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Voted. Hope it matters...
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Literally. I cried myself to sleep last night and my eyes are leaking again today. I don't know what people are thinking. I don't know how they can look at that idiot and see a "leader" of any kind. A draft-dodging drug using party boy who has alway cheated to win. Looks like we're in for four more years of tax breaks for the wealthy and young men dying in the name of...oil.

I just don't understand. All I know is I'm going to encourage my son to marry his fiance as soon as possible. I don't trust the idiot not to reinstate the draft and my child is not going. He has a baby to take care of. I won't give up my child to an unjust war.

Anyway, I'm still shell-shocked. I don't know how I'm going to concentrate at work today. Because I will look at the people around me and wonder--why?
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Boring because everyone is sick to death of hearing it. I know you are. Hell, I AM.


I ask you to remember...

The next president will~~

~~~or will not reinstate the draft.

~~~be selecting at least four Supreme Court Justices (these folks serve FOR LIFE, people)

~~~or will not keep making excuses for the continuous slaughter of our innocent troops in faraway lands for made-up reasons.

~~~or will not continue to give tax breaks to big business.

~~~or will not appoint cabinet members who want to continue to chip away at your civil rights in the name of "national security".

~~~or will not continue to alienate our allies and the United Nations...not to mention abide by the Geneva Convention.

~~~or will not push to drill for oil in our national parks...not to mention develop those open spaces.

~~~or will not try to do something about the health care situation.

Just a few points to ponder as you go to the polls today and make your selection.

Happy election day!
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I left work yesterday and headed over to the "early voting" polling place. When I got there at about 5:30, a line stretched from the door to the street. "That's not too bad," I thought as I added myself to the back of the line. As I waited I was chatting with the folks around me, my 'line buddies'. As my watch moved closer to 6:00 and the line had only moved a few yards, I told them that my husband had intended to vote the same day, only he had gotten off work at 4:00, so he was probably long gone and home by then. Not five minutes after I said that, who do I see coming out the door? Yep. My husband. I waved him over and he told me he had gotten into line at 4:10 and had just gotten to vote. "You've got a two hour wait once you get inside." "You're kidding me!" "Nope, this line out here is nothing." "Oh, shit." "See you in a couple of hours, baby." Then he kissed me and tried not to cackle as he hurried off home.
I was nearly to the door at that point, so I decided to stick it out. Then I got inside. There were three lines which went to the back of the building. There were only three voting machines, but that wasn't the problem. With the early voting (here in middle TN) they have computers to look up your voter registration and they print out a form you have to sign etc. The computers must have been on a dial-up connection because they were so sloooooow. But once inside, I hated to leave.
By the time I got to the front of the line and voted it was 8:00pm. Two and a half hours, people.
My advice for those of you who are going to vote on Tuesday (and all the Americans reading this ARE going to vote, RIGHT??) is to go early and expect a long wait. Take a book, snacks, an umbrella...whatever you need to survive. But please, VOTE.

After that I picked up some fast food (Long John Silver's fish and chips, YUM) and hurried home. I started carving a pumpkin for the contest here at work on Friday while I watched the World Series game. Hooray for the BoSox! I'm glad they won, now maybe they can put that whole "curse" thing behind them. Oh and my pumpkin is going to be a werewolf howling at the moon. It is about halfway done, I am going to finish it tonight while I bake brownies for the office party tomorrow. I'll see if I can get a picture of it to show you all once it's finished.

Please VOTE!


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