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Went back to work yesterday after yet another week of huddling in the house. *sigh* Couldn't bring myself to go out the door--begged my sick husband to drive me. Bless him, he got dressed and took me to work, then picked me up after. I needed that because, I was afraid that 1) I wouldn't go at all, or 2) I'd find some reason to leave early.

And the reason came during our team "huddle"--when our supervisor explained that the change from regional calls to nationwide will happen 2/18...I stood there frozen, panic creeping up and filling every part of me. If I'd had the car in the parking lot, I would have fled. This is getting really stupid, I know it in my rational periods, but I just cannot help it. I don't feel safe unless I'm at home or with my husband. (Surprisingly, I was okay in Florida, too. Only the large family gathering stirred my anxiety and was squashed with 2mg of Valium.)

I am girding myself to go out by myself today. We got our tax refund and we got paid this week, so my bank account is begging me to spend it. (I've already paid bills and put some into savings, go me!) So, since hubby's birthday is on the 17th and VD is Thursday, I'm heading out to shop alone. It should be okay--I'll take my magic pill before I go. After, I'll stop by the grocery store then home. Wish me luck.

In other news, I've been leisurely enjoying the [livejournal.com profile] sshg_exchange this year. As much as I enjoy the Bingo game, I didn't sign up this year because I didn't want to add any stress...even enjoyable stress. On the minus side...no amazing gifts...on the plus side, I'll still have things to read even when the exchange is officially finished (for this year--I hope!).

I started physical therapy to try to strengthen my back. I have to say I'm enjoying it more than I expected. I was blatantly honest with my therapist (her name is Lakota--I love her) and told her that I am using the PT to also try to get used to exercising too. I am hoping to jump start my metabolism in order to reach my new goal for this year of 55 pounds off by December.

When I saw my doctor, he was pleased with my sugar, gave me a script to help my cholesterol and another to help me sleep. I was shocked at the expense of the Lunesta. There is no generic for it and even after my insurance was applied the prescription is 75.00. Yike. I hope I don't need it for long, but I have to confess--it helps. It seems to help me GET to sleep, but doesn't KEEP me asleep--since I'm able to wake and use the bathroom when I need to then go back to sleep without problems. And getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night has been a godsend. I didn't realize how tired I've been until now.

While I was home this week, I made good food for us, baked bread and generally enjoyed puttering around the house. This leads me to believe I'd be perfectly content to never work again. I really wish that I could be lucky enough to find something valuable around the house, or some long-lost relative would leave me enough money so I could quit work.

If I could get enough to pay off the credit cards then I could even go part time which would be okay too.

Okay, I'm finished now. If you've read this far, wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a big hug from me. :)

Dry Socket

Oct. 16th, 2012 09:14 am
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That is the diagnosis. Dentist yesterday packed the hole with some stuff that made it feel better almost instantly. Was supposed to stay in place for nearly two weeks.

It came out last night. *sigh*

Going in again this morning and I'm going to ask if he can put a suture in to keep it in place. I have to get back to work tomorrow, no matter how I feel.

On the other hand, I wrote nearly 3k words on my exchange fic yesterday. And I've plotted it to the end. Surprisingly, there may not be hot sexxors in this one...which is unusual for me. I'll have to see if I can fit it in, but the way the story is going, not sure.

I think there'll be another 2-3k words to the end, and hopefully it will be finished and to the beta for the final look-over this weekend, which is a relief.

I restrained myself from signing up for any other fests this year--and a good thing, too. With all the health issues I've had, my depression is making it very difficult to write.

Many thanks and long, warm snogs to the [livejournal.com profile] sshg_exchange mods, whom I love dearly.
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Broke a tooth a couple of weeks ago, and we (the dentist and I) decided it might as well come out. (All of them will, eventually.) So, had it extracted yesterday. It hurt like hell. Worse than usual, and I've had a bunch taken out already, so I know.

Jaw is still swollen this morning, so I did not go to work. I've got loads of pain meds, but frankly, last night they didn't help much yesterday.

Took one on an empty stomach this morning. Feeling the effects, but wow, the pain is still throbbing.


Going to try to get some work done on the exchange fic today, if I can stay awake long enough. Honestly, the pain is not conducive to being creative.
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Used my birthday money to pay for half of it. Been wanting something like it to use for reading. I devour a romance novel in a day, so it's hard to keep up with my consumption. And very often, those go on sale in the e-version for two bucks or less. I don't really like reading (long) stuff at the computer--so this is a great alternative. Plus, since I bought the expandable 16G, now we have something to take with us on vacation.

Yay for using Wi-Fi at hotels (as long as it's free).

But the reader and the apps you buy (such as games) don't require the internet connection, so it'll still be very useful.

I love it so far.

