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Spent the entire weekend baking. I love to bake. Baking is something I'm (normally) very good at and enjoy.

The chocolate chip cookies...not a problem.

The truffles, again, not a problem except for running out of the dipping chocolate--white and dark.

The Italian Wedding cookies? Not so much. When I was mixing them up, I noticed that the batter did not seem as firm as it should have been. After baking the first batch which did not rise and could not be taken from the pan without disintegrating in the hand it dawned on me that I had miscalculated the amount of butter...I had used twice as much as the recipe calls for. So, I added some more sugar and flour and that helped. The cookies were still more "melt in your mouth" than they should be, but were at least edible.

So, the last batch was cooled and I went into the kitchen to put them into the plastic container...which I "grabbed" from the countertop...and watched in horror as it fell to the floor, the lid exploded off and nearly every cookie inside (two dozen at least) cascaded out and into a crumbly heap.

I dissolved into tears, hubby came and held me (knowing how hard I had worked this weekend) and he swept the cookie crumbs off the floor.

The biggest problem is they were meant for the cookie exchange we're doing at work on Tuesday. I'm not making any more. If it is a nice day tomorrow and the humidity is down, I'll make fudge to take for the exchange.

I've had enough of cookies. And I still need more chocolate to finish the truffles.

In other news, the gift I got my daughter for her graduation came. I hope she likes it.

I'll be heading down to FL Thursday night...and won't be back until Sunday afternoon. I can't wait!


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