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Okay, so I had a doctor's appointment today...no, wait. Let me back up a bit.

Okay, so I had my physical therapy before my doctor's appointment today. My therapist, Amy, is freaking awesome and I love her to bits (along with all of the other PTs, interns *I'm looking (and I do mean looking rowr) at you Josh* and assorted folks who work there). Anyway, I worked through my exercises and then Amy did her thing where she manipulates my shoulder and stretches it etc. She said my motion is not really where she wants it to be yet, but she's not worried and feels that it will get there once I start the active (rather than the passive) therapy. She takes her measurements and says she'll fax them over to the doctor's office.

So, okay, fine.

Now, I'm in the little room, and in comes my surgeon's PA (physician's assistant). He answers a question I had about why my bicep has been killing me ever since the surgery (because of the extra work which was done in the shoulder) and then asked me to get up on the table. He took my arm and tried to move it over my head and I yelped because I don't think I was in a good position and he went waay too fast. So then he tried to move it out away from my body and again---yelp. So he says "Your shoulder is frozen."

I was seconds away from freaking out because frozen shoulder
is NOT something you want because it means more painful treatments to correct. So I looked at hubby then looked back at the PA and, as calmly as I could, I informed him that I had been to the physical therapist that morning and she had taken measurements which she assured me she would fax to their office which clearly showed that my shoulder was progressing nicely and has a decent range of passive motion. The PA excused himself to go find the fax and I looked at hubby with panic rising inside. He reminded me to stay calm and just wait.

Well, Dr. Petty breezed in a moment later with the PA trailing behind. Dr. Petty asked me to raise my arm and I did as best as I could and then he took it and raised it up pretty far. Then I laid on my back on the table and he raised it again. He told me and the PA that it is a bit stiff but is not frozen and he wants me to get one of the pulley things like I've been using at the PT place. It's a pulley with a sort of rope strung through and a handle on each end. You hold one handle with the bad arm hand and use the good arm to raise it up as high as you can. The doctor wants me to get one and use it several times per day. Also, I have to do better about doing my PT at home. I have been slacking and it shows.

So, anyway, he cleared me for light duty with some typing from 30 minutes to three hours or when I'm fatigued. And no more sling! Huzzah! Now if this cold would just get over itself, I'd be a happier girl.

I just want to mention that my hubby is the bestest man ever. He and I have so much fun riding in the car together...just being silly and sarcastic about stuff. I adore him.

Lastly, here's one more pic from the wedding which I forgot to post the other day. It's my grandson Tyler dancing with the bride.
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My new granddaughter will be here in just a couple of weeks! I'm taking my DIL out for a "girl's night" dinner sometime this week. I have a surprise for her and she will flip!

Wow, typing that has "fatigued" my arm already. It's a damnably slow process...healing.

PS--Completely unrelated, but I just wanted to say that I've been watching Ken Burns' "The War" the last couple of weeks and it is AWESOME. Oh, and when I was home on Monday--I watched most of the rest of the "Heroes" episodes I have recorded. Now I have the second half of the season finale from last season, plus the first two episodes of this season then I'm all caught up.


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