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And there is an abundance of cuteness behind the cut. Dying of the cute. )
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Anakin came home last Sunday and Isaiah is nearly there, too! Updated pics:

Anakin 4 wks
Isaiah 1 month

Everyone is doing great!
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The babies are doing well. Tiny, but healthy, thankfully. My daughter is hurting, but bearing up well. A longer post about the trip with the few pics I took will be coming.

Got home to a car that needed a starter and battery terminals. Hopefully the goop we got for the transmission helps, because we don't want to have to deal with that headache.

Have a grandson birthday this Saturday.

I'm exhausted, and not in a good way. The "vacation" was more work than relaxation, although there was some of that, too. And today was too stressful. But I got my roots and blue streaks done again, so that was positive.
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My daughter called last night. The Twins' (tentatively named Anakin and Isaiah) birthday will be 8/21 unless they decide to come earlier. She told me that 37 weeks is considered full term for twins, so that date will be 3 weeks early, but because they share a placenta, her OBGYN doesn't want to take any chances.

She asked if we could come down starting the week after (8/26) to help with the two other boys. Which we are happy to do. So, I've booked a hotel for a week (and the ads for Booking.com do not lie--got a fantastic deal on a better room than we might be able to afford usually) and will be booking a car as soon as I find out if they will be open on Labor day to return it.

And the dream I had...It had Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson, and there was something going on but we wanted to be alone (I think I actually propositioned him), but he had something he had to do first...when he found me later, there were people all around who wouldn't leave us alone, so he suggested going to the place he was staying. I do remember laying next to him and rubbing his chest (asking him not to shave his chest hair for some reason. It was perfect in the dream) but he was called away again...then the last thing I remember was us going off together--then I woke up.

Is my unconscious mind not letting me cheat on my husband? LOL! Or is it the usual "it's time for another round of sexy times" thing? I have no idea but I enjoyed it.
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3 Weeks and she has a babies bump already.

The goofball behind her is my brother Jeff (her favorite uncle).

13 weeks


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