Hubby surprised me with movie tickets to see The Avengers again on Saturday. The studio released it for the weekend--most likely to sop up any remaining money they can from the theatrical release. Makes my 8th time. A wonderful time was had--we went for gyros for dinner before the film. *sigh* I didn't even know it was out, so it truly was a wonderful surprise.

He also bought me a new charm for my bracelet--it's a cat sleeping on a pillow. It is meant to represent Kiracat, who was our pillow kitty. I have to admit, I sniffled a bit.

In other news, my sugar is down, mostly under 130 lately--as low as 110 and as high as 153. I discovered that, no matter how small the portion, any ingestion of pasta causes my sugar to spike. Or it might be a combination of the pasta and the "cheater" sauce I made where I started with sauce from a jar. Won't be doing that again since they all have sugar in--who knew? I was very proud of myself for actually tasting the sweetness of the sauce. That had never happened before. So, from now on, it's homemade all the way.

Taking my son for his disability hearing on Thursday. Good thoughts appreciated as his family really needs this to go their way.

Only 21 more days until The Avengers movie is released on DVD.
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Apparently, I have Tinnitus.

I have been hearing a buzzing sound at home, outside and at work for weeks. I thought it was, variously, the electricity humming through the fluorescent lighting, cicadas, other random insects, or any number of other things.

Earlier this week, I finally asked hubby: "Do you hear that buzzing?"
Him: What buzzing?
Me: THAT buzzing, it sounds like cicadas.
Him, eyebrows raised: I don't hear anything.
Me: 0_o

A day or two later at work, the sound gets loud again. So, I ask a co-worker: Do you hear a buzzing noise?
Co-Worker: Not really.
Me: (silently) WTF?

At lunch I Googled "buzzing in the ears" and it turned out to be a thing. I knew that ringing in the ears was a thing, but apparently this can take the form of ringing, buzzing and pressure--which I have felt before also.

And, believe me, it is annoying. I mean, I never have any quiet. EVER. Even at bedtime.

Mostly I am dealing the same way I have been...by pretending it's cicadas or the electricity. And it does fade if there is other background noises. But, what a PITA!!

I did finally make a doctor's appointment, but I'm a new patient, so the appointment isn't until 4/24, but hell, I've been dealing with this for this long--I can deal a few more weeks.

I did read that ginko biloba and staying away from caffeine can help--which I am already taking the one and do not indulge too much in the other, so I guess I have to hope there is a physical reason, otherwise, I'm doomed.

ETA: I called the doctor's office again today and they got me in with the nurse practitioner Monday morning. Thank goodness!
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...on Monday afternoon. I slept for most of the day and woke up at about 2:30 and felt immeasurably better.

Tuesday I got up and went to work. By Tuesday night I had a massive, red, hot, itchy rash on my left leg from the knee down. And it HURT. So, we treated it with Benadryl cream and I took a pain pill then went to bed. I wanted to go see the doctor on Wednesday, but Hubby was being a butthead and wouldn't go with me and I wouldn't go by myself, so we went to work angry.

By last night it was getting a bit better, it seemed. We have been washing it twice a day and smearing the Benedryl cream over it and that seems to be helping. Hubby promised that we would go on Saturday if it isn't better by then.

I don't think it's shingles, which is what we speculated at first.(I had all the symptoms) I told my physical therapist what had happened and asked her if a sudden fever can cause a rash to break out and she said "yes, it can".

So, today, it looks better. Hopefully by Saturday it will have healed enough so that we don't have to go to the doctor AGAIN.

I can't wait for 2007 to be over...it has been a bitch of a year, health-wise, for us!

On another completely unrelated note: I got to talk to my daughter today. Her birthday was Tuesday and I tried to call her at least six different times during the day. I left a singing "Happy Birthday" on her voice mail on her cell phone along with a second message. Didn't hear from her until our phone rang at 6:45 this morning.

Now, my hubby and I were a bit freaked out by a phone call that early--especially since my darling dad has been having some health issues lately--but it was just my Amanda...who forgot about the time difference. I didn't mind a bit and we had a lovely chat. It turns out she does the same thing as I do...she forgets to charge her cell phone, so it was dead and she didn't get the message until today. :) She has passed her student teaching class with flying colors and is just hoping to get interviewed for a true teaching job before the end of the month...which will be the official end of the assignment. I'm sure she will have something by then! I let her know I was coming to FL to attend her graduation...thanks to my mom! It was a lovely way to start the day and, Amanda? Feel free to call me again any time.

Lastly, not about me, but hubby. He baked his very first pumpkin pie tonight. I wasn't here when he had to take it out of the oven and he might have pulled it a bit too soon, but it's definitely edible! Go, hubby!! (Well, I did roll out the dough and flute the edges and put the aluminum foil around so the crust didn't burn...but other than that, he did it all!)


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