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...from my stepdad (who is my age, but like mother like daughter as she married someone 18 years younger--at least mine is only 10) and I recently found out that she has been going onstage at the bluegrass weekends down in Ft. Lauderdale! So I asked my mom to get me photos and she did one better, she took a video of them singing a song in the living room.

You can hear the guitars better than the voices and it's obvious my daughter is self-conscious, but her guitar playing has gotten much better! *So proud*

Jack posted the video on YouTube:

I just love seeing her play music again--she played flute and sax in high school. :) *Beams*
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I'm sitting here browsing around while my hubby is playing his RPG DC Online game. He is in a "league" and another of the members left to form his own "league" so he could be the "leader".

This person was apparently not the greatest player ever.

The guys on the live chat (my hubby is not one of them, he can't get the blue tooth thingie to work) have been engaging in a running commentary disparaging this other guy who left. And, OMG they are as bad or worse than any women I've ever heard. I am sitting here amused and horrified in equal measure. ;) Hubby is chortling away whilst killing the bad guys.

In other news, we spent the weekend cleaning and getting ready for my mom's visit next weekend. I also made homemade spaghetti sauce for the first time in years. (Usually I start with sauce from a jar and doctor it up--today it was from tomato paste.) It tastes good, and is now in the fridge where it will age to awesome. I'm making lasagna for the family dinner (mom, her hubby, me and Mr. R2K, his brother & their family and my son & the grandkids. A houseful. I also made the Artisan bread dough that [livejournal.com profile] pyjamapants recommended last year. I'm going to use it to make garlic bread. Hope it works. *fingers crossed*

I am trying to ignore the dust all over the shelves and hutch in the kitchen. I just don't have time. I may get a Swiffer duster and run it around the glasswear on display--but if not--I'm not going to sweat it.

Mom is coming to help us get some landscaping done before the winter...I think they are trying to do too much in two days, but hey--I'm the cook during this weekend, so it's not up to me. :)

The stories in the [livejournal.com profile] sshg_exchange have been top notch! All caught up and looking forward to tomorrow.

Guess that's it for now. *hugs f-list*
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My son did something today I did not think he would ever do...not because I didn't believe he COULD do it, I never thought he WOULD.

He got his GED diploma today.

I am so very proud of him!

Here's a couple of pics of a proud mom (and pop) and the graduate!

Adam and his proud family:

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I had to have a tooth pulled. I am so very upset because after getting my lower partial last year, I have been meticulous about brushing my teeth every day.

But, I suppose, when you neglect something for so very long...it was too little too late.

And to make it worse, the top part of the tooth (which had a crown on from previous work) broke when he was pulling it, so that exposed the nerve and meant I had to have more numbing and the rest of the extraction was even more painful and rough.

I intended to go to work today, but after a rough night last night...then woke up in agony this morning...so that was out the window.

Have to try to go tomorrow because I will be off on Thursday for more dental work.

Not happy, even with pain meds.

In other news, my son is taking the GED test today. Please send good thoughts his way as this is HUGE for him. He suffered so much in school due to his learning disabilities (ADHD and dyslexia) and dropped out at 16. He is doing this for himself, but the impetus was his son--who started school last year. I think Adam wanted to be a good example.

I really hope he passes the first time...it would break his heart if he doesn't.
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My firstborn, my darling girl, my Amanda is 29 years old today! She is my miracle baby, and much loved. A miracle because when I was only 3 months pregnant, I was in a horrific auto accident which shattered my leg. I came to long enough to let the paramedics know I was pregnant, so the pain meds were monitored closely...but still, I was so nervous and worried the entire rest of my pregnancy.

Then came November 13, 1980. After 19 hours of labor, a c-section was performed. Although they put me under for the surgery, I remember the doctor saying "it's a girl, a healthy girl" and was so relieved. I held her in my arms later and just marveled about how absolutely perfect she was, in spite of everything.

Amanda grew up to be a lovely, smart, funny and very beautiful woman who loves everything Disney. She is now a mother herself, having two darling little boys. She is a better mother than I ever was and her boys are just as delightful as she.

Happy Birthday, my darling girl. I love and miss you so much. Can't wait to see you next week!

My Amanda with her favorite pirate.
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Had a great time in Florida this past weekend! My dad made his famous BBQ ribs, we laughed much and ate WAY too much. I think I'm still full. Oh and there was a massive Scrabble tournament which was a blast. Here's a few pics.

My sister, in the midst of her epic rib-eating. She ate an entire rack by herself. (I told you my dad's ribs were legendary!)

Me with the wand of the old ones and my own personal cake from my dad.

My sister and me showing off the gifts we received from our mom.

And we were lucky enough to have yet another cake, homemade from Mom! It was delish!

That's all for now...

BTW...hubby and I are house-hunting...send good thoughts our way!
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My mother tells me that when I was almost five, I told her I wanted a baby sister for my birthday.

Since Mom was pregnant at the time, there was a 50/50 chance of my wish coming true.

