Jul. 30th, 2006 08:41 am
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Well, the kids should be [edit: Adam called, they arrived at home by 12pm eastern time this morning.]back in Fort Lauderdale by now.

We had a wonderful, whirlwind visit. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera to the farm, so I have to wait for Nicole to send me the pictures she took of Tyler meeting the animals.

On Friday, both Hubby and I had vacation days. We got up and I made breakfast, then Hubby and the kids ventured out to visit the last two apartment complexes on their list. While they were gone, I cleaned up the kitchen, took a shower and updated my LJ. (hee)

After they got back, they put the baby down for a nap and we relaxed for a couple of hours. And they told me they fell in love with one of the places they saw, so they have a total of three that they really like now. They also said that they have (almost) completely decided to move here!

We are thrilled.

So, after lunch, we packed up and headed out to the country to introduce Adam's family to Hubby's folks. When we arrived at the farm, there were two heifers in the pen near the barn, along with about a dozen chickens. We made the introductions and took Tyler out to meet the "moo moos" as he called them. The young cows were curious about him, but wary. There was a very energetic kitten which was not afraid of the baby (unlike my 'fraidy cats) and the aforementioned chickens.

(Just a side note, later in the day we came back outside again and that little grey kitten was stalking the chickens. Seriously, hubby and I were just laughing so hard because the kitten would crouch down like a lion on the savannah. The chicken was seemingly ignoring it, but we noticed she was keeping a lookout, just in case. The kitten apparently decided that the chicken was too large and never pounced, but wow, it was hilarious.)

So, everyone loves the baby (not to mention the parents!) and we have a wonderful country supper and a real nice visit. Hubby and I have our coffee on the porch that evening, watching the lightning bugs and the rain. It was so nice.

Saturday morning was a bit sad as the kids were heading out early. Hubby's mom made us a fabulous breakfast. There were hugs and kisses all around and a few tears were shed as we bundled the kids into their car. Hubby and I decided to lead them over to the interstate as the directions were simply too confusing. We did (pulling over next to the Nashville Speedway to get hugs as the only ones who didn't was US) and waved them off on their way.

As we turned around to head back to the farmhouse, we heard a "clunk" and the car started running really rough. It felt like the transmission was acting up. (The transmission has had a couple of minor problems in the last year or so.) We nervously, and with much babying, drove it back. Hubby and his dad put some fluid in it (I knew that wasn't it, I am very anal about keeping my car maintained) but it still was running rough. So we called a transmission place in Lebanon, and lo and behold, they were there. We brought the car (again, edge of the seat driving--I was driving with two feet because it seemed like it wanted to stall) over. The man hooked up the computer and after several minutes he announced that it may not be the transmission, in fact the initial problem is with the exhaust system. He thinks it may be the catalytic converter is either clogged or broken. He said that we were wise to not drive it back home (over 30 miles). We left it with them (naturally, it was the owner there on the weekend, the mechanics were off until Monday) and they will let us know on Monday. Say a prayer to your diety of choice that it is a simple (read: inexpensive) repair. We really want to hold on to this car for another year or two if possible.

Hubby's dad picked us up and we asked him to take us back home. (We were invited to Hubby's brother's stepdaughter's birthday skating party that afternoon, but we were so bummed about the car--we decided to skip it.) Luckily, Hubby and I work virtually the same schedule, at the same place--so we can take his car to work on Monday. I just hate it that my car is not here. I don't know why, but whenever any car of mine was being repaired, I always feel slightly uneasy about not having it at "home."

I made lots of comfort food yesterday--some oven fried chicken, devilled eggs, roasted potatoes and homemade brownies. So, we did feel better after supper.

Oh, to end the day, Hubby was able to play one of the scenarios of Heroes of Might and Magic V (that is another rant all together. Suffice to say that the game I have longed for and waited so long to buy is a buggy mess and was released waay too soon. We have been very frustrated trying to play it. So for him to be able to play one of the scenarios all the way through is nearly a miracle.) and after I watched a bunch of Alton Brown's shows on the Food Network, I found that CMT is playing "Hee Haw" almost continuously this weekend, so I watched that until we went to bed.

So, that is the ups and downs of the end of our weekend. I hope to have the pics of the baby with the cows soon to show you all.

I'll let you know what the kids decide about where they are going to move--but they all but told me they had decided on Tennessee. Hooray!!


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