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The day started out bad...my glasses broke first thing this morning. Very bad since I cannot see at all without them. So, I called an optometrists office recommended by a friend and they said come on in, we'll see what we can do.

So, we go over and they tell me they cannot repair the frames, but they can probably put my lenses into another pair. So, they do. I tell them I need an appointment for an exam and I'll want a new pair of frames, so they let me take the replacement frames as a loaner pair. That's right, I walked out of there without paying a dime.

Un-fucking-believable. Also, awesome.

So, I have an appointment for Friday...and will be getting new glasses. And we've found our eye doctor.

Then...I had to go to work. My surgeon released me for full duty yesterday and today was my first day back on the phone full time.

To say I hated it would be an understatement. Loathed, detested, repulsed. It didn't help that the person I hate the most got a completely undeserved promotion. It's not only me who thinks so either...my co-workers are all completely stunned by the news. Of course, that person is smugly sort of lording it over everyone without "seeming" to do so. Ugh. HATE.

Unfortunately, you all are going to be subjected to many more rants about work in the future, I'm afraid. Because, in one day it went from bearable to practically intolerable.

I really wish I could come into a butt-load of money so I could QUIT WORK.


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