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Hubby and I joined my son's family for a trip to the Tennessee Renaissance Festival on Sunday. Having skipped the Fest last year, I think we appreciated it more this time. Or perhaps we got there early enough so we were not overwhelmed by crowds of people and had close parking. Maybe it was the mild temperatures. It may have been all of these reasons...

Hubby and I had a lovely time.

The first thing I did was have my hair braided. This is a bit of a Renfest tradition for me. I was the second customer of the day and Nicole was the third. After the hair-braiding, we sat down and enjoyed Johnny Phoenix's fire-eating show (except for the fact that I couldn't hear half of what he was saying since his microphone was not working).

After that, we noticed that the Birds of the Gauntlet demonstration was going to begin in a few minutes so we headed there. I love this particular part of the Fest, as Kitty is very passionate about her birds. She is a Master Falconer and Master Eagle Falconer, one of very few women to achieve this status. The show was very informative and exciting as always...she could not "fly" the kestrals or the hawks as she usually does because there is a nesting pair of kestrals in the forest where the Fest is being held and she did not want to stress either the nesting pair or her own birds.

She did "fly" the red falcons, which was awesome. Click on the link and then click "action shots" to see some of what we experienced.

After that, we wandered over to the stage where a very unusual puppeteer was doing an act called "Death Stands Up". He was funny, but many of his jokes were over the heads of some of the folks in the audience, and downright offensive to some of the more...Christian...members of the audience, some of whom left during the show.

Next, we went to see my favorite act in the entire Fest, which I never miss. It is Paulo Garbanzo who is a juggling fire-eating comedian. This is a YouTube video of his performance at the International Jester Tournament at Muncaster Castle in England. (Which he won, by the way.) This year, he handed out "trading cards" which are more like Magic The Gathering cards. His is "Summon Legend" and "Tramples his opponents with The Flaming Ball of Death". He is really funny and very talented...so if you ever get a chance to see his act, I urge you to do so.

After Paulo, Hubby and me and the kids went our separate ways. We wandered around the various merchants' tents and purchased a couple of books (I got one on corsets, I would love to make a more authentic costume for myself) and then we made our way out and home.

Behind the cut is another pic of Hubby and me in our garb and a pic of the Queen.

And a bonus pic of my nephew & his date in their prom finery! )

All in all, a lovely day. We did get a bit sunburnt, which was a surprise...but that won't stop us from going back again before it is over.

Oh, and by the way....

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Hubby and I went to the TN Ren-fest with the kids and grandkids yesterday. Much fun was has by all. A quick post with a pic of us in our garb with our grandson...then off to work. More pics later...and bonus pics of my nephew and his prom date in their finery.



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