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So, we got up this morning and tried to turn our (wall unit) a/c on and got a ka-chunka ka-chunka ka-chunka noise. So, we turned it off. The maintenance guy was outside, so hubby flagged him down. He came in, turned it on and heard the ka-chunka ka-chunka ka-chunka sound and pronouced our a/c DOA. He advised us he would order a new one (yay) and we should have it tomorrow (boo).

So, we go to pick up our grandson today at the daycare (his first day, he did very well) and when we got back out into the car...it wouldn't start. GRR. So, we walked home (it's not that far) and now my son just took hubby back to see if it can be jump started. (Just got a call, they got it started so they are taking it to the shop now so it will be there first thing in the morning.)

So, tomorrow should be interesting.

Since there's another thing with the car...I guess I have to give up all hope of going to Ft. Lauderdale in August. *sigh*

I wish I could win the lottery, seriously.
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Hubby is camping with his friends out in the country and my grandson has been returned to his parents for the night.

I'm all alone and loving it. First time in ages I've had the place to myself.

I was going to go hang out in the KA chat, but it was empty at 9:18 CST, so I came to LJ to update.

Which will be short, because--nothing really happening here.

Oh, we did decide to repair my car rather than buy a newer one. First, it was less expensive and, second-hubby actually said "Since we are trying to do the house thing this year, if we can keep your car running for another year, until the house is built, then we can think about a newer car."


Now, we just have to build up the savings again so we have closing cost money.

Nothing else is really happening around here. I'm sorry things have been so dull lately in the update department.

But that's life, right?
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Everyone has always heard that bad news comes in threes, right?

The first was my job loss.

The second was the emergency move.

The third happened today...after I finished my errands (Thank the diety it was after the drug test, the laundry and the hair repair...) my car's transmission quit. I was able to get it home...barely. Then I look on the ground and can see the path of the leakage from the puddle which was under it this morning out the parking lot and back...with another puddle where it stopped.

The car has been towed to the best transmission place in town (the place that fixed it before) and since I still don't have telephone service at my apartment (thank you BellSouth--fuckers), I have to call them around two o'clock. I have emailed my hubby to see if there's a number where he can get a message at work...but no answer yet. (He does telephone work, so it'll be iffy anyway.)

I need a cell phone, and I've been asking for one for ages. Maybe this will finally convince him.

This really sucks.

Edited to add: The car problem turned out to be just the hoses...including the tow bill it was less than two hundred dollars. Whew.
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Well, it's been a very long week of the highest highs and the lowest lows.

It started out well with the phone call from Doug the salesguy. The very next morning, hubby's car blew a head gasket and the repair shop said it would be 800.00 to 1000.00 to fix. Since the car has over 220,000 miles on it, we decided to see if we can find something newer instead.

Then hubby talked to his folks about the whole deeding over 5-10 acres of property thing. This conversation did not go as smoothly as he thought it would. There is some thing about the way his grandfather's will was written and his folks did not think that any acreage could be deeded over. So, Tuesday was not a good day all the way around.

Not to mention the fact that hubby had been walking around with an ear infection that he hadn't been able to get to the doctor for, and then his car went and he couldn't get to the doctor for it even more. (If that makes any sense.)

So, we were, needless to say, just a bit bummed out.

We went through the week, sharing a car. We finagled things so that we could drive to see the doctor on Thursday night--(that was a cute story. His mother had told us the doctor's office is open until 7pm. We arrived at like 6:15 or so and the door was locked. We were thinking 'great, another bad thing for the week' when a car pulled up and the window rolled down. A voice said 'can I help you?' and Hubby explained why we were there. The voice belonged to the doctor we had come to see. He asked Hubby what his symptoms were, and then got out of his car and examined Hubby right there in the parking lot! He said, 'yep, looks like an infection there.' Then he whipped out his prescription pad and wrote a script for ear drops on the spot. I asked him how much for the parking lot consult and he said it was on the house. That was the first thing that went right all week. And now we have found our doctor in Tennessee.)

