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In my hotel room, flipping thru channels, as you do, and I came upon Deathly Hallows, part 2. It was right at the part when Voldemort kills Snape, so ,naturally, I had to watch.

Still so sad. The memories made me tear up.

The ony problem is too many commercials. Grr.

So far, having a very relaxing time.
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I thought this was interesting. And the artwork is my favorite! http://imgur.com/iRCaD4u

And...since I was brutally honest on the test, I am Hagrid. *sigh*

Introvert(78%) Sensing(38%) Feeling(62%) Perceiving(11)%

You have strong preference of Introversion over Extraversion (78%)
You have moderate preference of Sensing over Intuition (38%)
You have distinctive preference of Feeling over Thinking (62%)
You have slight preference of Perceiving over Judging (11%)
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The house we love passed the Dad inspection! We are going to meet with our agent tomorrow and write up an offer...

...OMG I can't believe this is actually happening. I hope that there aren't too many bumps in the road...

*squees madly*

Oh, and a funny/nice thing happened to me last night. As I was driving back from having dinner with my dad, I noticed that a car was following me. It became obvious, especially when I turned into the supermarket parking lot and they did too.

So, I parked and got out of my car and watched as they parked not too far away. A very cute girl of about age 20-21 I'd say, got out of the car and bounded over to me. "Do you mind if I take a picture of your license plate?" she asked, adding, "it is Slytherin, right?"

(Here is the license plate in question, it most definitely is the best Slytherin I can do with only seven letters:)

I tell her that, yes, I'm the Tennessee Slytherin and she squeals, "OMG Harry Potter is my life!" and begins to go on about how much she loves HP and how she's getting a tattoo on her hand that says "I must not tell lies" and just going on and on. I pointed out my Hogwarts sticker:

...which is on the back window and that sent her into more bubbly exclamations of HP love. Eventually, I wrote my nickname down and gave her the Sycophant Hex website and told her to look up my fanfic.

I have to say, that made me feel so good.


Dec. 7th, 2008 10:18 pm
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Went with my friend Sheri to see Bolt today. OMG that movie was awesome. It made me laugh AND it also made me tear up a little too.

Rhino the hamster was hilarious.

This is one movie that more than lived up to its trailers.

I want to see it again!!

And Sheri the Awesome gave me an early prezzie: Beedle the Bard!! OMG, it's "translated from the original runes by Hermione Granger, with comments from Albus Dumbledore"! JKR FTW!

I had to make truffles tonight, but tomorrow I intend to read it.

Oh and for those who are interested, I got some work done on my late fic this weekend, too. *iz late*
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It's geektastic.

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Aug. 14th, 2007 08:22 am
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Remind anyone of anyone? Hmmm? (Although I've only re-read it once myself--I plan to re-read again.)

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Instead of spamming my f-list with my thoughts about JKR's latest masterpiece, I'll just put them here. Naturally there will be spoilers. behind the cut )

I hope JKR eventually releases her notes, drafts, scribbles, etc. I would love to read the "deleted scenes" someday.
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I was right about many things.

I was shocked by many others.

I liked it very much, myself.

If anyone wants to discuss, feel free in the comments.

(So, naturally, if any comments show up here, they may be spoilery.)
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...went to the Ortho yesterday...

Or should I say I went to his office. He had emergency surgery so he wasn't there. We were there for THREE HOURS. Had regular X-rays, then waited...

...when the...I don't know, intern? resident? nurse? assistant? came in and looked me over--strength tests, flexibility etc, he said "Well, these things don't heal themselves" and compared the injury to a tear in fabric... unless you sew it back up it just keeps getting bigger.

The aggravating thing is that the Doctor himself has to see me before we can schedule the surgery AND apparently he's a bit of a sadist. He does not prescribe any pain meds before surgery because he believes it makes them less effective after.

Yes, that's correct. So, because I basically wasted yesterday afternoon NOT seeing the specialist, I now have to live on Aleeve or something like it until I can see him and then schedule the surgery--which could be up to two weeks.

