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I've been starting the process of getting my teeth fixed.

And by "fixed" I mean "replaced".

Years of terrible dental habits have come to a head. Last Thursday, I spent four hours in a dentist's chair. First up was a deep abrasion cleaning of my lower teeth on both sides of my mouth. The dentist numbed me up and I had also taken a pain pill to calm me down. The hygienist was cute and very good with a terrified patient. *(seriously, I was more scared of having the cleaning than the extractions.) After an hour and a half, she was satisfied.

Then I moved on to the next phase entitled, "Let's get those rotten suckers out of there!"

The dentist filled a cavity, then pulled the four bottom front teeth that were beyond hope of saving. They were so loose already that I didn't realize he had taken them out until he told me.

After the initial bleeding slowed, they placed the partial. I have to say, it looks fabulous.

After the numbness wore off, though, it started to hurt. It needs adjusting (which I knew it would) and I have to have at least one adjustment asap--in the front, between my front gums and my bottom lip, it rubs. That area is very sensitive, so I cannot eat anything with the partial in my mouth at the moment--which sort of defeats the whole purpose, no?

Anyway, I called and left a message on their answering machine. Hopefully they can get me in on Monday, because if not...I don't know how I can cope with work like this...I can barely cope with home.

I'm glad I had it done far enough in advance of my Disney trip that it should be sorted out by then.

Oh, and I'm going to Disney World!! On May 13th, I'm leaving for Orlando and will spend the 14-17th at the resort with my sister. We plan to see all four of the parks during that time. My daughter is coming up to join us for Saturday's adventure in the Animal Kingdom. This is our delayed birthday trip from last August which had to be canceled when my sister had to have emergency surgery. She's all better and we're gonna have a blast!

Can't wait!


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