So, on August 15th, my sister was born...two days before my birthday.

Now, when we were younger, we usually had to celebrate our birthdays together on the 16th...I mean, why have two cakes two days apart...the family coming over...etc when it can all be done on one day?

I have to tell you that in those days, neither of us liked it much. We sort of felt gypped out of our own "special" day.

However, as we got older, we continued that tradition.

After I moved, we realized how much we had come to love spending our birthdays together...and we missed it terribly.

Well, this weekend, we will get to do it again, finally. We are meeting at my father's house in order to celebrate our birthdays.

Hubby and I are leaving after work to begin the journey down. My sister and her husband are already there.

I can't wait.
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Literally. FOUR. HOUSES. DOWN.

*initiate freak out mode*

Everyone is okay except the pilot...who may also be a hero based on the way the plane crashed.

It could have been so much worse.

I wish I was there to give my sister and BIL a hug.
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...either late Wednesday or early Thursday. The viewing (visitation) was this evening and the funeral is tomorrow.

Hubby, me and the kids and grandkids all went to the viewing tonight. We explained about what had happened to Tyler (*the four-year-old) at the level he could understand (we compared what happened to Jessie to when his fish died). He knew something wasn't right and wanted to see the body, which I carried him over to the casket and let him look.

He seemed satisfied.

Hubby's grandfather is shattered. He hugged us tight and reminded us to treasure each other...which we already do, but the reminder doesn't hurt.

After the viewing we took the kids out to Red Robin for dinner. Now we're home.

That's all for now.
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Of the pics from my grandson's fourth birthday celebration!

The birthday boy:

His baby sister:

The baby has changed so much since our last visit...she says "da da" quite clearly, giggles, laughs and coos...she has two teeth on the bottom. She can sit up unassisted and is trying to crawl.

This little girl was a slow starter, but she's catching up by leaps and bounds.

More pics later.
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More pics from the trip:

My daughter's other son Max, enjoying his lunch shortly after we arrived. Notice the MTSU tee shirt...Middle Tennessee State University, heh.


My dad, cutting up the ribs. There were thirteen racks!


And later, with the rib-y goodness grilling...


My sister and me posing with the grill Master!


My daughter and Max:


My hubby, relaxing.


Good food and good company! It was hot as hell, but we enjoyed the "wet" heat as opposed to the "dry, stifling" type we get here.

That's it for now!


Jun. 20th, 2008 09:23 am
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Me and Hubby are home today. We decided that we needed a 3 day weekend, so we are taking one.

So far we've slept in, had a fantastic breakfast (french toast, bacon and scrambled eggs--yes, I'm awesome) and right now I'm on the computer (obviously) and he's playing a video game.

Later, more good food and relaxing.

Over the July 4th weekend, we're taking a road trip to visit my Dad and family in Morriston, FL. Got a great deal on a rental car and will be traveling in style in a Mercury Grand Marquis (or similar car). Besides my dad and his wife and her sister, MY sister, her hubby and possibly my nephew and his girlfriend (I'll believe that when I see his face--sorry, sis) AND my step-sister and her husband will all be driving up from Ft. Lauderdale as well.

I'm trying to convince my brother and his family and my daughter and her family to join us.

Dad is grilling his famous barbecued ribs...YUM.

Sooo excited.

What a day

Apr. 1st, 2008 06:16 pm
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My son had minor surgery today and since his fiance had to work, I volunteered to drive him there and back home.

We had to arrive at the hospital at 9 as the surgery was scheduled for 11. Now, since it wasn't the first appointment of the day, I figured we'd have to wait a bit...but they did not take him up until 11:30 and the surgery didn't start until more than an hour later. I got the word from the surgeon at around 2:30 that all was well. We didn't get out of the hospital until after 3:30.

Then I took him home and hung out there while his fiance went to get his prescriptions filled. Which took more time...after which I had to pick my hubby up from work...then finally get home.

I'm exhausted...

But, my son is doing okay (if a bit sore) and should be just fine.
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My daughter and her husband took their oldest son to Disney World last week. They sent me some pictures and I'm putting most of them behind a cut.

Here is a preview:

The rest are behind the cut. There are lots of pics, so dial-up users, beware!

Dying from the cute! )

Now I want to go to Disney World myself!!
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It's gotten cold (for us) here again and it looks like it might be here to stay this time.

My sister and my nephew (who live in south FL) will be here on Thursday--the day the weatherfolk are calling for snow flurries. Heeeee, hehehehehehe.

In other news, I'm writing furiously and the story just keeps getting longer. *facepalm*

Oh, and one of the supervisors at work decided that it would be a great idea to have four teams get together for lunch on Wednesday--a "get to know each other" thing. And the team social directors, of which I am one, get to plan it. And my damned team is so anti-social, anti-everything that I've gotten nothing but resistance from them. Seriously. It got so bad last week that I had to sic my supervisor on them. I can't wait for it to be over.

