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The kids arrived safely, and are settling in pretty well. Since we're the only ones they know here, we have talked to them/seen them every day so far. Wednesday they arrived, had dinner and then Gregory took them over to their apartment and helped them unload their bed so they could sleep there.

Thursday, Hubby took off work and helped them unpack the truck and begin unpacking boxes etc in the apartment. Apparently, their kitchen is smaller than mine (YIKE) but they are overall happy with the place. After I got off work, we took them to Ruby Tuesday's for supper then showed them how to get to the Wal-Mart closest to them. Then we went home, I made breakfast casserole to take to work the next day and we fell into bed.

Friday, after work, Hubby and I came home, had Chinese and fell into bed early.

Saturday, we had a lazy day and had the kids over for dinner. We showed the baby the computer and found out he loves Mickey Mouse.

Today, we had a quiet morning, then took some spaghetti and a water filter over to Hubby's parent's house. His mother has Peripheral Neuropathy, and has lost most of the motor control of her hands and feet. She has been to a neurologist last week who ordered physical therapy. But the medicine she prescribed causes my MIL to halucinate. She kept feeling "critters" crawling on her and would "catch" them and put them on the floor. My FIL told us that she thought she was being attacked by a strange man last night. Hopefully the MD will change the dosage of the medicine. We are really worried about her. Oh, they are having someone come and help her during the week starting tomorrow.

I'm tired and I am starting to feel like I'm getting depressed. Hubby is definately depressed, he broke down on his folk's front porch this afternoon. He never thought he'd see his mother like this, I'm sure.

We are talking about going to Gatlinburg for our anniversary this month...just to get away. I hope we can do it.


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