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It is awesome. There's action, humor, romance and angst. Truly a movie for everyone. Bonus half-naked pics of Chris Hemsworth...drool. And Tom Hiddleston as Loki is always to be admired. There is an absolutely hysterical few moments between Loki and Thor which I will not spoil, but anyone who sees the movie will instantly know what I mean when I say that those moments are inspired.

Many other 'brother' moments too, argh, so fantastic.

The fact that it passed the Bechdel test made it even better.

The only bad thing about last night was the inconsiderate ass who continued to text during the movie. My seat was such that I couldn't NOT see the fierce light from his phone. I asked him several times, at several volumes to stop--the last time I was frustrated beyond my capacity and I growled at him to cut it out. He snarked back, what are you going to do about it? I informed him that I would get the manager--which I did. When I brought her back, she took him out of the theatre briefly, then allowed him back in. He did not take out his phone again until the credits began to roll.

After the movie, I thanked the manager and insisted on recompense for having to miss some of the movie, which she provided in the form of coupons to see it again for free. Which was appropriate, I thought.

Hubby was not pleased that I had confronted the idiot with the phone addiction, reminding me, rightly, that there are crazy people with guns in the world and we live in redneck country, aka Tennessee. But even he couldn't bring me down from my satisfaction in myself for confronting a problem and solving it rather than sitting silent and resentful and having my movie experience thoroughly ruined.

Only part of it was ruined--and I'll be able to go and see it again, hopefully this time without any inconsiderate phone junkies in the room.

Honestly, I don't understand this compulsion people have about checking their phones all the time. At work, people have their phones on their desks and cannot keep from checking them several times a day. And why would you pay 10.00 to sit in a theatre, supposedly to watch a film, and not give your attention to said film? Why is texting your friend more important than enjoying the experience you paid to have?

It boggles my mind.

Anyway, go see Thor 2 for the fun and the pretty, pretty men.


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