight. (Have to get a new scale this weekend to see how much, but the clothes fit a bit better.)
So, last night, feeling good because I had done so well this week even with being sick--walking down the stairs at work and not going near the evil candy room--I said something about see how good I'm being? And got a sarcastic look and remark back. Not only that, he didn't seem to want to be very sociable last night at all. I finally just went into the bedroom and watched tv for a bit until bedtime. When he came to bed he was all snuggly like usual, but I was hurt and it took a long time for me to fall asleep.
This morning, I was still feeling bad, but I'm determined to get some of this weight off. He was all "Is anything wrong?" and I just passed it off as a sleepless night. No sense getting into the same old "you've disappointed me so many times" argument we've had endlessly. I realize I've said it before and have fallen off the diets, but does that mean that all support goes by the wayside until I "prove" I'm serious this time? It's very hurtful, but I will not let it make me backslide.
There's a Curves not too far from where I live and I'm thinking of checking it out because I've heard lots of good things about it. It will depend on the cost, frankly.
Guess that's all for now. Just had to rant a bit. Thanks for reading.
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I started a diet on January 3rd and I weighed myself this morning and I have lost 7 pounds since then! Woohoooo!
I know it's just a beginning and the usual is about 2-3 pounds per week, but I was very happy. If I can stick to it this time, I hope to lose 75-100 by December.
That would be awesome.


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