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I've posted three new/old fics to AO3 in the last two days.

Lusty Lyrics which was written for the late, lamented [livejournal.com profile] sshg_exchange in 2012.

Malfoy's Guide to Romantic Holidays, written for the 2014 [livejournal.com profile] sshg_promptfest.

Getting Things Sorted, written for the 2014 [livejournal.com profile] hoggywartyxmas party.

Since I haven't ever used consistent LJ tags on my fics, I've had to go to each and every fest I've got on my profile page and look through the master lists. Lesson learned, believe me.

I'm working up to starting to post my (TEN YEARS OLD) multi-chaptered fic, "The Binding of Hermione". I intend to rewrite the beginning (a lot) to age her up a bit and possibly update the timeline so it's after the war. HBP cannon-shafted the story completely, so it will still be AU since, duh, Snape lives. But there are some things I want to change since it started out as just a PWP which grew a bit of plot.

I've learned a lot about HP and writing in the last ten years, so hopefully, it'll be better. The first chapters need the most work.

Anyway, go and read if you're interested. I have 22 stories posted and four more to go before I start re-writing "Binding". :)

I find it fascinating that my own particular favorites, Changing the Epilogue and The Life Debt, have less than a quarter of the reads of the extremely smutty The Red Dress. There is smut in many of my fics, but somehow, this one seems to pull in the readers. *smirk*
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If you don't know, she is attempting an "Insane Writing Project" and has been successful, so far. (I'm really rooting for her!)

Well, as you may have read now and then (heh) I've been a bit depressed and had a couple of family members die this year. So, while I was able to write and submit my [livejournal.com profile] sshg_promptfest fic, I really had not written anything except that all year.

I just got out of the habit of writing every day.

Now, I want to finish at least one book before I die. I have one nearly finished (a sci-fi/romance) and one started (a Regency romance) but no motivation to pick either one up again at the moment.

So. What to do?

I had started to move my HP fic from all the different places it's posted all over the internet to AO3 a few years ago. So, I came up with the brilliant idea to finish moving everything over there so it's all in one place. I figured that would a) get it all in one place, and, b) get me writing every day again.

Because, once you re-read something you wrote nearly ten years ago, you WILL revise. (No, you WILL. Ugh. See previous post!)

(Also, I've been writing HP fanfic for 10 years? I am so surprised at how many stories I've written. And I know that many of you have written so much more than I have--where do we come up with it all? We rock.)

So, I started on June 30. Since then, I have moved 12 additional fics to AO3 (and tossed in a donation, too.)

A handy link if you want to see and read.

And, I have been writing every day. :) A couple of the fics needed some serious editing. (Hoo, boy.) Some I had to go in and code everything (what a pain).

I have a draft sitting tonight since hubby and I went out to eat and run errands after work, and I didn't get it finished. But I worked on it! And I'll post it tomorrow night.

I'm really feeling good about this exercise. It's helping me get into the habit of writing again. I'm loving the high I'm getting from it. I had forgotten how much I love to write.

I must go off to bed (work tomorrow, boo), but I couldn't wait another day without thanking [livejournal.com profile] mundungus42 for the inspiration. *smooches*
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...from SH. I want to finish my WIP, and they simply refuse to accept the chapters as I submit them. I feel like it's personal, so I've just given up.

I have four uploaded so far. One that I wrote in '05...eek! I only corrected a bit of punctuation and grammar. I've got a couple others which were written before all the books were out that I intend to move also. Eventually, all my stuff will be there.

I still have one more gift fic to finish. Then, I'm not going to sign up for anything else unless the [livejournal.com profile] sshg_exchange does another round.

And this year, I may be going to Florida after Christmas (YAY!) so I will have to restrain myself from signing up for too many holiday fests.

Oh, and just so you all know, [livejournal.com profile] islandsmoke is wonderful, marvelous, fantastic and beautiful. I adore her. :)


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