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Spent the afternoon with my friend Sheri. First we had lunch at Logan's --and had one of the most annoying servers EVER. He honestly would not leave us alone...it seemed like every five minutes he was there at the table again, interrupting our conversation "Is everything okay?" Yes. "Can I get you anything else?" No. Repeat, repeat, repeat. It was so annoying that we actually HAD TO LEAVE before we were ready so we wouldn't stab him with our knives just to get away from him. (And it's not like the restaurant was busy--so we weren't taking up a table that could have been turned over--he was just clueless, in spite of the many hints and outright declarations 'we will be talking for a while' we gave him.)

Anyway, she asked if we had a Michael's in town (she lives in a different city) and I told her yes, at the new mall. So we left the restaurant and headed over to The Avenue. Unfortunately, she did not find what she was looking for (they were out) but we did wander down to PetCo and I got the food my cats love that my grocery store does not stock plus a new toy for them. While we were there, we looked at the beautiful birds and the rabbits.

After that, we drove a short way to Barnes & Noble. Man, I love book stores. We browsed for a while...I bought Twilight by Stephenie Meyer which Sheri had mentioned to me last month and was most recently mentioned by [livejournal.com profile] mysduende . When I saw the first book of the series in paperback, I decided to give it a try. Why, yes, it IS a "young adult" book, is there a problem with that?

Not for me, so far. The story starts off with a bang and so far is moving along at a good clip. Books two and three were on the shelf as well--in hardcover. So, I'll have to think hard as to whether I want to invest that much money just so I don't have to wait until the paperbacks come out...I'll let you know once I've finished Book One.

After the bookstore, Sheri and I parted. But it was a nice day, I got out of the apartment for a while and bought a few things. Lovely time. Oh, and Sheri gave me a gift for "being such a wonderful friend" *blush* which is a food processor. OMG. I was sooo surprised. I have been wanting one for ages, but have refrained from making the purchase since I have no counter space---but I will clear a spot on my baker's rack for this. Squeee!

Oh, and I did our taxes yesterday morning. My hubby was right over my shoulder as he was fretting that we would have to pay again this year. I told him I didn't think so as we had changed our deductions to "Married, but withdraw at the higher single rate" and I was right. We are actually getting a smallish refund for once. HUZZAH! It will be enough to finish paying the doctor and physical therapy bills from my surgery, so go us.

Today is the Super Bowl but I don't know if I can bear to watch. I really don't want to see the Patriots win because I am a big Miami Dolphins fan and I hate to see another team with a perfect season.



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