That sucks big ol' donkey balls, because the only thing that's been keeping me sane and able to work has been the careful (and I do mean CAREFUL) application of the pain meds I currently have. I do not use them to get high, I take a half a Lortab with the muscle relaxer in the morning, then another dose at night.

Can someone please tell me how that small dose is going to build up a resistance to pain medication???


The new Harry Potter book gets here tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to it. I've been really fortunate that the LJs I read, the comms I visit and the websites I care about all have been spoiler-free. I will be going into the book with no knowledge of its mysteries--happily so. I'm a bit nervous because I do believe that my favorite character, Snape, will be the tragic anti-hero (please do not tell me if you know!! I don't want to know until I actually read it myself!) and I also believe that Harry will live.

In a couple of days, we'll see if I'm right about my "bold" (heh) predictions.
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Greetings from Amazon.com.

We thought you would like to know that we are preparing your items for

The following items are being prepared for shipment by Amazon.com:
Qty Item Price Shipping Subtotal
Amazon.com items (Sold by Amazon.com, LLC) :
2 Harry Potter and the Death...

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I was paying my credit card bills, when it dawned on me to check the credit card I have listed on Amazon.com for my order of the new HP book.

Imagine my horror when Amazon did not show any pending orders for me...

Finally, I clicked on "my cart" and there was my order for 2...just sitting in the cart---UNORDERED. Here I was, sitting smugly in my knowledge that I would be receiving my copy first thing on the 21st...only...NOT.

So, I made sure I had the right cc number and clicked on the "Order now" button...so...whew. Disaster averted.

I can be such an idiot sometimes...sheesh.
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I saw "Goblet of Fire" last night with Hubby and a friend. I have to say it was visually stunning. The long, sweeping shots of Hogwarts Castle, the grounds and the Tri-Wizard Tournament sites are gorgeous. The special effects were seamless, the dragon was especially good with the Durmstrang ship a close second. The kids have all improved as actors, but Rupert Grint especially stands out. I have a feeling, should he choose to continue acting, we will be seeing many more wonderfully nuanced performances from him. Emma Watson has also improved...playing Hermione with just the right blend of "know-it-all" and angsty girl-woman. I'm sorry to say that I felt Dan Radcliffe has the most room for improvement. While watching him, there were several times when I didn't feel that he was really in character. But he has come a long way.
On to the spoiler-y, brilliant and disappointing bits. )

Overall, I really liked the movie. Perhaps I'm being a bit critical because GoF is my very favorite book of the entire series. I felt--like PoA--the director could have left out or shortened a few of the "non-canon" scenes to allow more time for the "canon" scenes. However, I am planning to see it again--on an IMAX screen next time.
And I think I'm going to go re-read the book.
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Tonight...tooonniiiiggghhhhtttt we see GOF toonniigggghhhtttt......

Hehehehehe, I'm being silly.

I know lots of you have already seen it, and I've seen all of the clips so I feel like I've seen lots of it already (some bits I'm not happy about, but I'll talk about those after I see the whole thing. *cough*ferret scene*cough*
Maybe it will be okay in context. I guess it's difficult for me to seperate the films from the books. I keep wanting the films to follow the books and when they don't--especially on key scenes--I get upset. I wish I could compartmentalize them like other folks do.

Must go start the car (it's friggin' cold here) so that's it for now.

I finished

Jul. 17th, 2005 08:18 pm
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And my brain hurts. I am in a state of shock. I think I may have to abandon my fic now. I am reading everything I can find on all of the theories about the book. I don't know what to think. I wish book seven was coming out tomorrow.
There are spoiler-ish comments behind the link. Please be warned.

Read more... )

Got a massive response back from someone as SH. But I don't really think it matters to me anymore. I will be giving some serious thought about continuing the story.

I feel so empty, drained and blue.
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Thank you Game Show Network. Thank you for putting on the old episodes of "The Amazing Race" every night at 9 est. I finally get to see how it all began. And it's on every night so I don't have to wait for my fix!
Only three and a half more days until the new Harry Potter book is released...squeeee!!

Anyone know where I can find a temporary beta since mine is currently not reading fanfic? I finally have a new chapter written and I need a beta --preferably one who can beta brit-speak-- any volunteers?


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