Oh, and my daughter has an interview with an elementary school today. Please send good thoughts her way because this would be the perfect job for her.
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The Oprah show yesterday was all about Mitch Albom's book
and the TV movie that was inspired by it.

And I watched with tears in my eyes.

I can't narrow it down to just one person, myself.

I'd love to have one more day with my dear brother, Joe. With him, I'd hang out, talk and laugh. I miss his smile and his sense of humor so much. I was very fortunate with my brother that the last thing I said to him was "I love you and drive carefully" so no regrets there...but I miss him so much still.

Next, I'd love to have one more day with my Nana & Pop pop. They were the best grandparents ever. They were funny, down to earth, loving people. Pop pop was the master of the pun. If I had one more day with them, I would just listen. Maybe ask a question or two, but mostly just listen to them tell their stories.

Lastly, I'd love to have one more day with my Grandma. She was a feisty, redhead who was still wearing go-go boots in her sixties. She lived to be 84 and, again, I would love to hear the story of the gatekeeper's daughter one more time. And the story of the silversmith ancestor who worked for the royal family (which one, I'm not sure--which is why I need to hear those stories again). I always meant to record those stories and I never did--my big regret.

So, f-list, I ask you:

If you could spend one more day with someone who has died, who would it be and what would you say/do?
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Whew, what a week.

Had a fabulous dinner on Tuesday night with Dad & Drollene. I took a picture of my table, which was set with the gorgeous cobalt blue dishes I got on sale last Sunday.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Wednesday, they returned along with Adam and his family and we polished off the rest of the lasagna. Several people mentioned it was the best they'd ever eaten...which I was happy to hear! I always think I use too much rigotta cheese...and I have to admit this batch was yummy.

We were so tired...but work beconed the next day. I wound up having a mini-meltdown at work so I left early (around 3). Spent Thursday evening making some truffles for a dear friend who was having her commitment ceremony with her partner today. I made almost seventy...stayed up waay too late...

...woke up Friday with a headache that threatened to become a full-blown migraine, so I just stayed home. It was really the right thing to do as I needed some decompression time. Between the car, the kids and work, I've been over-stressed for ages...

Had a bit of good news in regards to the kids...Adam interviewed (with the blessing of his current store) with a Publix in Smyrna (which is not far from here) for a full-time position and he got it! He started today. Also, his fiance put in to change her hours at Wal-Mart, so Hubby and I won't be babysitting except for about once a week after next week. That is a huge relief to us. We love our grandson, but we both work full time, so it has been getting harder...now it will seem more like a treat than a chore.

My bestest friend in Tennessee and I are gearing up for the new HP movie. We both took next Wednesday off so we can go see it at noon (we decided we're both a bit too old to see the Tuesday midnight showing) and then have a meal after. I bought us matching "Hogwarts Alumni" tee shirts to wear--which I can't wait to give to her tomorrow when we have our monthly lunch meeting! She is going to be so surprised and delighted, I can't wait to see her face. It's sort of my fault for getting her into HP and now I think she's a bigger fan than me! Which is totally cool because we have the best conversations about theories, stories, characters, etc...she keeps me on my toes.

Speaking of...I really need to start my re-read in anticipation of the new book on the 21st...which aforementioned friend and I also took off the 23rd so we can discuss! Woohoo...July is HP month!!
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...my mother in law came home on Tuesday.

She's been in a nursing home since last year and she was in the hospital for several months before that...

...she will have a nurse come visit 20 hours per week and the family has hired a woman to come in on the other days to help her with her bath, etc.

She still cannot walk. She cannot bathe herself, she still needs help for every personal function. She can feed herself and she is getting stronger.

There is a hospital bed in the living room for her, a wheelchair, a portable toilet and a lift.

My father in law looked terrified.

I am happy for her, but very nervous...I feel this is too soon. But, no one asked me. The look on her face when she was wheeled into the house was pure bliss and she teared up. She remarked how, during her lowest moments, she would close her eyes and picture how the house looked. She was so happy to see it looking just the same as it had when she left.

We are going over to visit again on Sunday for Father's day.
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We had a lovely night tonight.

My son and his family came over and we had pizza and wonderful conversation! Lots of laughs, lots of fun. My grandson was very cute, he found a set of nesting boxes that hubby had given me my Christmas gift in and spent a good hour just playing with them. I am definitely going to have to find him some of those nesting doll things somewhere.

Hubby and Adam are planning to go the "The 300" tomorrow and Nicole, Tyler and I will find something to do together. Maybe we'll go get some food somewhere then chill.

Oh, and Adam bought a truck at an auction for less than a grand and has been working on it and is very happy with it. He's planning to drive it down to Ft. Lauderdale next weekend for the family shindig.

I've worked o/t this week every day and I'm a bit tired.

By this time next week, we'll have the rental car and it will be packed and ready to take off from work Thursday night to start our trip to Ft. Lauderdale!! WooHooo!!

Guess that's it for now. ;)

Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] gilda_m I hope you have a great trip. Don't forget to email me when you get there.


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