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Isn't it gorgeous?

In other news, we have an electrical short somewhere in our apartment that affects the living room outlets where our light is plugged in (thank heavens it did not effect the air conditioner), the hallway light and the bathroom outlet. We think the short is in the bathroom because whenever hubby used the hair dryer the lights would sort of flicker...

...so we have to have the maintenance guy come in and have a look. Racka Fracka.

And no, I haven't forgotten about the wedding week updates. I will get them posted...and soon...promise.
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The RenFest, I mean. Hubby and I decided that next year, we're going in the early part of the month rather than Memorial Day.

It was basically the same as last year. I got my hair braided, and found out the woman who does the hair-braiding has opened a shop in Nashville. So I don't have to wait until next year to have it done again. Awesome.

Also went and saw Paulo the Juggling Comic. His show was the same as last year, but still just as funny. We only took photos of him this year...heh. Here, he's standing on the "Ball of Death" (which is covered with spikes for those in the back) and juggling torches.

This year, I bought a glass "mug" which was made by the glass-blower guy I wanted to buy something from last year but didn't have my checkbook with me. I'll post a picture of it later as I have to go get ready for work.

All in all, it was okay...too hot, too much the "same" as last year...and waay too many young women who shouldn't have, wearing too little clothing. (Hey, I have nothing against women in skimpy clothes--but I wonder if some of these girls even OWN a mirror...yuck)

We did get info on the Highland games which are coming in October...can't wait for those!

Okay, off to work.
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So, only three days left until I am in Florida and seeing my family! *squeeee*

Okay, so the dress saga update. I had requested express shipping on my second order, so I knew it would be delivered yesterday. Before I went to work, I wrote a note on a piece of yellow paper which said:
Hey UPS driver,
If we are not home, please do not leave the package at the office. We would prefer to pick it up at the warehouse. Thanks!

So, hubby and I get home and there's no UPS tag on the door at all. Puzzled, as I had paid over 30.00 for shipping, I pulled up my email and there was a confirmation from Roaman's that the package had indeed shipped on Wednesday along with a UPS tracking number. I c/p it onto the UPS site and what do I find?

Not only was the package delivered, it was delivered to the office.

And...no notice on the door. If Roaman's hadn't sent the shipping confirmation, I would not have known the package had been delivered because again the driver didn't leave a call tag on my door.


I emailed a complaint to UPS and told them about this and also about the previous incident, too. They were supposed to call me back, but I doubt if I'll hear anything from them.

Anyway. I called the office today and begged them to have our sweet maintenance guy put the package into our apartment. When we got home, there it was (thank you Marty!) So, I take the dress out and put it on and--OMG it fits! And it seems to fit properly, too. It's not extra big or baggy in the arms (like many dresses I buy which fit my hips) and hubby said it looks good on me...I'm not sure if it's not too clingy on my tummy, so I'm going to take it to work I think on Monday and try it on there in the bathroom so I can have a look.

The shoes fit, too. I do have to get a pedicure, since my toenails have grown some and are a bit uncomfortable in the shoes. But a ped will fix that. :) So, I'm going to package up the other dress and shoes and send them back on Monday. Go me!

Had a long chat with my sister tonight and basically made sure she's going to be home when we arrive...she's off for the rest of the week! Yay!! I can't wait to see everyone.

On a completely different subject, hubby and I are heading to the RenFest tomorrow...dressed in our finery. If it's cool enough, I'm going to wear my green gown--if not, blue it is! I was thinking about getting my hair fixed, but I have to color it this weekend, so I can't. :( Oh, and we're definately looking for Mother's Day gifts there.

I guess that's the latest. I'll post some pics from the RenFest when I can!
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These pics are from our last day at the RenFest. We went on Monday, and we stayed most of the day. We saw the glass blower guy again (see pic from last weekend's entry) and I was disappointed because they wouldn't take a credit card for payment of anything less than 75.00. I was bummed because I wanted to buy a tall mug which was 55.00. Oh, well, guess it's their loss. But mine too.
We toured the Castle Gwynn, which is a recreation of 12th or 13th century castle which was built in the 1970's and is privately owned. The man who owns it lives in it with his wife and they are the ones who put on the RenFest every year.

They only have a couple of rooms finished (that are open to the public, their private residence is upstairs) and this is one of them. Look at that cool chandelier.

On the way out there was a display of a horse statue (almost like a carosell horse) which the owner carved himself, with a suit of armor he made.

We wandered around, saw a lute player and sang some risque songs with him, then went and saw the glass blower again. On the way back from that, we watched the end of the human chess match. Then we happened to catch the end of a belly dancing act. Excellent. After that on the same stage was an AWESOME juggler. He was so funny and very talented. Here's a pic of him juggling fruit and veg:

And for his grande finale, he juggled five flaming torches...which was unbelieveable:

The last pic is of my sweet hubby (as you can see, we attended in our 'civies') riding a camel. Everyone should ride a camel once in their lives. Hee.