We went to Lady Godiva's Pub for supper http://ladygodivapub.com/ and then we headed home. When we arrived, there was a message on our answering machine from his mother. She said they had made an appointment with their lawyer and they were going to have her look at the will again.

So, Friday, we're home and his mother calls. The family had apparently misinterperated the will all those years ago. It turns out that Hubby's dad, Hubby and Hubby's brother are all co-owners of the property right now. In order for part of it to be deeded to Hubby, everyone has to basically just sign a paper to the effect. We are going to see the lawyer about getting a survey done, and have her draw up whatever paperwork is needed.

Not to mention the fact that his manager has a Dodge Stratus he wants to sell for a couple of thousand which will work out well for us, too.

So, things are looking up again. It's been a rough week, emotionally. But we've made it through and it looks like we will be getting our house after all.


Happy Father's Day to everyone!!

Close call

Jun. 10th, 2005 06:06 am
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Last night, after work, I drove back to Murftown. I went to the bank to draw out some cash and then I was stopped at a red light on my way to the store across the street. The light turned green, the traffic stopped and I started off across the street. Out of the corner of my eye, I see an suv heading right for me. Things started moving in slow motion. It ran the red light, I swerved, there was a hell of a bump and I watched, stunned as the suv drove away. I saw a face look out of the driver's side window, but they just drove off.
I continued into the shopping plaza parking lot, got out and looked at my car. Luckily, because of my quick reflexes, they only tagged my rear bumper on the driver's side. There's a nasty scrape on it, but overall I was lucky. If that thing had hit--well, I'd probably be in the hospital right now. I am a bit sore and stiff, but that's all.
I continued to the store and made my purchase...then went home and finished writing the trivia for tonight.
I didn't get questions from all of the books, it seemed like I got to twenty really fast. If I have time tonight, I may try to write a few more. We'll see.
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Got in the car this morning, fired it up and started off on my merry way to work. About two miles down I was stopped at a light and I noticed some white smoke drifting nearby and I looked around for the source of it.
Of course, it was MY car. So, the light changes and I head on, straining to see any more smoke. I was nervous because my route to work is along a two lane state highway through (mostly) farm country and I don't own a cell phone. One of my biggest fears is breaking down along that stretch--although it is pretty busy, but who wants to have to trust the kindness of strangers?
So, I pull into a handy left turn lane another mile or so down the road and when I stop, more smoke comes swirling out through the gaps in the hood. Sigh. I turned the car around and drove it home. I called a garage nearby and they open at 8--it's about 6:45 at this point. Called work and told the boss what happened (boss=not happy, tough titties, does she think I'M thrilled about using one of my last (unspoken for) days off for THIS??? Fucker.) and then waited for the garage to open. At 8, drive to the garage (right around the corner, really) and they take a look. It's the water pump. Okay, fine. I ask them to look at the brakes, too because I could tell I needed at least pads the way the pedal was going down. Turns out it needs pads and rotors, too. Damned disc brakes. So, okay, do the brakes too. I also need two tires. Luckily, they may have used tires that will work for now.
The total of this fiasco...over 700.00. EEK!!
Luckily, I recently got some 0% convenience checks from one of my credit card companies and I called to check and I can use it for this. After the 0% ends, the rate will still be a low 7.9. So, if I have to put a big charge on the card, at least I won't be paying interest until October.
This is fucked up because I was making such good progress on paying off the balances and using my cards sparingly if at all. Damn.
Guess I'll have to start putting in overtime again at work after the holiday week is over.
Why couldn't I have won the Powerball? Well, no one did, so I get to try again on Saturday...

In other news, HP trivia tomorrow will be Lupin...and I'm nearly finished writing questions. Most will be easy as Lupin is so popular, but I hope I have a few "zingers" in there to stump Donna and Nat!Rob.


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