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It's one week ago today that Kira left us. I still miss her so much--as does Hubby--and today was really hard. I wanted to stay home from work, but Hubby encouraged me to go. I broke down at my desk at 9:45, Hubby came over to my desk and I was able to lean on him while I collected myself.

Saturday, we got her ashes back...as I was moving them from the container the vet had into our container (the ashes are in a plastic bag), I just started crying all over again. I was hugging that baggy to my heart and rocking and sobbing...it didn't seem right to give our big girl and get back so little.

I have a little shrine for her next to the shrine I have for my deceased brother--her's isn't quite finished yet because I still need to print off a picture to add. I'll share once it's finished.

The hardest thing is looking at all of her favorite places to sleep, or play and not see her there.

I keep expecting to see her.
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The vet got us in this morning @ 8:45. He examined her and found a huge lump near her throat which hadn't been there last time he examined her. He told us that sometimes, antibiotics cause infection to concentrate in one spot. He wanted to see if it was a tumor or an abscess. We left her there and went home as he said he would know in about an hour.

At 9:30 he called and said, basically, it was not something that could be treated and we should come.

We went down to the vet and he told us there was a tumor in her throat which was so large it had shifted her esophagus an inch or more to the left. That was why she was having trouble swallowing. He said if she was a younger cat, he might recommend surgery, but as it was he really didn't think that was to right route to take.

We agreed. We did not want to see her suffer any longer.

She was still slightly sedated. I held her for a few minutes, then the doctor gave her the shot. I had my arms around her as she slipped away. It was very peaceful and very quick.

At the moment, we are having a bit of an Irish wake for her. First we toasted her with champagne, then we poured a huge rum and coke--so we're both slightly tipsy. Him more than me cos he can't hold his liquor.

Hubby and I had taken pictures with her this morning--so we would have something more to remember her by.

2012_0716Kira0022 (480x640)
2012_0716Kira0024 (480x640)

Sad News

Jul. 15th, 2012 02:51 pm
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Hubby and I have pretty much decided that we will have to euthanize our beloved Kira cat, probably this week.

A week ago Saturday, we took her to the vet because I had noticed she was losing weight and wasn't eating or drinking much. The vet gave her a very thorough exam, drew blood for testing and gave us some antibiotics to give to her. We were advised the blood test came back "very good" and for the first few days, after taking the medicine, she seemed better. She was eating a bit more, drinking okay and our hopes were high.

Then, suddenly she stopped eating again, stopped drinking and when we tried to give her the medicine, it seemed like she was having trouble swallowing.

Last night, I made chicken for supper. She loves chicken. She jumped up on the sofa and I fed her some small pieces and noticed she was gagging as she tried to swallow. After eating less then a one inch chunk (where she used to eat nearly a half a breast) she sort of gave up and went back under the chair.

This morning, she ate maybe two small bites of her wet food before she gave up.

We noticed last week at the vet (and the vet noticed also) that one of her pupils is larger than the other. Hubby thinks she may have had a stroke or something...the vet had jokingly said something about a brain tumor...

I think one or both of them are correct. I do not recognize this version of my beloved Kira. I've been blessed to have her in my life for over 14 years. I've known her longer than my husband and I love her nearly as much.

And, rationally, I know this is the kindest thing to do for her--I don't want to watch her starve to death--but I'm devastated. I called and left a message with the vet and I'm hoping to get in tomorrow. I don't want her to suffer needlessly any longer.

Kira is on the left, sharing the sofa that day with Pippin. I'm going to miss her so much, but I think it's her time.
Kira and Pippin 2012


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