And that's all from the RenFest, folks!
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Hubby and I went to the RenFest again today. I made a different dress this past week because the original was made out of a very heavy material and I nearly passed out from the heat the first time we went.
We really had a great time today. It was a beautiful, sunny and breezy day. Very low humidity and not too hot. Perfect weather for wandering around in a woodsy area among the vendors and watching jousting and glass blowers.
The very first thing I wanted to do was have my hair braided. I learned my lesson about wearing it down during our first visit. So, we made a beeline for the hairbraiding booth and I got in line. There were several people in front of me, so I told hubby to go ahead over to the jousting area, because today and tomorrow are the finals.
When it was my turn, the lovely woman asked me what I would like and I told her to indulge herself to the tune of around 20.00. She smiled and we chatted as she worked. In what seemed like no time at all she was finished. I love it and I'm going to keep it at least until Monday if I can..to show off at work. Here's the pic hubby took:

I wandered over to the jousting area and there was a HUGE crowd. I wondered if I'd ever find my hubby, but since he had gotten there early, I figured he'd be near the front and in a spot where he could take some good pictures. So I scanned the crowd and I found him right where I expected him to be. I made my way over and he had saved me a seat so I got to see the last part of the joust which was very exciting.

The knights "took a bow" at the end:

After the jousting, we headed over to a glass-blowing demonstration. I have to say, this was one of the coolest things I've ever seen. This man has a furnace which he says maintains a temperature of 2500 degrees farenheit. He says he goes through about fifty pounds of silica mixed with ash and lime. He said you can't use pure silica because it would turn into quartz. It's the additions, plus the blazing heat, which creates the glass. It was a facinating demonstration, as he talked as he was working and he made a beautiful pitcher right before our eyes...in about a half an hour. I couldn't get a picture because he had to put it right into the cooling bin he had. He says it takes about two days to fully cool the objects he makes. This pic shows him close to the beginning of the process.

After the glass blowing, we wandered back over to the food merchants and got a meat pie and fish and chips for lunch/dinner. We found a table and sat down. Luckily we were near the "Red Hook Pub" and just in time to see a dancing routine and were honored to see the queen herself participate. This picture is before they got started.

After that we decided to leave, so we made our way out--slowly--there was a lovely duo playing the hammer dulcimer and guitar. The music was lovely and haunting and I bought a cd.
A lovely day all around. Oh, and by popular demand...a photo of hubby and me in our finery.

We plan on going at least one more time. It's fabulous. I plan to try to make a more accurate, period costume for next year. It'll take a while to make, I'm sure. One girl I talked to said her skirt alone took seven yards of fabric. The dress above is about three. EEK! Plus I'll have to get a pattern for the dress and the corset, too. We'll see. Maybe I'll just go as a peasant...the costume is easier! (But I'm sure I won't be able to resist going as a "fine" lady at least once). Maybe I'll do both and alternate between lady and the tramp! Heee!!
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Well, opening day was very crowded! We should have realized the combination of fantastic weather and opening day would mean large crowds. But the RenFest is being held in a large, woodsy area, so it didn't seem elbow to elbow.
The first thing we saw was the washer women. That was funny. Then we saw the queen! She was gracious enough to pose for a picture with my hubby--note his new and improved costume.

After that we browsed through the shops. Hubby bought a frog for his swordbelt--the jury-rigged one he had just wasn't working out. I intend to have my hair braided one of the weekends. Our next stop was the human chess match which was really awesome. Neither of us had ever seen one and it was loads of fun.
I have to confess, I thought a bit about the chess sets in HP...

After the chess match came the jousting. There were four knights and they were really good. During the lance portion of the joust a couple of the guys took really hard hits! I thought the lances were supposed to break away--but these didn't. We didn't get a pic of the lances, but here's one of the close fighting.

The last thing we saw today was the bird of prey show. Those birds were awesome! They had owls, falcons hawks and a scarlet macaw. After the presentation, we went over and had our pic taken with a year-old eagle owl! Again, I was thinking of HP--since Lucius Malfoy has an eagle owl!

That is not the headpiece I made. The one I made was bugging me, and it was stretching out so I bought the cheap one you see on my head. I have to find some sturdy stainless steel or copper or something else to make the headpiece from.
We left right after that because we were both getting sunburnt and cranky. We have season passes, so we intend to go as much as possible.
Tomorrow we are going to his folks' house to spend Mother's Day with his mom.


May. 1st, 2005 07:52 am
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I finished my headpiece for the RenFest and it is really nice. I'm just a bit worried because I used soldering wire and it is very flexible. Ah, well. I will have to make another out of something more substansial next year, I suppose.

Hubby and I are going to see "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" today with a friend from work and then out to dinner. It should be fun. I am looking forward to it.

Hubby and I discussed moving from this shithole yesterday. I hate it here so much and I told him I cannot spend another summer listening to my inconsiderate neighbors' drunken revelry outside. We are going to see the sales guy at the manufactured home place to see where we stand and how far we have to go before we can get the house started.

Merry-kitty continues to recover from her surgery. Yay!
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A couple of my LJ buddies have mentioned that my brother Jeff looks like the famous chef Emeril Lagasse. I am posting pics of the two of them and will let you decide.

What do you think?

Trivia was fun tonight--thanks to those who were there! Many of the regulars were sadly absent...and were missed muchly.

Time to get to bed, I suppose. I have to work on my headpiece tomorrow as the Ren Fest begins in a week.
Good night!
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My husband had an event with his job last week in which he (and others) were asked to dress up. He wanted to go as Aragorn from LOTR, and I figured I could make him a costume.

Well, with some help from a friend in the form of a borrowed sewing machine, I was able to make his costume in just five days...he added an ebay purchased Strider sword replica...I think it turned out pretty well, what do you think?

The kittens like it!

OH, I forgot to mention, he won first prize in the costume contest...$200.00. Not to bad, eh?


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